What Is a Chicken Cutlet Bra?

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What is a chicken cutlet bra? You may encounter this type of bra as you hunt for the best bras for strapless and backless outfits. I’m going to introduce you to chicken cutlet bras and the benefits of wearing them.

What Is a Chicken Cutlet Bra?

A chicken cutlet bra is a type of bra that uses silicone cups, often looking as if they are cuts of boneless chicken or chicken filet. Also known as a sticky bra or boob cutlet, this reusable bra clings to the breasts to provide lift and support to create a fuller bust.

A pair of brown chicken cutlets bra on a blue background

There may be times when you find yourself torn between prioritizing support and just letting your bra show through your clothes. With cutlet bras, you don’t have to worry about straps peeking through your outfits while ensuring coverage, lift, and support. 

How Does a Chicken Cutlet Bra Work?

A chicken cut bra works by combining silicone, adhesiveness, and front-clasp design to stick to the breast. Its lack of straps, paddings, and band make it virtually invisible underneath clothes while still working as a regular bra.

  • Silicone material: Chicken cutlet bras get their name because they look like chicken filets. This is because they mainly consist of medical-grade silicone, sometimes polyurethane. This also gives the bra a soft, delicate feel.
  • Hypoallergenic adhesiveness: The silicone uses pressure-sensitive adhesiveness to cling to the breasts without using boob tape or medical-grade glue. This also ensures that the silicone leaves no marks on the skin after removing the bra. For such reasons, it’s essential that you place it correctly and leave no space for air to counter the pressure.
  • Clasp: Some chicken cutlet bras have a front-clip design instead of straps to provide maximum support and create cleavage. In effect, you can mold the bust with a more rounded top without the need for a painful boob job.
Graphic image of a nude colored bra that explains that the best adhesive bras are low cut and made from silicone

What Are the Types of a Chicken Cutlet Bra?

There are two types of chicken cutlet bras. The first one uses two separate cups or filets with a front closure or drawstring in the middle. This enables you to tighten the bra depending on how much cleavage you want to form.

Some versions include sticky bits on the sides for ladies who need extra support for large breasts.

The other type acts as bra inserts that you can put underneath each breast as you wear another bra. This allows you to make your breast look bigger without using pads or an underwire.

Comparing Chicken Cutlet Bras to Other Bra Styles

Style Structure Coverage Best For
Chicken cutlet Mostly wireless and strapless without a bandMostly unmolded, low-cut cupsEveryday use, adding symmetry to the bust
Bralette Mostly wireless without a bandMostly unmolded cupsEveryday use, lounging
Regular bra Can be wireless, wired, with a band, or without a bandMostly full-coverage cupsEveryday use, work
Sports bra Mostly wireless with a bandMostly full-coverage cupsExercise, errands

How To Use a Chicken Cutlet Bra

Like nipple covers or other types of adhesiveness, chicken cutlet bras are relatively easy to use. Simply follow these steps to wear a chicken cutlets bra properly.

Woman wearing a chicken cutlet under her gray t-shirt
  • Make sure your skin is dry.
  • Connect the front clasp.
  • Turn one cup outward by holding the edges. 
  • Put the bra at a 45-degree angle, with the clip pointing to your belly button. This should cover the breasts while ensuring that the bra is in a centered position.
  • Press it firmly to the lower part of the breast, just below the nipple. Do the same to the other cup.
  • If your bra has a drawstring, pull it gently until you achieve the desired shaping or lift. Make sure that it doesn’t feel constricting to breathe.
  • If you’re using inserts, put them underneath the breast inside your bra cup. This is ideal if you’re using a t-shirt bra or bralette without paddings.

When Should You Use Chicken Cutlet Bras?

Chicken cutlet breast insert bras are self-adhesive bras that can lift and support the breasts without using straps or full-coverage cups. This functionality enables it to become an all-around bra for different situations.

  • Were there times you used an excessive amount of padding or tissue paper to boost the cleavage? Chicken cutlet bras are a non-surgical option to improve bust proportion without getting breast implants. This is a great way to enhance cleavage for special outfits like wedding dresses or evening gowns.
  • Ladies who have undergone segmental or partial mastectomy can also use cutlet bras to add some density or still get a full-breast look. You don’t have to throw away your old bras because they don’t fit anymore. Some women may feel self-conscious about their uneven cleavage, and this bra can bring back your confidence.
  • You can use cutlet bras to find the middle ground if you want something broader than a nipple cover yet not as sticky as boob tape.
  • Suppose you have a beach trip, yet a halter top doesn’t give justice to your figure. You can use your preferred bikini top style and stuff the bra to enhance your cleavage.

What Are the Advantages of Chicken Cutlet Bras?

A chicken cutlet bra uses reusable silicone cups that look like chicken filets. Despite its appearance, it can support the bust to provide ample coverage without showing straps or seams.

  • Comfortable fit: Wearing an ill-fitting bra can be bad for your health. Cutlet bras come in different sizes, so you easily find one that matches your cup size. Some even have a triangle shape for bikinis and swimsuits.
  • Adhesiveness: Instead of straps and hook-and-eye closures, the bra uses adhesiveness and pressure to remain in place, even as you do chores, dance, or labor work.
  • Seamless design: Most chicken cutlet bras have a micro-edge design that creates a seamless effect. You won’t see or feel stitches that can add unnecessary bulges. It feels like a second skin, and you may even forget you’re wearing a bra.
  • Flawless silhouette: Cutlet bras are nearly impossible to see under backless and strapless outfits. Its thin cups make it one of the best ways of not drawing attention to the chest.
A pair of nude chicken cutlet bra placed on a blue background
  • Lift: A chicken cutlet bra is a more lightweight alternative if you have loose, sagging breasts and your chest feels hot wearing padded bras.
  • Volumizing effect: While these won’t have the same effect as a full-coverage or a pushup bra, they can subtly add volume to the chest by keeping the breasts together. This is suitable especially for ladies with small bra sizes.
  • Concealment: Do you need a discreet way to hide nipples without wearing a full-coverage bra? Cutlet bras can cover both the nipples and areolas to ensure maximum coverage.
  • Reusable: Silicone cups are washable, letting you reuse the cutlet bras dozens of times, especially when you know how to care for them.

Chicken cutlet bras are excellent alternatives to a regular bra. It can enhance your natural shape without being too constricting. As long as you choose the right size and ideal material for your skin, you can wear it as is or reinforcement for a balconette or plunge bra. 

How to Maintain a Chicken Cutlet Bra

While a boob cutlet bra looks low maintenance, it’s still essential that you know how to care for it properly. Remember that you’ll be sticking it to your breasts, so it’s important that it remains clean and functional.

  • Use mild soap and warm water after each use. Don’t use bleach or alcohol.
  • Use your palms to wash the cups in a circular motion. Avoid a brush or sponge, as these may scratch the surface and damage the adhesiveness.
  • Air-dry the bra by leaving the adhesive side facing up.
  • Place the bra in your drawer or a bra organizer to prevent dust and fibers from settling on the sticky side.

Related Questions

How Do You Wear Cutlets?

To wear cutlets, you simply have to press them against your breasts, making sure the cups are positioned against the bottom breast tissue. Adjust the straps or front clasps, if there are any.

Can I Use Chicken Cutlet Bras as Push-Up Bras?

You can use a chicken cutlet bra as a substitute for a push-up bra if you want to avoid thick foam padding. However, it will provide little volume compared to structured push-up bras.

Is a Chicken Cutlet Bra Safe for Everyday Use?

Yes, you can safely wear chicken cutlet bras daily since most contain medical-grade silicone and hypoallergenic adhesive. You may use this bra on any occasion as long as it provides the necessary coverage and support.

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A chicken cutlet bra is a type of sticky bra that uses silicone and clasps to cling to the chest. It can lift, support, and mold the breasts despite having a seamless and strapless design. Once you find the perfect cutlet bra, you can wear it for your low-neckline dresses or revealing tops.


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