How Big Is a 36B Bra Cup Size?

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Statistics show that a woman will try on five bras before she finds one which fits correctly. On average, a woman has around nine different bra sizes in her underwear drawer with the main difference in the numbers. So how big is 36B?

How Big Is 36B?

A 36B bra size means that your under-bust measurement is 32 to 33 inches and your bust measurement is 37 to 38 inches. In addition, your sister sizes are 34C and 38A. Since you are a B cup, your bust size is two inches more than the band size.

A woman wearing turquoise colored bra

The size of a bra is based on two measurements: the band (under-bust) size and bust size. The under-bust measurement determines how high the band will go and where it will sit, while the bust measurement determines how horizontal or wide-set your cups are.

How 36B Breasts Appear

A 36B bra size usually contains average-sized breasts. The breasts also tend to have a somewhat broad base and a narrow top with wide-set nipples. The bottom of the breast is often slightly wider than the top, though not by much.

Women with smaller shoulders, wide hips, and larger waists are more likely to wear 36Bs than women with narrow shoulders, small hips, and skinnier waists. People with 36B chest sizes are likely to have a defined waistline.

The Best 36B Bra Styles

The best styles of bras for 36B cup size are any that have a V-shaped neckline. There’s no need to wear ultra push-up bras or padded bras if your breasts are already full enough. If you prefer an even fuller shape, then try out bras with demi cups or balconettes.

Women of any body size can wear 36B bras. The bra band should be firm enough to give your breasts support, while the straps should not cut into or dig into your shoulders.

Since there are no adjustments for shoulder width, the straps on a 36B bra should be wide enough to not dig into your shoulders. A too-tight band will flatten the bust, while a too-loose band results in the underwire riding up your back.

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Wearing 36B Bras

36B bras are the most popular bra size for young women under 18 years of age. The band determines the number 36 in bra size, while the cup size determines the letter B.

Since women with cups of C and D are more likely to get their bras custom-made, most people assume that 36B is the smallest cup size available at department stores. This assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

Department stores carry sizes A, B, C, D, DD, and up to H cups. Smaller-sized women are more likely to get their bras custom-made because if they are still growing, then it’s nearly impossible to find a store that carries their exact size.


Regardless of your body shape, the 36B bra size is perfect for any woman who wants to wear a push-up bra. The best thing about having average-sized breasts is that you can choose any bra or clothing design, unlike women with big boobs.


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