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How Big Is a 34C Bra Cup Size?

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Knowing the bra sizes and types is essential since they will save you time to fit so many bras or get disappointed if they don’t fit. We will have a look at how big is 34C.

How Big Is 34C

With a bra size that’s 34C, your underbust size will be 30-31 inches, and your bust size will be 36-37 inches. Since you are a C cup, then your bust is 3 inches more than your band measurements. As a 34C, your sister sizes are 32D and 36B.

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You can move to a C cup size bra if:

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  • You have undergone surgery such as augmentation or reduction of their breast sizes, the best breast cup to use is a C.
  • You have moved from size A or 36B, the best size to use is size C.
  • You have moved from cup size DD or DDD, then the best size to use is size C. Size C is a normal size for women; it’s neither big nor small.

The Appearance of 34C Boobs

A few 34C breast sizes are larger than C cup bras with petite band sizes. 34C breasts can at times look perkier and maybe downplayed to look small, yet they can fully fit in your hand. Several factors are likely to determine how breasts appear; they include:

  • Body shape
  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle
  • Fat

Women with bigger hips have smaller breasts as the size of the hips overshadows the size of their breasts. Women with less fat on the stomach area have their 34C breasts are noticeable from the sides.

Women with more weight on their stomachs usually make their breasts appear smaller than their actual size. 34C breasts appear larger in petite women with flat stomachs.

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How to Make Your 34C Breasts Look Bigger

If you want to enhance the look and size of your 34C breasts, then you should go for a strapless top or dress. You can also choose to go strapless if your breasts are still not perky as you want them to be.

34C breasts don’t require much lift and support, giving ladies the freedom to enjoy staying without a bra from time to time. Clothes with lots of designs and ruffles around your bust area will help draw eyes to your spot. Significant patterns and bold colors are also excellent choices for women with 34C boobs.

How to Make Your 34C Breasts Look Smaller

Some women may feel as though 34C boobs are bigger and would want to make them look smaller. You can do this by:

  • First minimizing your bras since they have been regularly in use. 
  • For the latter areas, wrap tops and dresses can be extremely helpful. Such a clothing style can enhance or create an hourglass figure and give you those womanly and beautiful curves.


34C breast sizes are of average size and are determined to be medium-sized breasts. With a 34 C breast size, you can choose a variety of choices for dresses and tops. Ensure that you always have the right bra size.


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