The Best Front Clasping Sports Bra in 2019

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There's something about workout clothes that wakes up your senses. Other than that energized feeling, it's a dreadful task putting them on in the morning. Front clasping sports bras were made for easy wearing and removing them, so it wouldn't be as tedious. But, exactly what entails a good front clasping sports bra?

Top 3 Front Clasping Sports Bra Reviews

Front clasping sports bras are rarer to find. When you do, they're endearing in appearance and overwhelming in performance. You can probably find a bunch of cute ones easily by yourself. However, we've pinned down 3 of what we think will benefit different types of women with different tastes and needs.

Each one has their own special quality: comfort, post-surgery support, and compression, respectively. They may be made for specific women in mind. But, there's something universal about the features they offer, which we’ll dive into below.

Our Top Recommendation

If you want our final vote (without all the reading), the ​Fruit of the Loom Women's Sports Bra wins for Overall Best ​Front Clasping Sports Bra.

​Fruit of the Loom Women's Front Close Built-up Sports Bra

Fruit of the Loom Women's Front Close Builtup Sports Bra is the cheapest option we reviewed. It’s comparable to a cloud hugging your breasts with its cotton softness. Also, it's as light and airy as wearing a loose, oversized t-shirt. It lightly supports your breasts.

It features a 6-hook fastening in front and ruched seams surrounding it for better shape.

As a cotton sports bra, this doesn't do much in the gym compared to the other options we reviewed. If you’re planning on doing a light workout (such as a light jog, yoga, or pilates), this bra will be fine. But, anything that consists of working up a sweat might require a different material bra.

If you're like some of the thousands who reviewed this bra, you'll find this most suitable to use around the house. This is for those times when you don't want to be wearing anything, but still need a little assistance in the chest area.

It provides full coverage that will hold everything, but its thinness will keep you cool even in hot summer weather. Additionally, it’s extremely comfortable since it’s wireless!

  • ​Full coverage scoop neck design
  • ​34 - 48 sizes
  • ​Low impact sports bra
  • ​Unlined and wire free
  • ​Soft,​ breathable material
  • ​Shirred front for nice shaping

The cups are pretty delicate. When you wear this bra, you might not want any kind of structure anyway, especially if you’re just lounging in the house.

The cups are also removable, making them easy to take out (and add additional padding if you are looking for a bit more support). For being a budget-friendly sports bra, this bra grants great durability for everyday wear.

Why Buy?

Comfortable and low impact, this sports bra's perfect for light activities and everyday use.

​Burvogue Women Post-Surgery Front Closure Brassiere Sports Bra

​Unlike Fruit of the Loom's sports bra, the Burvogue Women Post-Surgery Front Closure Brassiere Sports Bra has a special function of assisting women who have undergone any kind of breast surgery. This one is not only limited to them, however.

This bra offers great support for any woman, post-surgery or not. Sizes span a wide range of body types. This bra is inclusive of almost everyone, making it a popular option for women.

As for our guideline, this bra also exceeds with six clasps in front. The cups are non-padded so as to not hurt any fresh wound. In a non-surgical situation, it's still supportive with firm materials. Though it has a low neckline, it still provides a fairly full coverage.

  • ​Low  round neck design
  • ​S - XXL, 32 - 40 band, A - D cup
  • ​Low to medium impact support
  • ​Wide, adjustable cross straps
  • Unlined
  • ​Perfect for post-surgery use

The straps are connected with what looks like a small buckle. It's made with a thick material that goes to a criss-crossed back, which ensures the bra's staying power is strong.

For a post-surgical bra, this one is serving some serious looks. It has a smooth, all-black exterior and the same attractive (and breathable) cutouts as the first bra.

Why Buy?

​Breathable ​and supportive, this bra holds you up through your everyday workout.

​Enell Maximum Control Wire-Free Sports Bra

​The Enell Women's Wire-Free Sports Bra deserves the spot as the best among the 3, because of its captivating design and color schemes. That's not the only thing you'll love about this, though.

This bra is already serving more than the first two with 10 front clasps. It connects two very full coverage cups that will undoubtedly control and minimize movement of the breasts. With the 10 clasps in front, this bra is perfect for any high-impact workouts you might have.

Similar to the Fruit of the Loom bra, this one is also wireless, adding to the comfort of it.

Thick, wide, and non-stretchable straps keep the bra where it should be. They go to a tight, crossed back that pushes your spine to its best posture.

Because of the amount of support this sports bra provides, it’s designed for women who are C cup and above. If you’re smaller than a C cup, selecting a sports bra like the Fruit of the Loom one we recommended will be a better option.

  • ​Full coverage low scoop design
  • 0 -  8 sizes
  • ​High impact support
  • ​Wide, non-stretch straps
  • ​Wide band for secure fit
  • ​Naturexx® ​technology

Unlike most other sports bras with moisture-wicking technology, this bra is equipped with Naturexx® moisture management to keep you dry.

To ensure you maximize the control and comfort this bra promises, make sure to follow Enell's size guide. Additionally, they’ve created their own sizing system (based on numeric values 0-8). So, it’s important to make sure you understand it and can pick the right size.

Why Buy?

​Supportive and stable, this bra packs a punch to deliver a snug, tight fit.

Our Pick for the Best Sports Bra with Front Clasps

​In the end, we prefer the Fruit of the Loom Women's Front Close Sports Bra. Even though it might not stand up to the most intense of workouts, it’s still a great sports bra for everyday wear and gentler workouts.



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Fruit of the Loom Built-up
Burvogue Post-Surgery Sports Bra
Enell Max Control

Features to Consider for Sports Bras with Front Clasps

One of the best things about a front clasp in a sports bra is that it requires the least effort in wearing them. This makes it great for women who have big breasts or just generally have a difficult time reaching back or fitting into a regular tight sports bra. You don't have to twist this way and that just to get yourself into it, unlike most other bras.

Gray and white front clasping sports bras

A front clasp changes the anatomy of a sports bra, though. Even if it seems extra secure, you still need to take some features to the test. These features might be a good place to start evaluating your front clasping sports bra.

​Secure, Sturdy Clasps

​Sometimes when you do a really extensive exercise move quickly, the clasps at the back of your bra suddenly unfasten. It's a normal occurrence especially for activities like cheerleading or other strenuous sports and exercises. This only shows that it can happen with front clasps too.

It's even more of a risk when front clasps unfasten because then, you're immediately bare as it opens in front. The way you know the clasps are secure is when they need a little manual push to unfasten.

Also, it can't be the normal two- or three-clasp closure as it usually is in other regular bras. Find something that has at least 4 or 5, so there's more of them holding the cups together.

​Full, Supportive Cups

​A front clasp divides your sports bra in the middle. With this style, it's more expected for the cups to be able to serve some encapsulation, or the individual support for each of your breasts.

You'll want to find something firm with full coverage. This is for support as well as that's the only way to go if you're looking to achieve the secured multiple clasps.

Strong Straps with Thick Material

​With the cups and the clasps in front, the weight of your sports bra will fall mostly on the front as well. A thick material for the straps (and the band) at the back is almost required to balance out the sports bra when you wear it.

It will make sure the bra is tight and won't move or ride up at the back. Also, it will keep your breasts in place.

Who Front Clasping Sports Bras are Meant For

Front clasping sports bras' easy-wear function earned it a good reputation among women, especially the those with larger chests (D cup and above). If you typically wear sturdy D cup and above push up bras or sports bras, we recommend looking into this type of sports bra. The front closure makes wearing them not as tedious as when you try to fit into tight racerback or back-fastened sports bras.

Catalog photo of a woman wearing a nude sports bra


While smaller busted women may like this kind of sports bra out of preference, it holds greater benefits for women who are on the extreme side of large breasts. For women who've undergone surgery, this may even be a requirement.


With its obvious ease and unconventional style, who's to say all sports bras are boring and unattractive? People who turn to sports bras as a last resort probably haven't tried a variety of styles. A front clasping sports bra is just one variation that delivers on style and, most of all, function. When it's set with good straps, cups, and clasps, stylishness will follow and you're good to go.

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