How Much Do C Cup Breasts Weigh?

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C cups are pretty common when buying bras. While it’s a standard size, how much do C cups, and what does this mean for your measurements? We’re going to discover everything about the C cup, including what it means for your bust weight.

How Much Do C Cups Weigh?

C cups weigh 1.2 to four pounds on average, with each breast weighing 0.5 to two pounds. Think about having three medium-sized bananas or a big pineapple plastered to the chest. However, the C cup is among the small to average-size bra sizes, so it’s not as heavy as the next sizes.

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However, if you have C cups, the actual weight can change over a number of factors, including your body mass, age, and physical activity. Whether you have C cups or not, knowing its weight can give you a better understanding of this bra size.

How Much Do C Cups Weigh According to Band Size?

C cups generally weigh 1.2 to 4 pounds. However, the band size is relative to the cup size, so the weight may also change as the band size increases. To give you an idea, here’s how each C cup breast weights depending on the band size.

  • 28C: about 0.5 pounds per breast
  • 30C: about 0.6 pounds per breast
  • 32C: about 0.7 pounds per breast
  • 34C: about 0.9 pounds per breast
  • 36C: about 1.2 pounds per breast
  • 38C: about 1.5 pounds per breast
  • 40C: about 1.7 pounds per breast
  • 42C: about 2 pounds per breast

How Many Inches Is a C Cup?

On average, C cups have an underbust measurement of 27 to 33 inches and 34 to 40 inches for the overbust. It also has a three-inch measurement difference between the bust and band. With this size, the breasts can weigh around 1.2 to four pounds.

However, the cup’s volume may still change depending on your measurements. This is why it’s essential that you measure the bust properly. If you have C cups, then there should be a three-inch difference between the overbust and underbust.

The US and Europe consider a C cup as the average breast size. Despite that, a survey shows that six out of 10 American women believe a C cup is the ideal bust size. Regardless of the weight of C cups, it even has a 72% satisfaction rate over those with B cups.

What Bra Styles Should You Wear With a C Cup?

Even though C cups weigh around 1.2 to four pounds, you still need to wear the proper bra to keep the breasts supported and comfortable. Since your C-cup breasts may also change weight, it’s ideal to choose versatile bra styles to accommodate such changes.

An image of a person wearing c cup bra
  • Bralette: Bralettes are lightweight bras that don’t normally include underwires and paddings. Instead, the structured yet soft lacy material provides coverage while being stylish. This is a great bra style if you want to wear a bra as outerwear.
  • Cage bra: If you have asymmetrical breasts, cage bras can improve the bust shape of C cups. Although this style can show off curves and cleavage, cage bras can vary in coverage.
  • Padded bra: C-cup padded bras are excellent options if you need to make the breasts look fuller. This bra style can also help shape the breasts that are far apart.
  • Strapless bra: Strapless bras work great for ladies with C cups if you like wearing off-shoulder tops. The band of strapless bras can still support the bust, so you don’t have to worry about coverage.
  • Plunge bra: C-cup plunge bras are also good options for rocking low-cut tops or deep V-neck dresses. Some have paddings that can serve as push-up bras for those with saggy or wide-set breasts.

Related Questions

What Are the Sister Sizes of C Cups?

C cups can have D and B as sister sizes in terms of cup capacity, yet with different band sizes. For instance, if you don’t feel fully satisfied with a 34C bra, you can try on 32D to size up and get a tighter fit. Meanwhile, 36B is the sister size if you want a loose-fitting bra.

How Do C Cup Breasts Look Like?

C cup breasts would look different on different women; some could appear large because of their ribcage, while others may appear smaller due to the body frame. C cups can also be protruding, rounded, or far apart, depending on various factors, including the bra worn.


C cups weigh approximately 1.2 to four pounds, with each breast weighing 0.5 to two pounds. These are considered small to medium-sized breasts. Regardless of the weight, it’s important that you measure the overbust and underbust correctly to wear the right bra with C cups.


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