How to Get Deodorant Out of Bras

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So you finally prepared the perfect bra and sleeveless outfit for a party or gym session, only to see dreaded deodorant streaks on your bra. I’m listing different ways how to get deodorant out of bras so you can prolong the spotless appearance of your bras.

How to Get Deodorant Out of Bras

To remove deodorant stains on bras, you can clean them using wet wipes, pantyhose, lemon, vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, soap, soda water, and aspirin. Scrubbing with wipes and stockings is for emergency and quick cleanups. Meanwhile, soaking in soap and natural acids are ideal for long-term cleaning.

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Don’t let deodorant stains ruin your favorite bra. Even though you’ll usually hide bras under clothing, some outfits may require you to flaunt them. With these bra-cleaning tips, you can continue using antiperspirants while removing stubborn bacteria and stains on bras.

Ways to Remove Deodorant in Bras

Rub socks or pantyhoseRemove fresh white streaks
Use wet wipes or makeup removerRemove fresh deodorant marks
Soak in soda water and baking soda pasteEliminate stains in delicates
Soak in vinegarRemove tougher buildups
Scrub with lemon juiceRemove deodorant marks in white bras
Brush using hydrogen peroxide and soapEliminate tougher buildups
Apply aspirin pasteRemove deodorant marks in white bras

Removing Fresh White Streaks

Perhaps you’re dressing up at home, and you notice there’s already a stain on your bra a few minutes after applying deodorant. When facing this kind of fashion emergency, you can use wet wipes, makeup remover, a sock, or pantyhose to remove the streaks.

Note that these are only recommendable for fresh deodorant marks on colored garments. Still, this can be a lifesaver when you don’t have time for deep cleaning.

  • Socks or nylon pantyhose: Slightly wet the sock or pantyhose. Shape the material into a ball and rub it against the stained area in a circular motion. Wait for the flakes to fall off.
  • Wet wipes or makeup remover: These wipes don’t contain harsh chemicals that can further stain the fabric. Wiping them on the stained section can also keep the bra smelling fresh.

Destroying Deodorant Stains From Delicates

Do you wear lace bralettes under tank tops or use satin bras as bikini tops? Particularly with sheer bras, these delicates aren’t suitable for deep cleaning. You can remove deodorant marks by soaking them in soda water and reinforcing them with a baking soda paste. 

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  1. Let the garment sit on soda water for at least 60 minutes. The carbonated water’s bubbling action will lift the stain.
  2. Create a paste with one part water and three parts baking soda.
  3. Remove the garment from the soda water and place it on a dry surface.
  4. Spread the paste to the stained part for two to three hours.
  5. Remove the paste, rinse, and handwash it.

Eliminating Tougher Antiperspirant Buildups

Some deodorant stains are harder to remove. The natural compounds and acids of lemon, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide can battle buildups. These techniques are perfect for bras that mostly use synthetic fabrics, such as cage bras and sports bras.


Nothing ruins a beautiful bra faster than stains. If you’re usually using roll-on and white sticks, you may get plagued with deodorant streaks on the fabric.

Vinegar is an all-around cleaner, and it’s one of the best products to remove deodorant stains and buildups in bras. It can tackle adamant deodorant marks, whether you have a white or vibrantly colored bra.

  1. Combine one cup of white vinegar and four cups of warm water.
  2. Soak the bra in the vinegar solution for about an hour.
  3. Use a scrubber or old toothbrush to scrub the streaks away.
  4. Remove the bra from the solution, then gently press on it to eliminate excess water. No matter where you stand on bralette vs bra, be careful not to wring-dry them.
  5. Transfer the bra to clean water, then wash as usual.


Lemon is only ideal for getting dried deodorant out of white bras, especially on spacer bras with soft fabrics. This citrus fruit’s high acidity creates powerful chemical reactions for cleaning.

As an antibacterial, a lemon creates a hostile environment for bacteria, keeping your bras fresh and clean. All you have to do is follow these steps to eliminate deodorant bra stains.

  1. Combine equal parts lemon juice and cold water.
  2. Dip an old toothbrush or scrubber into the mixture, then use it to saturate and rub the deodorant marks.
  3. Let the mixture sit for an hour.
  4. Wash as usual. Repeat if necessary.
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Hydrogen Peroxide and Soap

Whether a sports bra or a normal bra, combining hydrogen peroxide and soap is among the quickest ways to clean a bra. However, make sure to use only 3% hydrogen peroxide. A higher percentage can bleach the fabric.

  1. Mix three tablespoons of dish soap and six tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. This combination can work on tough stain bonds.
  2. Dip a brush into the mixture and use it to scrub the stained spot.
  3. Leave the solution for at least an hour.
  4. Rinse in cold water, wash, then hang dry.


Did you find a nasty antiperspirant blemish on your bustier bra or a newly bought Victoria’s Secret sports bra? Another way to remove deodorant stains from white bras is to use aspirin.

The aspirin’s salicylic acid breaks down stain properties, making it an effective cleaning agent. Simply follow these steps to keep your bras in pristine condition.

  1. Crush six aspirin tablets.
  2. Mix the aspirin grounds with a teaspoon of water.
  3. Apply the paste to the bra’s stained area for one hour.
  4. Scrub the stain marks.
  5. Rinse the paste.
  6. If you’re cleaning molded or padded cups, you can put the bra in a wash bag first, then clean it in the washing machine.

Related Questions

What Causes Deodorant Bra Stains?

Antiperspirants include salt to prevent sweating, and deodorant can form white streaks on bras when you sweat. Meanwhile, sweat glands release bacteria to combat sweat, which mingles with a deodorant’s aluminum to create a yellow stain.

How to Prevent Deodorant Stains on Bras?

The best way to prevent deodorant buildup is to allow the antiperspirant to dry before wearing the bra. Avoid swiping too much deodorant on your skin. Switch to all-natural products that don’t include aluminum or synthetic ingredients.

What Dissolves Antiperspirant in Bras?

Baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and aspirin mixed with water can dissolve antiperspirants in bras. However, you must soak and brush the bras thoroughly to eliminate stains and odor.

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You can remove deodorant by cleaning bras with wet wipes, pantyhose, soap, and acid-based liquids. Still, it’s essential to choose bras with antibacterial and breathable fabric so your sweat won’t trigger a chemical reaction. In any case, these hacks can eliminate annoying stains so you can freely wear your bras.


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