How to Take off a Sports Bra

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Sports bras are the ultimate necessity for women on the go. They hold the boobs in place and allow you to focus on smashing your workouts. However, getting in and out of this bra is not always an easy feat. Thus, I compiled this article explaining, “How to take off a sports bra?”

How to Take off a Sports Bra?

There are various categories of performance bras catering to women of different shapes, workout intensities, and preferences. Below, I have explained in detail the perfect way to remove different types of these bras, so you can effortlessly get the job done.

A black and white sports bra and black leggings are worn by a woman standing near a white wall

Steps in Taking off a Pullover Sports Bra

Step 1Move the band above your breasts
Step 2Cross your arms and grab the opposite sides of the band
Step 3Pull your bra above your head

Steps in Taking Off a Racerback Sports Bra

Step 1Undo the hook or zipper
Step 2Lift the band over your breasts
Step 3Hoist the bra by pulling on the back
Step 4Remove the bra like a pullover

Steps in Taking Off a Front Closure Sports Bra

Step 1Undo the zip or hooks
Step 2Remove the bra in the same way you would take off a jacket

Steps in Taking Off a Back Closure Sports Bra

Step 1Slide the straps from the shoulders
Step 2Take out your arms from the armholes
Step 3Rotate the bra at the band
Step 4Unhook the bra band and slide the bra off

How to Take off a Pullover Sports Bra?

Pullover bras are very efficient in preventing your boobs from bouncing around too much. Since they do not have any opening/closing mechanism, you have to wear them like a t-shirt, you can even tie dye them to freshen up their styles. Consequently, removing one can be challenging, especially when you have big breasts.

Check out the correct way to take off this bra:

  1. Begin by moving the band above your breasts. Work slowly and delicately by squeezing your breast tissues to make room for the band to move upwards. Make sure to be gentle during this step to prevent the band from stretching out.
  2. Once the band is positioned above the bust, cross your arms and grab the opposite sides of the band, which lie a little below your armpits. Your arms should cross below the shoulders.
  3. Pull your bra above your head, paying attention to keep the band as close to its original shape as possible. The bra should be inside-out when you follow these steps.

Note: While the process can be time-consuming initially, it gets easier and quicker with practice.

How to Take off a Racerback Sports Bra?

Most racerback bras can be taken off using the same method as for removing the pullover ones described above. However, some of these bras come with a zip or hook closure, which makes the entire process simpler. Follow the steps below to remove a racerback bra with an opening/closing feature:

  1. Undo the hook or zip closing the band in the middle of your back.
  2. Lift the band over your breasts. This step will be easier compared to raising the band in a pullover bra.
  3. Reach behind your neck with both hands and hoist the bra by pulling on the back, until the band is within reach.
  4. Once the front and the back of the band are in line, remove the bra like a pullover.
A woman in a green sports bra and black leggings is exercising in the living room

How to Take off a Front Closure Sports Bra?

Sports bras that fasten at the front are the most convenient to wear and remove compared to other varieties. They are also quite competent in supporting your bust during an intensive workout. Here is how you can take off a front fastening performance bra:

  1. Undo the zip or hooks in the front. Since the fastenings lie close to your body, make sure that you do not pinch the skin during the process.
  2. Remove the bra in a similar manner as removing a jacket or a coat.
  3. While taking out your arms from the armholes, pay special attention that you do not exert much force on the band, which can cause it to stretch out.

How to Take off a Back Closure Sports Bra?

Back closure sports bras are the closest in design to the regular bra, which most of us wear every day. Thus, taking them off will be a breeze for most of you who are used to reaching behind your backs to undo the hooks. If this method does not work for you, try out the following technique:

  1. Slide the straps from the shoulders and take out your arms from the armholes.
  2. Rotate the bra at the band, so the fastening is now positioned at the front.
  3. Unhook the bra band and slide the bra off

A word of caution; While this method is convenient and quick, the routine tugging and rotating of the bra can shorten its lifespan and cause it to lose its elasticity over time.

Importance of Taking off a Sports Bra Correctly

Sports bras are expensive pieces of clothing since they pack a ton of features. A quality bra performs under extreme conditions, including heat, sweat, and high-impact activities. It works hard to encapsulate the breast tissues and contain them, even during the most strenuous exercises.

Graphic image of a blue bra that describes that sports bras usually are snug fit and made from moisture wicking materials

Moreover, it is made up of expensive fiber, such as Spandex and Elastane, which are incredibly durable and ideal as performance bras and casual tops. Therefore, it is important to take care of this type of bra to ensure its longevity and functionality even after multiple uses.

If you do not take off the sports bra the right away, it can:


When you tug at your bra band while you try to remove it, it can cause the band to stretch out and lose its shape over time. As a result, your band will ride up on your back and feel loose. Eventually, the sports bra will fail to provide the necessary support during a high-octane workout.

Moreover, when the bra is not supportive anymore, the straps can dig into your skin and cause discomfort and pain. Thus, to ensure the sustainability of your bra, avoid pulling your bra band excessively

A gray sports bra and black leggings worn by a woman exercising using an elliptical machine

Cause Skin Irritation

Some sports bras are notorious for causing redness and skin rashes due to the accumulation of perspiration and, subsequently, dampness, which is one of the reasons why some people prefer not to wear bras. However, even if your bra is made up of a breathable material that wicks away the sweat, it can still lead to chafing and irritation.

This happens when you try to yank off the bra after physical activity in a hurry. The fabric can rub against your skin, leading to irritated skin that can be avoided if you remove your bra the right way.

Related Questions

Is It Hard to Take Off Sports Bras?

It’s not that hard to take off sports bras. As long as you follow the abovementioned steps, you can easily take off different sports bras.

When Should I Remove My Sports Bra?

You should remove your sports bra if you don’t need its level of support for a particular activity or clothing. For example, it’s best to take it off after exercising and switch to a regular bra to let the breasts breathe.

Is Wearing a Sports Bra to Bed OK?

It’s typically not OK to wear a sports bra to bed. However, certain situations may require you to do so, like wearing a compressive bra after breast surgery. If you’re in no such situation, opt for a bralette or a sleep bra instead.

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Quite a few people struggle with taking off the sports bra, especially the racerback varieties without any hooks or clasps. The good news is that once you learn the correct way to get out of the bra, it will no longer seem like a laborious task.


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