Can You Wear a Teddy Under Clothes?

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A teddy is one of the sexiest lingerie pieces out there. It gives you a flattering silhouette and provides support in all the right places. It is often worn inside the bedroom, so the question is can you wear a teddy underclothes to utilize the slimming lingerie for a trendy outlook? Let’s find out! 

Can You Wear a Teddy Under Clothes?

Yes, you can wear a teddy under clothes as it is snug and comfortable, which helps in shaping your frame and enhancing your curves. A teddy is made from a lacy material and is often sheer. Hence, it is a great option to be worn under a dress or a top.  

Graphic image of a red lingerie that states how you can wear a teddy under clothes to help shape your frame

What is a Teddy?

A teddy is a one-piece lingerie garment, similar in appearance to a one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit but is typically looser and more sheer. Think bodysuit – the lingerie version.

But, depending on the specific teddy, they can be worn in a variety of circumstances. And, women are also using them as a piece of clothing instead of just as underwear.

A teddy is incredibly comfortable, feels like a second skin, and keeps your frame looking toned. Consequently, you can wear it easily under your clothes. However, you have to pick the right one.

How to Wear a Teddy Under Clothes

Some teddies are embellished with bow details, ruching, or appliques. These will not work under a slim-fitted outfit, as all the detailing will ruin the smoothness of the attire. Therefore, opt for a simple teddy, which does the job without being visible for a streamlined look.

Choose a teddy that has a similar neckline to your dress or top, if you do not want the undergarment to peak through your dress. While here is nothing wrong with your neckline or strap from showing, it might take away from the look of the outfit. 

Finally, a teddy is also a great option to be worn under a high-slit dress since it features a high-cut design. Thus, it eliminates the risk of your panty line being visible through your slit and allows you to enjoy your night without worrying about committing a fashion faux-pas.    

How to Wear a Teddy Bodysuit

You can even wear a teddy as a top since wearing lingerie for the world to see is the new trend, which is equally risque and iconic. Look for a style that has some coverage and feels comfortable. If you want to utilize your sheer teddy, pair it with a plain triangular bra underneath. 

A white spaghetti strap Teddy lingerie with a floral lace design placed on a pink background

Since a teddy stays seamlessly tucked in, it provides the perfect foundation to add layers and bottoms to build your outfit. You can pull off a sleek look with clever styling that accentuates your figure and bolsters your confidence. Here is how you can wear a teddy outside of your bedroom.

Ways to Wear a Teddy Under Clothes

Pair a Teddy WithWhen to Wear
Jeans with a shrug and bootsLunch-out
Blazer and pantsWork
Slim-fit pants and leather jacket with strappy heelsDate night
Sarong wrap and sandalsSwimming

On a Lunch With Your Girlfriends

For a casual outing, you can pair a teddy with jeans or trousers. You can throw on a shrug or a denim jacket if you prefer some protection against the elements or a more conservative look. Complete the outfit with some ankle boots and you are ready for a day out with the girls.

In a Professional Setting

Since a teddy is a singular piece that fastens under your crotch, it provides the perfect opportunity to wear it under a blazer and pants. You no longer have to worry about your top becoming untucked for a slouchy look. Instead, the entire look will make your torso appear more toned and in shape. 

You may have to ensure that you do not overdo the look since you are in the workplace. As long as your neckline is not plunging and the fabric is not entirely sheer, there is no reason why you cannot wear a teddy to work.

Out on a Date Night

Date night calls for some extra oomph factor in your attire and a teddy is an epitome of chic, sexy fashion. When out for drinks and dinner with your significant other, pair your edgiest teddy with slim-fit pants and a sleek leather jacket. 

Go for an all-black look, complete with strappy black heels to give yourself some height and poise. You can add a statement belt to incorporate a little bling to your outfit.  

By the Swimming Pool

While a teddy cannot be used as a replacement for a bathing suit, you can wear the right kind to lounge around beside a pool and soak up the sun. Accessorize it with a wide brim, straw hat, and a pair of trendy wedges. You can also pair it with a sarong wrap for a striking look. 

A black halter Teddy lingerie with a lace design hangs on a black hanger

Related Questions

What Is the Point of Wearing a Teddy?

A teddy is a sexy undergarment for women intended to be worn as sleepwear or ornamentally in the bedroom. It is a single garment that looks like an embellished, sheer bodysuit, creating a cinched-in look for a more flattering silhouette.

What Do You Wear Under a Teddy?

A teddy often comes with underwired cups, so you do not need to wear a bra under it to support your bust. However, you can put on nipple pasties under it to get coverage without the bulkiness under a sheer design.

Do You Wear Undies Under Bodysuit?

A bodysuit is designed to cover your entire torso and your crotch area. Usually, putting on underwear under your bodysuit can be uncomfortable. If you want extra coverage or feel more comfortable, you can wear undies with your bodysuit.

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A teddy has evolved into a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn both as sleepwear or as lingerie. Depending on the design, you can even wear it as a part of your everyday attire if you want to make a bold fashion statement and flaunt your curves.   


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