Side Set Breasts Overview: What to Know

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I know the importance of wearing the correct bra size that fits your breasts perfectly. However, there is more to know about your bust, other than its size to find the right bra. In this article, I talk about breast shapes, primarily side set breasts, and help you understand the correct way to style and manage them.

What Are Side Set Breasts?

Side set breasts are spaced wide apart, so you can see more of your ribcage between the boobs. The breast tissues gravitate towards the sides of your body in opposite direction. These types of breasts are generally bigger and fuller, with nipples that point to the front.

Graphic illustration of various types of breasts and their corresponding names

Side set breasts are closely related to east-west breasts and wide set breasts. Generally speaking, here are the differences:

  • side set breasts share the same characteristics as east west boobs, but are a bit larger and fuller.
  • the nipples point forward on side set breasts, whereas they point outwards on east-west boobs

If you struggle to achieve cleavage, despite having large breasts, it can be an indication of a side set shape. You may also experience side boobs spilling over the edge of your bras and dresses. We’ll discuss the best clothing and bras for this particular shape of breasts. Keep reading!

Cultural Perception of Side Set Breasts

The majority of people consider perfectly round breasts as the most attractive shape. A study published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery medical journal concluded that the most ideal breast shape has a 45:55 ratio. These breasts have 45% breast tissue above and 55% breast tissue below the nipple.

However, side set boobs are just as beautiful as any other breast shape. While they are spaced apart, the different bras can help you achieve the precise look you want.

Moreover, front-facing nipples are considered to be ideal, yet contrary to popular belief, most nipples point outwards, away from the center of your chest.  

Best Clothing for Side Set Breasts

While I am a firm believer that every body shape is different and beautiful, I also feel that the correct attire can uplift and celebrate your unique silhouette. Therefore, if you are looking for the best clothing and bras for your wide-set breasts, make sure that they have the following features:

  • Plunging neckline
  • V-neck
  • Empire waist
  • Less fitted

Plunging Neckline

You may feel self-conscious about the extra gap between your breasts. However, this is your opportunity to rock those deep v dresses and tops – you have the perfect boobs for them!

You will be surprised to find how well plunging necklines work for the side set shape. In fact, with your boobs positioned to the sides, you can fully embrace the deep necks without worrying about nip slips.

Therefore, look for dressing or tops with plunging necklines, which will make the most of your decolletage. The style also creates the illusion of an elongated torso. Pair the outfit with the best plunge bra support and accentuate your bust.

A green-lined underwired bra with thin straps worn by a woman standing near a white wall


Ditch the round and U-neck topss in favor of V-necks if you have side set boobs!

Since V-necks will help you highlight your cleavage more than the other styles, you should add these to your wardrobe. This neckline is also more flattering for most females’ bodies, as it draws attention to your curves.

Empire Waist

When you have breasts that point in the opposite directions, it can make you appear wider at the top as the boobs extend past the sides of your body. Thus, it helps to have clothing with a designated bust section that holds everything in place and makes you look leaner.

Empire waist dresses have waistbands just under the bust that gather the boobs and keep them more centered. The style also creates a high-waisted appearance and disguises the stomach area. Finally, the loose, flowing skirt of the dress offsets the snug bust area, balancing out everything.

Less Fitted

Fitted garments, such as body-hugging knitted dresses or button-down shirts, will not work for your frame too well. This is because the wide set of the breasts will pull your fabric apart and the dress or shirt will appear strained across the chest.

Moreover, the positioning of the breasts will also create an unattractive horizontal line on the front of your clothing, taking away from a flawless look. Therefore, look for clothing that has room to accommodate the side set boob shape.

Best Bras for Side Set Breasts

The best bras for wide-set breasts are designed to offer ample support, bring the breast tissues towards the center, and cover the side boobs. Following are the most appropriate bra styles for your unique breast shape.

Plunge Bra

A plunge bra is the ultimate bra style for wide-set breasts, as it can create a deep cleavage. While you do not need extra padding under the breasts to lift them up, you can opt for a plunge bra with side padding that pushes the breasts together, without squishing them.

Spice it up by adding some demi bras to the mix with your plunge bras.

Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra

A quality T-shirt bra is comfortable, supportive, and flattering. A full coverage t-shirt bra goes a step further and gathers your breast tissues for an effortlessly natural look. The best part is that it does not cause any discomfort and gives you a smooth appearance under your clothing.

Green lined underwired bra with a front clasp and lace design and black pants worn by a woman holding a blue mug

Sports Bra

A sports bra is also a great option for side set boobs. They are constructed in a way that keeps your breast tissues firmly in place towards the front of your body. While you should avoid wearing the sports bra all the time, it can work well for special occasions.

Side Support Bra

One of the major challenges of having breasts that are set wide apart is the side boob. This is especially true for larger bodies, where you’re also trying to prevent side fat from spilling out of the bra.

To prevent your breast tissues from spilling from the sides, look for a bra with side panels or side slings. Bras with higher cut armholes also work well to prevent side spillage.

Front-Closure Bra

A front-closure bra has clasps in the front that are perfect for bringing the breasts together. The bra applies pressure to your breast tissues and pushes them towards the front sans any discomfort or pain. This type of bra is also extremely easy to open and close!

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Side set breasts are positioned to the sides of your torso and have front-facing nipples, with a wide gap between the two boobs. To help you make the most of your distinct bust shape, look for bras and clothes with plunging necklines and designs that centralize your rack and accentuate your cleavage.


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