How to Wear a Halter Bralette

Woman wearing bralette under plaid shirt

Bralettes can be your clothing best friend for all seasons. The absence of wire and paddings prevent you from feeling trapped and sweaty under a bra. Once you learn how to wear a halter bralette, you can mix and match …

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How to Use a Bra Extender

Bra extenders

Are there times you wish to adjust the bra’s band to fit you better? With bra extenders, you can extend the length of your bra to accommodate body changes. We’re giving a step-by-step guide on how to use a bra …

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How to Wear a Bralette to Work

Woman wearing a blue bralette underneath a blue long sleeve top and blue jeans

Maybe you’re wondering how to wear a bralette to work without landing a meeting with the HR department for breaking the dress code. Prepare your usual office clothes and try out a few ways to wear a bralette to work …

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How to Wear a Bralette Under a Dress

Woman wearing a bralette under a sheer dress

Bralettes are incredibly stylish yet functional. It’s common to see women wearing a bralette with a shirt, tank top, or blazer. If you’ve always wondered how to wear a bralette under a dress, here are some outfit ideas.  How to …

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How to Use Boob Tape [All Outfits Covered]

A person showing how to use a boob tape

Do you remember when you used an ordinary bra for a particular dress, and it peeked through the neckline or armholes? You can avoid such mishaps with the help of breast tape. We’re sharing a step-by-step guide on how to …

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How to Wear a Bralette to School

Woman wearing a blue bralete under white top and scarf

Who says you can only wear a bralette outside of school? With something as stylish as a bralette, you can showcase it in school halls, even in a discreet manner.  From intricate lace details to minimalistic straps, you can flaunt …

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What Causes Bra Bulge (And What Bras Fix It)?

Close up of a woman's back wearing a pink bra

When you hear the terms “back bulge” or “bra bulge” do images of sexy curves and comfortably fitting bras come to mind? Probably not. This occurs in the most unfortunate of places. Under your arms, at your shoulders, alongside your …

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How to Determine Your Breast Shape

Knowing your cup size and breast shape can help you shop for a well-fitting bra without wanting to pull your hair out. Particular breast shapes fit into certain bras, and the wrong one can be uncomfortable and unflattering. We’re teaching …

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How to Make Sticky Bras Sticky Again Fast

Four different colors of pull-together sticky bras are placed on a wooden

A sticky bra, by definition, should do just that. Stick. You may have heard them referred to as adhesive bras as well. They’re all meant to do the same thing to varying degrees. If you’ve found that your cups are …

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17 Tips for How to Make Your Boobs Look Smaller

Woman wearing a tight shirt and leggings

If you want to make large breasts smaller, you might find this struggle relatable: you finally find the outfit that fits your style to a T. It’s flirty, effortlessly cool, on trend, and you have shoes that match it perfectly. …

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How to Put on a Bra After Shoulder Surgery

An image of a woman showing how to put on a bra after shoulder surgery

After getting a shoulder replacement or rotator cuff repair, you may have limited mobility in the arms while recovering. We’re sharing ways how to put on a bra after shoulder surgery to dress up without putting shoulder precautions in danger. …

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