Balconette Bra vs Full Coverage: The Big Differences

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Bras have evolved into an essential piece of clothing for all women. The primary function of a bra is to enhance the appearance of the breasts and maintain their shape. Two bras help maintain your breast shape: the balconette bra vs full coverage bras. This article will aid in distinguishing between the two types of bras by explaining their distinctive features.

Balconette Bra vs Full Coverage Overview

In most ways, the balconette bra and full coverage bra couldn’t be more opposite of eachother. The balconete bra is a sexy way to showcase your cleavage, while the full coverage bra is a comfortable way to support your breasts throughout the day.

But in fact, they do have some things in common. I’ll review both and highlight exactly when to wear each bra.

A woman wearing a black lace bra and black leggings is standing at the bottom steps of a white staircase in the house

Balconette Bra Overview

A balconette bra is designed to highlight your breasts. This bra style is characterized by providing more coverage without sacrificing on support and cup size. Thus, it looks better under certain clothes and on special occasions, even if it doesn’t offer as much support as other types of bras.

The bra straps on this bra are typically farther apart. In today’s culture, bra straps are typically worn closer to the underarm area rather than high on the shoulder.

This is a clever answer to the issue of bra straps showing when wearing square-cut tops. These straps’ extra width or padding may be most comfortable for women with broader shoulders.

This bra’s cups are its most noticeable feature. The coverage is over a half cup and extends an extra inch above the nipple. This bra features underwired cups, which lift the breasts slightly and make them look fuller and more prominent.

This bra is distinct in that it creates a “shelf” or “balcony” for your breasts. This bra is a must-have for any woman who wants to show off her bust. If you invest in this bra, your cleavage will increase dramatically, making you feel and look more seductive.

At the same time, though, don’t think of a balconette bra as slinky. Unlike a demi bra, a balconette bra provides ample coverage to your breasts.

You won’t mix a balconette bra up with a plunge bra. A balconette bra has a short gore in the middle, coming up high to meet the cups.

What Is a Balconette Bra (Or Is It a Shelf Bra? Balcony Bra?)

Full Coverage Bra Overview

A full-coverage style is one of the best and most convenient bras. Instead of a plunge bra or push-up design, this kind of bra hides rather than flaunts cleavage at the top of the cup.

This bra guarantees that you are comfortable and thoroughly covered. Women with larger breasts may benefit significantly from wearing these bras because of their additional support.

As far as the cups are concerned, this bra is one that completely envelops the breasts. This bra also features a sturdy underwire and supportive, elastic fabric to provide excellent coverage and comfort. This bra is designed to prevent spillage and conceal your cleavage.

These bras come in various cup sizes and shapes, and they’re made specifically to contain breast tissue inside the cups. Women with larger breasts tend to like these types of bras. Also, women who value modesty may benefit from having their chests covered and shaped this way.

What Is a Full Coverage Bra? (Don't Buy Your Grandma's Bra!)

As a bonus, the weight of your bust is distributed more evenly over your back when you wear this bra. The bra’s straps may be adjusted to provide a snug and comfortable fit.

In addition to providing extra support, the broad bra bands included on these garments also hide any unsightly lumps and bumps.

Balconette Bra vs Full Coverage Bra

Lets look at the similarities and differences in these two bras, and then when you would want to wear each.

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Due to their numerous similarities, these two bras are often confused. To name a few of them:

  • Both bra styles provide ample coverage for the breast tissue (although they do it differently).
  • Both styles of bras have padding. A full coverage bra can have a wide ranging amount of padding, from very light to relatively full. Balconette bras typically have padding at the bottom to provide a push up effect.


The balconette bra varies from the full-coverage style in a few key ways. The differences include:

  • Balconette bras boost your cleavage and shape your breasts for a sexy appearance. Full coverage bras would never be considered sexy – their sole purpose is to provide ample support for your breasts.
  • A balconette bra has cups that are only partially covered, while a full coverage has cups that are fully covered. Full coverage bras have cups that cover the whole breast, whereas balconette bras only cover half or two-thirds of the breast.
  • A balconette bra provides support with a more rounded appearance than full-cup styles. Full-coverage bras have larger cups that cover more of your breast tissue and are more comfortable overall.
  • Full coverage bras include broad bra straps that assist smooth out any bulges while offering support. In contrast, balconette bras have wide set straps designed to improve the ability to display your cleavage.

Major Distinguishing Factor

While both bras provide ample breast coverage, a balconette bra pushes the breasts up from the bottom to create a “shelf” like appearance for your cleavage. Full coverage bras don’t do any of this – they have thick bands and straps to comfortably provide your boobs with ample support.

A person holds a red lace bra standing on a wooden floor near a gray carpet

When to Wear a Balconette Bra

A balconette bra is perfect if you want to show off your cleavage. Lets be honest – when you pair this bra style with a square cut top or certain dresses, you’ll be sure to impress. This bra is sexy but provides ample coverage at the same time.

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains how balconette bras are best worn to enhance cleavage

Consequently, your bust size will increase in a completely natural way. This bra’s cup shape and wider straps are well-suited for women with broad shoulders and fuller breasts. Because of their adaptability, balconette bras have become a wardrobe staple for many women.

This bra is versatile because it can be worn with a high or low neckline, depending on your preference. Under certain bodycon dresses, a wedding dress, formal gown, sweetheart top, or square neck dress, this bra is a must-have.

When to Wear a Full Coverage Bra

Wear a full coverage bra when you want ample support from a comfortable bra. Typically larger breasted women will turn to a full coverage bra to support their boobs, whereas smaller chested women might prefer a t-shirt bra as their everyday option.

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains that the best time to wear full coverage bras is underneath a t-shirt or thin clothing layers

Provided that your top does not have an open back or plunging neckline, you can wear this bra style on a daily basis. Most full coverage bras are seamless and do not cut across your chest like a demi bra or a push-up bra.

Multipurpose is the best word to describe the full-coverage bra. While pregnant or breastfeeding, you may wear everything from a suit to a t-shirt and perhaps nothing. You may wear this bra to the office, the classroom, or the nights when you need a little extra support.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for coverage, support, and comfort, look no further than a full-coverage bra. If you need to boost your cleavage in a sexy but comfortable way, grab a balconette bra.


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