My Deyllo Push up Bra Review

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As someone who adores the Deyllo Push Up Bra, I’m excited to share my personal take on this lingerie game-changer. With its perfect blend of lift, support, and breathability, it’s become my go-to for both confidence and comfort. Let’s dive into what makes this bra so special and why it might just become your new favorite too.

HONEST review of the Black Deyllo Push Up Lace Bra

Deyllo Push up Bra Review

Wearing push-up bras makes the best option if you want to flatter due to their ability to elevate and accentuate smaller boobs as well as support the larger ones. However, most of these bras lack breathability due to the padding. 

Fortunately, Deyllo managed to solve the issue by using a mesh design on their push up bras. Its amazing, but there are a few things I’d change.

Gore Design

If you are looking for a bra to wear with outfits that have a more revealing neckline, such as low-cut tops and dresses, then this push up bra might be the best option. This bra has a deep V-neckline, which plunges between your breasts. 

This design helps push breasts together while enhancing cleavage visibility. This makes the bra great for occasions such as outings and date nights. Like other plunge-style bras, the straps are set wider apart, which is great for tops and dresses with wide necklines. 


The underwire is designed to contour your breast’s natural shape and provide support from underneath. This design can help offer the following benefits depending on your breast size.

  • The underwire enhances the appearance of my bust when wearing tight clothing by lifting the breasts and pushing them closer together. 
  • When you combine the underwire design and the short gore, the bra gives an illusion of fuller breasts and more pronounced cleavage. I love it! (And it doesn’t look weird and fake).
  • The general feel of the pushed-up effect helps to boost my self-confidence, especially when wearing outfits that highlight my bust area. 
  • If your breasts are sagging due to pregnancy, weight changes, or childbirth, the underwire can prevent excessive stretch on the breast ligaments, alleviating the pain. This makes this push up bra perfect for sore breasts during pregnancy.
  • The wire helps to distribute breast weight evenly across the band, reducing strain on the straps and back, especially if you have larger breasts.
A black push up bra on the bed


This push up bra offers full coverage, which means it extends over the top of your breast, ensuring there is no tissue spillage, either at the top or sides. Usually, this provides you with optimal support by distributing the weight of your breasts evenly, reducing the strain on the shoulders.

The comprehensive coverage also ensures that there are no visible lines and formed bra bulges, making the bra an excellent choice for wearing under tight-fitting clothes. If you have a large bust and engage in rigorous activities, you will also love how this coverage helps reduce movement and bounce. 


Generally, bras can come padded or non-padded. Unpadded and light-padded bras have higher chances of showing your nipples through the fabric, which can make you self-conscious. 

A black push up bra with lace placed on the bed

On the other hand, padded bras tend to add volume to the breasts, and you might need to size up your bra sizing depending on how much volume they add. This push up bra comes with full padding, which might require you to go up half cup to full cup in your sizing. 

Usually, this is its major drawback as it increases the chances of getting the sizing wrong. On the good side, the full padding offers you the following benefits.

  • The padding acts as a cushion and prevents the discomfort of the underwire digging into the skin.
  • The padding ensures that the nipples don’t show through, which enhances modesty, especially when wearing form-fitting tops to the workplace.
  • The padding can help smaller breasts appear bigger by adding a volume of around half a cup to a full cup.
  • Like how the underwire helps to define your breast shape, the padding can help balance the breasts’ sizes, making the bra a great choice if you have asymmetrical breasts. This is perfect for camouflaging uneven breasts.
  • On top of the support offered by the underwire, the structured nature of padded cups can provide additional support.


This push up bra comes with a lace design on both the cups and the wings, all featuring a pattern of intricate florals. This makes the bra more visually appealing and luxurious. The lace design also allows the bra to lie flat under the top, making it ideal for wearing with tight tops. 


If you are engaging in rigorous activities such as jogging, and you want a breathable bra that won’t retain sweat for a prolonged time, then this bra is for you. Even if this bra is primarily made of nylon, which is known for its poor breathability, the mesh design allows air to circulate freely. 

This makes the bra more breathable and comfortable compared to bras made of natural fibers such as cotton. With minimal sweat retention, there are also minimal chances of bacteria growth and possible odor. 

A close up black push up placed on the bed


Closure is one of the aspects you don’t want to overlook when choosing a bra, as it determines how well the bra will remain in its place. This bra comes with stretchy straps and the standard hook and eye closure, which offers you the following benefits. 

  • The stretchy straps adapt to your body movements, making the bra more comfortable during daily activities, as the straps can expand and contract with motion without digging into the shoulders.
  • The straps still have adjustment sliders, which allow you to adjust the strap length for a perfect fit.
  • Apart from straps, the multiple rows of hooks and eyes allow you to tighten or loosen the band for an optimal fit.
  • This closure system ensures the band stays firmly in place, providing you with a sense of security even when engaging in rigorous activities.

Related Questions 

Can I Wear the Deyllo Push Up Bra Everyday?

Yes, I wear this bra 4-5 days per week. The mesh design, hook and eye closure system, and paddings make the bra comfortable for daily wear. The sturdy material of a nylon and spandex blend ensures the bra maintains its shape and support for longer.

However, don’t wear this bra to sleep. The padding and underwire can press into your breast tissue when lying down, causing soreness. Use a sleep bra instead.

What Are the Side Effects of Deyllo Push-up Bra?

The main side effect of this bra is its push-up effect, which compresses the breast tissue to create the desired lift and cleavage. Over time, this compression can make the lower breast tissues migrate, affecting the natural shape of the breasts. 

How Should I Wash My Deyllo Bra?

You SHOULD hand wash the bra in cold water with mild detergent and then allow it to air dry. Avoid hot water, as it can destroy the bra’s elasticity. Also, avoid wringing and twisting or hanging the bra by its straps, as this can damage the padding structure and stretch out the straps. However, true talk, I put mine in the washing machine most weeks.

Final Thoughts

Through the above Deyllo push up bra review, it’s evident that this bra offers the support and lift you might need if you have large breasts and the padding you might need to add volume if you have smaller breasts. Generally, this bra is versatile and ideal for daily wear.


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