How to Camouflage Uneven Breasts

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Having uneven or asymmetric breasts is quite common, where almost half of the female population has this breast shape. The difference between the two breasts can be negligible or noticeable. If you fall in the latter category, keep reading to find out how to camouflage uneven breasts.

How to Camouflage Uneven Breasts

It is not very difficult to conceal or camouflage an asymmetric bust. Most often, it is barely distinguishable that your boobs are of different sizes after you have put on some clothes. Occasionally, you might need a little help. So, here are some clever and stylish ways to dress up your uneven breasts.

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Wear a Padded Bra

A padded bra solves a lot of issues, from lack of volume to absence of cleavage. It is also an excellent option for uneven boobs. If you have a slight difference, wear a thinly padded or lined bra. Since the cups are structured, they conceal the unevenness by making both breasts look the same in size.

If you have noticeably different breasts, buy padded bras with removable inserts. This gives you a lot of control over how your breasts look. Simply remove the pads from the cups covering the larger breasts or fill up the space in the smaller breast’s cup.

Whether you go for a lined-cup or padded bra, buy it in a size that fits your larger breast to avoid any discomfort or spillage from the edges.

Put on a Bralette

A bralette is an extremely comfortable, super trendy undergarment with extensive lace detailing. It also works very well for asymmetric boobs. Firstly, the lace design conceals the unevenness flawlessly and the cups mold to the size and shape of the breasts, regardless of size.

Secondly, the bralette has a higher cut, which covers the entire breast. Consequently, it does not have a gap between the cup’s edge and the smaller bra, unlike bras with a smaller apex. You can wear it under a simple tee or a fitted dress with a higher neckline.

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Choose a Halter Neck Bikini

Most women with uneven breasts have the hardest time finding a swimming suit that camouflages their breast asymmetry and makes them feel confident. Most bikini tops are very revealing, with little room to hide the difference in breast size.

Therefore, the best bikini style for you is the halter neck bikini with a high neckline. It covers your entire breast and does not shift around too much. It also draws focus to your shoulders and away from the bust.

If you want, you can look for a halter neck bikini with structured cups so you feel most comfortable and stable.

Opt For Printed Dresses

There are different types of dresses, channeling varied designs, cuts, and patterns. The key to looking good in a dress is to understand what looks good on you. Hence, when shopping for dresses for uneven boobs, look for ones with bold, asymmetric, and random prints.

The printed designs trick the eye and hide the breast shape. Moreover, the pattern can be of any size or orientation. As long as it does not follow symmetry, you should be fine. It also helps to try on the dress to check how it looks on you.

That being said, it is imperative to avoid dresses with striped designs. Whether they are horizontal or vertical, the strips will make the unevenness of your breasts stand out. It is also best to steer clear of geometric prints that are too linear.

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Go For Asymmetric Tops

Asymmetric tops do not look the same on both sides. It can either have a neckline that is lower from one side compared to the other or a hemline that ends lower than the other side. The asymmetry in design is another great tactic to balance out the unevenness of your bust.

Accessorize With Scarves

Scarves transition beautifully from summer to winter. You can wear light, floral ones in the hotter months and opt for thick, cozy, knitted ones for the cold season. They are also the simplest way to conceal breast asymmetry.

You can even get creative with scarves, by draping it over your shoulders, neck, or on one side, and adding a belt. This can also help you elevate the look of a simple outfit. So if everything else fails, grab your favorite scarf and you are good to go.

Adopt Layers

Layers are another good option for camouflaging an uneven bust. You can put on a light linen blazer or a white shacket for a more formal event. On the other hand, the versatile denim or leather jacket works for most occasions and transition well from day to night.

If you are looking for something very casual, you can throw on a lightweight cardigan or layer an unbuttoned button-down shirt over your tee. Finally, sweater vests are another classy option for layering over a crisp, white shirt. The options for layering are endless!

What Causes Uneven Breasts?

Breast asymmetry can occur due to a number of reasons, some of which you can control and fix. Moreover, the degree of unevenness between the breasts can vary from barely perceptible to extremely severe. The asymmetry can also change, where similar boobs lose their symmetry over time. Following are the most common reasons for uneven breasts:


Sometimes the reason can be as simple as having the genes that cause breast asymmetry. Most often, women whose mothers and grandmothers have uneven breasts end up having this breast shape. In this case, it is not reversible unless you opt for breast asymmetry surgery.

The surgery involves the reduction or enlargement of one of the boobs for a more balanced look. However, undergoing the knife is a big decision that should be taken after a lot of deliberation. It also carries risks like most surgeries so know your options before opting for an invasive procedure.

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Pregnant women experience hormonal changes that can affect the size of their breasts. You may notice your boobs getting fuller and tender during your pregnancy, which is quite normal and expected. Occasionally, one breast becomes larger than the other.

Similarly, you may also notice a lack of symmetry after you hit puberty or menopause, due to fluctuation in hormone levels. Asymmetry in young girls or pregnant women can often correct itself, though not always.


When you give birth, your breasts fill with milk. If one breast produces more milk or if your child favors drinking from one boob, it can cause a difference in size. Therefore, try to feed from both sides equally. Usually, breast asymmetry due to breastfeeding resolves on its own.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is performed to give your bust more volume and make it look fuller. However, a procedure gone wrong can cause uneven breasts. Moreover, if you notice changes in the shape or contour of your breast once you have had a successful surgery, it could be due to a ruptured silicone implant.

Breast Cancer

Breast unevenness is usually not a cause of concern. However, if you notice one of your breasts increasing in size over time, you should get it checked. A mammogram and additional tests (if required) will help determine the presence of breast cancer.

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Breast asymmetry is quite common among women and it can be due to multiple reasons, including hormonal fluctuation, breastfeeding, genes, etc. There are so many ways to camouflage an uneven bust, such as wearing a balconette or padded bra, putting on printed or asymmetric clothing, or layering with scarves and coats.


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