Can You Go Braless After Breast Augmentation?

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Breast augmentation is a risky procedure, yet it can yield the most stunning results when carried out by a competent doctor. Whether you have recently gotten your breasts augmented or are considering going under the knife, I answer the following question for you,

“Can you go braless after breast augmentation?”.

Can You Go Braless After Breast Augmentation?

In general, you should avoid going braless for at least six weeks after your breast augmentation surgery. During this time period, your breasts need ample support to ensure optimal healing. Even after the recovery period has elapsed, you should only consider going braless for special occasions.

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Wearing a bra is a normal practice for every woman. However, it is increasingly important for someone with augmented breasts, as heavier breasts are more susceptible to the effects of gravity. Consequently, they need constant help to maintain their perky shape. If you are unsure about the best bra for your post-augmentation breasts, keep reading!

What Bra Should You Wear After Breast Augmentation?

Bras are essential for your recovery following breast enlargement surgery. Most often, the implants are positioned high on the chest after breast enlargement surgery. They lower with time as the swelling and tightness around your chest muscles reduce. The right bra helps support the healing process.

The following are the best bras to wear during the recovery phase:

Compression Bra

The medical-grade compression bra is recommended immediately after the surgery to protect the tender breast tissues and keep the wound dressing in place. Since it is without any underwires, it feels gentle against your swollen and tender breasts. The bra also offers other benefits, which include:

  • Inhibited movement of the implants
  • Reduced swelling
  • Protection against infection around the incision area
  • Faster healing
  • Increased blood circulation leads to decreased inflammation

You should ideally wear the surgical bra for as long as your doctor advises. The key is to wear it around the clock, day and night until you can transition to a non-surgical supportive bra.

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Sports Bra

After you put aside your compression bra, switch to a sports bra. This type of bra has all the features that will make your recovery period more comfortable and pleasant. It is wireless, soft, breathable, and expandable, so it will not cause irritation to your healing incision wound.

What Are the Features of a Breast Augmentation Bra?

Once you are allowed to wear a regular bra, you should consider buying one with the following features.


While underwires are one of the highlighting features of a supportive bra, they are strictly not recommended for post-breast enlargement. Underwires can rub against your incision and irritate the tender skin around the wound. Therefore, opt for a wireless bra, that feels soft against the swollen breasts until your incision has healed completely.

Front Closure

As the name suggests, the front closure bra closes at the front. This type of bra is easier to put on and take off without any excessive movement or stretching while you wait for your implants to settle. It is also very supportive and provides relatively good compression to promote recovery.


Bras made with breathable material help wick away the moisture, keeping your skin dry. This is a must-have feature of your post-surgery bra, as moisture can cause irritation and rashes around your incision area. Thus, look for a cotton-blend fabric or a breathable synthetic to prevent any moisture from accumulating around your bust area.

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Your post-surgery breasts will need additional support compared to your old size. On average, breast implants weigh around 1-2 pounds, which is a considerable addition to the average breast weight.

Therefore, look for a bra that fits you seamlessly and keeps the breasts positioned high on the chest. It should also hold your breasts firmly in place, as excessive movement can be painful, without exerting any pressure that feels uncomfortable.

Adjustable Straps

As I said above, your breasts should be positioned high to maintain the lifting effect of the surgery. Adjustable straps provide you with the ability to position your breasts accordingly. Moreover, the straps should be front-adjusting. This allows you to position the bra without taking it off or reaching behind your back in an uncomfortable posture.

Related Questions

What Happens if You Do Not Wear a Bra After Breast Augmentation?

If you do not wear the proper bra recommended by your doctor after augmentation surgery or stop wearing one prematurely, it can be a grave mistake. This is because there is a high risk of your implants not settling properly in the new shape or dislocating from their position without the supportive bra.

How Tight Should My Post-op Bra Be?

Your post-op bra should have an ideal fit that is snug yet not too tight that it feels constraining. While you may feel some pressure, it should not be uncomfortable or painful. Moreover, if the edges or straps leave a mark on your skin, it is an indication of a tight bra.

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So, I have established that you cannot go braless for up to six weeks after your breast enhancement surgery, since the bra assists the healing and keeps your breasts supported. While you can go braless occasionally after the recovery phase, long periods of being braless will affect the look and shape of your breasts.


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