Best Bra for Scoliosis [2024 Review]

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After getting diagnosed with scoliosis, I found regular bras uncomfortable and painful. Wearing ill-fitting bras can put uneven pressure on the back or ribs for women with scoliosis. More than that, it’s sometimes tricky to keep straps in place.

With proper research, guidance from my doctor, and bra fitting evaluations, I’m making this guide to compare options for the best bra for scoliosis to achieve proper breast support while keeping the back comfortable.

Our Top Bra for Scoliosis Reviews

With a broad mesh band that gently pulls the shoulders back, the Leonisa Back Support Wireless Posture Corrector Bra is the top bra choice if you have scoliosis. Its light compression, cushioned straps, and full-figure cups relieve tension at the back without sacrificing bust support.

Regular bras can sometimes feel uncomfortable when you’re suffering from curvature of the spine. While these bras won’t solve your problem overnight, the best bras for scoliosis patients can help improve posture.

Best Overall Bra for Scoliosis: Leonisa Back Support Wireless Posture Corrector Bra

With a supportive mesh band that improves spine alignment, the Leonisa Back Support Wireless Posture Corrector Bra is the best bra for scoliosis to reduce back pain, particularly if you have a severe case. You’ll see significant improvement in posture, even when wearing tight-fitting clothes.

It doesn’t cover the whole back like the Carnival Women’s Longline Bra. However, its cross-back band puts light compression to encourage muscle relaxation and limit the curve progression.

Compared to the other Leonisa Bra, which only has two levels, this bra for scoliosis has a three-level clasp for adjusting. This provides more ways to adjust the posture corrector bra’s fit, especially if you need to switch band sizes due to weight fluctuations caused by treatment or dietary changes.

Suppose you tend to slouch at least 40 hours a week because of office work. This was my dilemma before because regular wired bras only contribute to the pain. With the Leonisa bra’s wireless band, you can wear it from day to night without wanting to take it off.

Even with no underwire, the brand’s use of DuraFit fabric for the cups gives the breasts a naturally rounded shape. However, the cups have thin linings, causing the nipples to protrude. The good thing is that I can quickly solve this by using nipple covers.


  • It can serve as a post-surgical bra because of the compression that minimizes swelling
  • The criss-cross band provides full support and pressure relief for the back


  • The sizing doesn’t match other brands, so you’ll have to follow Leonisa’s bra chart strictly
  • It may create a uni-boob due to the absence of center gore

Best Longline Bra for Scoliosis: Carnival Women’s Full-Figure Longline Bra

For those with mild to moderate spine curvature, the Carnival Women’s Full-Figure Longline Bra is a much better option for decreasing strain on the back while lifting the bust.

As the only one with a longline design, you get additional back support due to the band’s extended fabric. This is perfect for ladies with scoliosis who need to stand for long hours. The style can even make great innerwear for layering clothes.

Unlike the other great longline bras, the Carnival bra uses 100% nylon. This material gives the bra high strength and wear resistance. As a result, it maintains shape even after several years of washing and storing. 

The longline band and side boning can contribute to tummy control. There’s also a waist elastic that prevents the band from slipping or riding up. However, you’ll need to move your arms and shoulders more as this bra has back clasps.


  • Features a longline band that streamlines the silhouette while relieving pressure from the back
  • Full-figure cups distribute breast weight evenly, especially for those with heavy, sagging boobs 


  • The cups are too pointy, adding unnecessary wrinkles to clothes
  • Women with shorter torsos may find the longline band too long

Best Sports Bra for Scoliosis: Victoria’s Secret Knockout High Impact Sports Bra

The Victoria’s Secret Knockout High Impact Sports Bra makes the best scoliosis sports bra because its racerback band and compression minimize breast bounce to take the strain off the upper and lower back.

Whenever you need to bend while exercising or slouch unconsciously while sitting, the band will pull your back and shoulders to correct posture. I would have preferred if this had a pull-over design since the front zipper tends to bulk a bit underneath workout clothes.

Compared to the other scoliosis bras, the Victoria’s Secret Knockout Bra includes lightly foamed cups and a soft, flexible underwire, making it one of the most comfortable underwire bra. It’s also a nice bra for lift and shape because the features work together to lift the weight of your breasts to alleviate tension in the neck, shoulders, and back.

When you have scoliosis, the spine’s curvature often causes one shoulder to be higher than the other. As the only one with a racerback strap design, this bra can prevent straps from slipping off.


  • It uses a four-way stretch fabric that stretches as you move
  • The racerback design keeps the straps in the proper position when you have uneven shoulders


  • The zipper can leave a bulge under clothes
  • The underwire may not be ideal for those with small breasts

Best Breast-Shaping Bra for Scoliosis: Leonisa Comfortable Posture Corrector Bra

The challenge in finding the right bra for scoliosis is that some bras focus on the back side, neglecting bust lifting and shaping. The contour cups of the Leonisa Comfortable Posture Corrector Bra provide customized lift and support to prevent back pressure from heavy breasts.

As the only one with contour cups, your breasts get a more natural shaping and structure, making it a great cup style for women with shallow breasts.

The cups push the breast tissue to make the boobs look more rounded and symmetrical, making it a perfect bra for uneven breast size. The high sides also control underarm flab. However, the mesh on the cups may feel a bit itchy.

Unlike the Victoria’s Secret and Carnival bras, the Leonisa Comfortable Bra uses a criss-cross back with a mesh panel. This unique band design disperses weight across the entire back. In this way, the bra helps relieve the pressure that breasts put on the neck, shoulders, and upper back.


  • Wide, soft, ergonomic straps distribute bust weight to relieve shoulder stress
  • Smoothing, full-coverage cups cover the bust fully to support breast weight


  • It has several hooks despite not being a longline bra
  • It doesn’t offer A cups

Features to Consider for a Bra for Scoliosis

To find the right bra for scoliosis, consider wide, supportive bands, adjustable straps, comfortable cups, and minimal to no underwire. Bras can have different levels of support and lift, so compare their features to see which one will suit you the most.

Comparing the Features of Bras for Scoliosis

Here’s a rundown of the features of the best bras for scoliosis.

Leonisa Back SupportPosture correctorFull-figureCross-back, thick, wirelessCushioned, Adjustable, center-pullSix-row, Three-level front clasps
Carnival LonglineLonglineFull-figureLongline, wirelessPadded, adjustable, center-pullNine-row, two-level back clasps
Victoria’s Secret KnockoutSportsLightly foamed, full-coverageWirelessAdjustable racerbackSemi auto-lock front zipper
Leonisa ComfortablePosture correctorContourCriss-cross bandAdjustable, center-pullSeven-row, two-level

Bra Type

The type significantly influences the bra features that could either help with the situation or worsen your scoliosis.

  • Posture corrector: As you can see in the Leonisa bras, a posture corrector bra is the best bra type for scoliosis patients because the features collectively provide adequate support to the back.
  • Longline: Like the Carnival Longline Bra, this style is a great alternative to posture correct bras because the extended band better distributes bust weight while shaping the torso.
  • Sports: Similar to the Victoria’s Secret Knockout, sports bras control or avoid breast bounce, alleviating stress in the shoulders aggravated by scoliosis. This is why there are the best sports bras for running with larger breasts.
A smiling woman wearing a sports bra and leggings sitting crossed-legged on the floor

Adjustable Straps

Straps fall down easily when one of the shoulders is higher than the other. Racerback, criss-cross, and adjustable straps are the best designs for bras for scoliosis. With a flexible strap design, you can find a customized fit that prevents pinching and uneven pressure.

Wide, Stabilizing Band

When you have spinal curvature, the band tends to ride up the back. You need a stabilizing band that lifts the breasts while discouraging slouching. As a result, bras reduce pain while helping align the spine.

Wireless or Soft Wire Band

Some wires can dig into the back, which would further intensify the back pain caused by scoliosis. However, you can opt for a soft, flexible wire if you need an underwire for breast separation or lift.

While only the Victoria’s Secret bra has an underwire, it’s soft enough that you won’t feel much pressure on the ribs. 

Comfortable, Supportive Cups

Your main goal is to find a bra that will alleviate pain in the back while improving posture. Despite that, you shouldn’t neglect how the cups will cover and lift the breasts.

When choosing scoliosis undergarments, remember that you need supportive yet comfortable cups to carry and distribute the weight of the breasts evenly. In this way, the back won’t bear extra weight from the bust.

Front Closure

Choosing front clasps to prevent shoulders and arms from experiencing extra pain is much better. The Leonisa bras have front hooks, while the Victoria’s Secret bra uses a front zipper. 

A woman wearing a bra slouching a little bit while her hands touching her face

Although the Carnival bra has back clasps, this is reasonable because having too many hooks in front would be a struggle for someone with scoliosis.


The criss-cross mesh back of the Leonisa bras offers light compression across the back and ribs to reduce strain and muscle fatigue caused by scoliosis.

When worn during physical activity, high impact sports bras from Victoria’s Secret squeeze tight against the skin to improve blood circulation. Although the Carnival bra doesn’t have much compression, the broader band provides some level of squeezing.

Breathable, Stretchable Fabric

Posture corrector bras can have wider bands and straps compared to other styles. It’s vital that the bra has a breathable fabric that will wick moisture away to prevent irritation and discomfort even when you need to wear it for several hours.

Moreover, the bra must have a stretchable material so the band and straps move with you to prevent them from digging into the skin. The Leonisa Back Support Bra‘s fabric has a higher content of breathability while having some elasticity.

Related Questions

What Type of Bra Is Best for Scoliosis?

Maximum support bras with wide, wireless bands are the best for scoliosis. Those with adjustable straps and light compressive fabrics are also good options.

Do Posture Bras Help With Scoliosis?

Yes, posture bras like the Leonisa Back Support Bra can help women suffering from scoliosis. Such bras have cross-back designs that pull the shoulders back and align the spine to improve posture while reducing back pain.

Are Posture-Correcting Bras Worth It?

Posture-correcting bras are with it because they can provide comfort while helping slow your spine’s curve progression. However, the effectiveness may depend on the bra’s quality and proper usage.

Wired vs Wireless Bra: When To Have and Wear Each Type of Bra


When choosing the best bras for scoliosis, be sure to opt for those with well-fitted, supportive bands and adjustable straps. With any of the bras I’ve recommended, you can help correct spinal curvature to feel better while giving the necessary support and shaping for the breasts.


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