What Are Boyleg Panties?

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I used to ignore boyleg underwear because of its boyish style. Over time, I realized that it was an underrated style, especially in terms of coverage and comfort.

Whatever your body type or size is, you may be missing out on the benefits of this underwear, leaving with old styles in your closet. For this reason, I’m going to explain what boyleg panties are, including their features and the benefits of wearing them.

What Are Boyleg Panties?

Boyleg panties are a style defined by a low-rise waistband, broader fabric on the sides, full bum coverage, and longer leg openings. The style is a feminine take on usual men’s boxer briefs. They serve as cheeky alternatives to briefs yet have more coverage than hipster or thongs.

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Do you feel anxious about wearing a boyleg style at first, especially if you’re used to wearing more cheeky styles? As you go over this guide, you’ll learn to appreciate this style and may even find boyleg panties as your next big underwear investment.

Why Is It Called Boyleg?

Boyleg got its name because it was initially styled after men’s boxer briefs. It’s a feminine version of boxers because the leg opening extends just below the crotch. It also resembles shorts, although it won’t cover even half of the thighs.

What Are the Features of a Boyleg Panty?

Discovering the boyleg panty’s features and purpose helped me appreciate and wear boyleg underwear properly. Here’s what you need to know about boyleg underwear.


While some brands offer mid-rise, most boyleg panties come with low-rise waistbands. This lets the band lie between the waist and midsection, resulting in a sleek and sexier silhouette.

Cut and Leg Opening

Boyleg has a longer leg opening, stopping seams from cutting through the bikini line. Since a flat fabric covers the thighs, you can also prevent the skin from rubbing and getting irritated.

Bum Coverage

A boyleg panty has more coverage than cheeky panties. It won’t make the bum look bigger in a way the best padded panty can. 

However, the full bum coverage of the boyleg can help lift and support the buttocks. In effect, you’ll have a perkier bum and a sexier silhouette underneath jeans, skirts, and dresses.

Side Coverage

Some other underwear styles, like thongs or g-strings, may put pressure on the sides. This is also why they tend to leave panty lines and cause chafing. The broader side fabric of a boyleg panty distributes pressure evenly while providing modesty.


Like other underwear styles, you can find boyleg in different fabrics that suit various style preferences while considering skin allergies. For example, boyleg cotton and polyester panties have hypoallergenic properties for moisture absorption and breathability.

Two women posing an underwear with nude colors such as brown (left) and pink (right)

Some brands also combine nylon and lycra for stretchability in undergarments. Meanwhile, others add flirty lace along the leg opening for aesthetics.

Why Wear Boyleg Panties?

Boyleg underwear is a style with a lower waistband, broader bum and side coverage, and longer leg openings. Knowing what boyleg panties are can give you the following benefits.

  • Conceal panty lines: What I love about this underwear style is that most boyleg undies have a seamless design. This feature makes them perfect to wear under figure-hugging clothes, including bodycon dresses.
  • Experience comfort: Boyleg mainly uses soft fabric to keep the body cool and eliminate sweat, especially during hotter days. Whether for loungewear, nightwear, or casual outfits, you can keep your private parts cool no matter how long you wear the panty.
  • Avoid digging and chafing: Some underwear styles with narrower waistbands can increase the chances of digging and chafing. You’re less likely to experience this because of a boyleg’s broad, flat fabric between the band and hem.
  • Shape and contour: If you have a pear-shaped body, your bum may tend to get wider below the hip bone. Meanwhile, women with heart-shaped buttocks have wider and heavier bum cheeks, yet narrower at the top. The fuller coverage of the boyleg can lift and support the butt, creating a more flattering look.
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Related Questions

What Is a Boyleg Underwear Good For?

Boyleg underwear is good for women finding a cheeky alternative to briefs to elongate the torso and contour the hips. It’s also perfect for reducing chafing while providing more bum coverage than cheeky panties.

When to Wear Boyleg Panties?

You can wear a boyleg panty anytime you want, as long as you feel comfortable in it. It would benefit certain outfits, including jeans, sweatpants, skirts, and even tight leggings.

Are Boyleg Panties the Same as Hipster Panties?

While boyleg and hipster panties share almost the same cut and style, boyleg is still longer than hipster. Boyleg has a short-like cut, whereas a hipster brief and bikini brief still appear like regular panties.


Boyleg underwear is a style consisting of broader coverage for the waist, hips, bum, and thighs. It mimics the concept of boxer briefs, although with a touch of femininity and contouring. You’ll find the right and comfortable fit with the right size and fabric.


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