Hipster Brief vs Bikini Brief

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Hipster and bikini briefs are among my favorite styles. Over the years, they became one of my go-to undies for different outfits. However, if you don’t understand their features, you may end up wearing them in the wrong and unflattering way. 

Particularly for women who want to explore different underwear styles, knowing how to take advantage of their features is crucial. For this comparison guide, I’m going to explain the similarities and differences between hipster brief vs bikini brief, so you’ll know which suits you better.

Hipster Brief vs Bikini Brief General Overview

With several underwear styles, identifying each of them can be a bit troublesome at first. First off, here’s a background on the concept and purpose of bikini briefs and hipster briefs.

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Overview of a Hipster Brief

Also known as a hiphugger, a hipster brief is underwear with a cutaway style that balances modesty and a flirty look. It’s a popular style that’s a cross between bikinis and boyshorts. It sits low on the hips as the wider waistband and longer cut extend to the thigh’s top, making the best underwear to prevent chafing.

Overview of a Bikini Brief

Taking inspiration from bikini swimwear, a bikini brief is mainly known for its high leg cut and low waistline. It’s a versatile style that flatters most body shapes, letting you flaunt the hips. It will reveal more of your buttocks than typical underwear.

Comparing Bikini Brief and Hipster Brief

Understanding the parts of certain underwear styles is the key to finding the perfect one for you. Here, you’re going to see how the similarities and distinct features between hipster and bikini briefs differ in the fit, feel, and appearance.


Both these styles are categorized as briefs, so they also share some features worth considering.

  • Comfort: Bikini and hipster briefs are among the most comfortable underwear styles. They can come either as polyester or cotton panties, which are two of the most widely used fabrics for underwear because of their breathability and elasticity. You can move comfortably without any restrictions, making them perfect options for everyday wear.
  • Support: They aren’t as controlling as rear-lifting shapewear or high-waisted underwear. However, their snug fit conforms to any body shape, providing the right amount of support without feeling too tight.
  • Contour: They may only have light contouring properties and aren’t like the best padded panties that can make the bum look bigger. Despite that, their cut and coverage can help shape the hips, waist, buttocks, and thighs. This lets you have a fun and flirty brief.


Here is a breakdown of the contrasting features between a bikini brief and a hipster brief to see which one would suit you.

Side Cut and Front Coverage

Hipster and bikini briefs also differ in the width of the sides. Consequently, this influences the frontal coverage to have a smoother silhouette while controlling muffin tops and love handles. 

  • Hipster: A broader side fabric is prominent in this brief style, making you feel more covered in the front. This makes it the perfect choice for those who want a higher-fitting style to accentuate the waistline while shaping the lower belly pooch.
  • Bikini: This brief style has less fabric around the sides, showing more of the bikini line. The narrower and lower sides make bikinis sexier and more lightweight on the skin.
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Bum Coverage and Cheekiness

These underwear styles also differ in how they cover and contour the buttocks.

  • Hipster: Hipster briefs have more coverage in the bum, which makes them the best underwear for pear-shaped bodies. The broader fabric across the buttocks helps lift and shape, especially for ladies with heavier bottoms.
  • Bikini: Bikini briefs can have a modest coverage yet are more revealing than hipster. Depending on the cut, they can create a cheeky bum coverage.


An easy way to differentiate the two is to check the waistband. While some brands offer them in various waistband levels, they generally have distinct band rises.

  • Hipster: Most hipster briefs have bands that sit slightly above the natural hipline. This makes it an excellent option for those who want a balance between mid-rise and low-rise panties.
  • Bikini: For this style, the waistband sits below the hipline, revealing more of the abdomen. This is why this makes an ideal choice for ladies with athletic figures to flaunt curvaceous hips.

Leg Opening

Another notable difference between the two is the leg opening. The cut can significantly influence how the underwear would look on the thighs.

  • Hipster: The leg cut rests at the top of the hip bone, making it look longer than bikinis yet shorter than your boyleg panties. This is a valuable feature when looking for the best underwear for a pear-shaped body because the bigger leg opening will prevent pinching on the skin.
  • Bikini: The leg opening is much higher, revealing more of the thighs. If you don’t like the feeling of fabric rubbing against the inner thighs, this cut would better suit your comfort needs.


The gusset is an overlooked part of underwear. It connects the front and back parts, covering your private area. Since a bikini brief has less fabric, it has a narrower gusset than a hipster.

The extra layer of fabric catches discharge, sweat, and moisture. While vaginal discharge is normal, it tends to stain garments. A gusset can prevent discharge from leaking through your panties.

Major Distinguishing Factor

The main difference is that hipster briefs have broader sides, fuller bum coverage, and a higher waistband than bikini briefs. Additionally, a bikini style has a higher leg opening cut, giving a more revealing look.

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When to Use a Hipster Brief

It’s best to use a hipster brief if you want underwear that sits slightly above the natural hipline to cover more of the abdomen while having a cheeky rear coverage. This style makes a great alternative if you need more front coverage and support without using shapewear underneath high-waist bottoms.

When to Use a Bikini Brief

It would be ideal to use a bikini brief if you prefer a cheekier bum coverage and a higher cut in the leg opening that fits snugly against the body. It’s a good option for mid- to low-rise pants and crop tops where you will need less fabric on the hipline.

Which Type of Women’s Brief Is Better?

A hipster brief is better if you’re looking for low-waist underwear that sits on the hipbone while getting more coverage. Meanwhile, a bikini brief is much better if you need less coverage in the front and buttocks using a broader waistband, especially for the sides.

Ultimately, the right choice depends on your preferred level of coverage and comfort. While these two are universally flattering, you also need to consider if you feel confident moving as you wear a particular underwear style in certain outfits. 

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Related Questions

Why Should I Wear Hipster and Bikini Briefs?

You should wear bikini and hipster briefs because, despite their sleek and minimalist designs, they ensure coverage even as you do a wide range of motions. These are comfortable styles that you can maximize underneath different outfits.

Are Hipster and Bikini Briefs the Same as Cheeky Panties?

Bikini and hipster aren’t the same as those cheeky panties. Cheeky has less bum coverage than a hipster, although it has broader side coverage than a bikini. Cheeky panties are perfect for avoiding panty lines on bodycon dresses.

What Should I Look for When Choosing Bikini and Hipster Briefs?

When choosing a bikini and hipster brief, it’s vital that you look for the right size and suitable fabric. Be sure to consider if the coverage, side cut, waistband, and leg opening can flatter or enhance your body parts.

Final Verdict

Both bikini and hipster briefs are underwear styles that would make great additions to a woman’s wardrobe. They greatly differ in how they fit and look against the body. At the end of the day, the right one would depend on your preferred comfort level, coverage, and styling.


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