Best Padded Bra Styles for Flat Chests

Shopping for bras as a small-breasted or a flat-chested woman is no easy feat. While you might find a bra that fits well around your ribcage, it seems like the cup is always too big and creates a weird gap between your boob and the actual bra. Or, you find a padded bra that adds too much “bump,” making it look like you grew 2 cup sizes overnight. 

​While not a full-proof solution, opting for a padded bra that is specifically designed for smaller boobs can be a great option. We've outlined 5 different padded bra styles to look into, and the top choice for each one. 

​Padded Bra Options for Flat Chests

​Padded bras give flatter girls a little more up top. The pads naturally add more to fill out the cup, while also providing some nice shape. 

​Historically, padded bras can look a little dated and frumpy. The padding would get lumpy and bulge on one side or the other especially after multiple washes, leaving your boobs looking a little mis-shapen. 

​Another drawback was that padded bras didn't look natural. You'd go from being flat to busty overnight, which just looked downright weird and a bit off putting. 

Not so nowadays. Today's padded bras are stylish and natural, accentuating your form and figure. Here are our 5 favorite bra styles, and the best padded options for each. ​

​Best Padded Push Up Bra for Flat Chests

Push-up bras are made to lift your breasts, often making them look larger, pushing them together and creating a cleavage. This is why they are usually marketed mostly to women with smaller busts that need a little boost. Mainly, the purpose of push-up bras is to augment your breasts' size and enhance their appearance in clothes. Take a look at our best reviewed push up bras for small breasts for specific recommendations.

Woman by the doorway wearing a red bra

For everyday wear, some have regular padding that does the bare minimum of coverage and support. The more coveted feature, however, especially among flat-chested women, is the graduated padding found in push-up plunge bras. Some bras have pockets within them where you can "stuff" your bra and put additional layers of padding. The effect is a thickened bottom for the cups, creating an illusion of bigger breasts underneath the shirt.

Since push-up bras are more concerned with the enhanced aesthetics of the boobs, they're also usually decorated with embroidery or lace trimmings and overlays. The more modest ones can be for every day low-cut or V-neck tops, so that your lacy bra isn't seen underneath.

Benefits of a ​Push-up Bra with Padding

  • ​Creates cleavage
  • ​Enlarges the breasts, if only an illusion
  • ​Suitable for most types of women's tops
  • plus
    ​Graduated padding
  • plus
    ​Different cuts to choose from; demi, balcony, plunge

​We've reviewed a lot of options, and the best out there is the FallSweet 2 Cup Push Up Bra. This option is more like a brassiere than a bra, but it gives you instant cleavage, no matter what size you are. Its pretty comfortable too! 

FallSweet Add Two Cups Bras Brassiere for Women...
  • Cup Size: A B cup/ Padded/Push Up Bra Cup
  • You can adjust the cleavage you want by loosen or tighten the rope in middle
  • Hook and Eyes: Three

​Best Padded T-Shirt Bra for Small ​Boobs

​​The defining feature of t-shirt bras is the seamless edges which show no awkward lines or marks underneath a t-shirt. They are made with functionality and the comfort of the wearer as top priorities. This makes t-shirt bras appropriate and comfortable enough for those casual events and places where you want to look a little more modest.

Woman wearing a nude bra

Many t-shirt bras have molded cups and padding that enhance your breasts like a push-up bra does. It also improves on the shape as it accentuates the roundness of breasts, which your t-shirt molds itself to. While it does this, the seamless cut ensures comfort. This is because there's usually no underwires which ​dig into the skin uncomfortably (and painfully)!

Benefits of a T-shirt Bra with Pads

  • ​Rounded appearance of the breasts
  • ​Almost 'invisible' underneath t-shirts
  • ​Usually seamless

​There are a lot of options in this department. In the end, we prefer the Calvin Klein Lightly Lined Wirefree Bra. This bra is SUPER comfortable, meaning that it is perfect for an everyday option. It has padding, but its not over the top (we think that has a lot to do with the fact that its wirefree). 

Calvin Klein Women's Sculpted Lightly Lined...
  • Smooth fit engineered mesh
  • Triangle cups
  • Engineered mesh wings for smooth fit

Best Padded Bralette for ​​A & B Cups

Missing out on the bralette trend is seriously one mistake you wouldn't want to make. It's like they were originally made for women with small breasts and flat chests! One of the great things about bralettes is they come in countless styles and designs. This makes it relatively simple to find one you like that includes padding! 

Woman wearing a pink bralette and a green anroak jacket

Even though bralettes are generally thinner and smaller, they can provide the perfect amount of padding for small-breasted women. The padding gives more definition, so you don't look as flat in the chest area.

While these may not give as much padding as a push-up bra does, they can comfortably give you an additional half-cup size boost. They do so more subtly and naturally, by enhancing what you have instead of adding on to the bust through extra-thick pads.

If you have a bralette you love but it doesn't have any padding, try sewing padding into it!

Benefits of a Padded Bralette

  • Aesthetically pleasing and sexually appealing
  • Trendy and easy to shop for
  • Give a natural-looking boost
  • Usually cheaper than other bras

​Here a few of our favorite padded bralettes for smaller boobs:

Smart & Sexy Women's Signature Lace Deep V...
  • Soft, removable cups
  • All-over signature lace
  • Extra wide front camisole straps and beautiful embroidered bottom lace band

Best Padded Sports Bra for ​Small Breasts

Just because you're on the smaller side upstairs doesn't mean you need to skip a padded sports bra. While you might not feel like you need it, adding padding to your sports bra gives your breasts added support, which has been proven to be necessary when exercising. 

Beyond that, what better time is there to look your best than at the gym or out on a run? A padded sports bra gives your small boobs a little bit of boost.

Woman in a sports bra doing a side plank

A good sports bra for flatter chests needs to give you support while also giving you shape a little perk. You don't want the classic sports bra approach of giving you a uni-boob. Adding shape while adding support is the balance that needs to be struck. 

Benefits of a Padded Sports Bra

  • ​Needed support for your breasts
  • ​Gives you shape in an otherwise shapeless bra
  • ​Avoids uni-boob look that comes with most sports bras

Our favorite option is the Moving Comfort Sports Bra from Fiona. This stylish exercise bra has padded cups to give you shape, but a good elastic band to give you support. It has thin straps (perfect for smaller boobed girls) that are adjustable. 

Moving Comfort Women's Fiona Bra Black 32B
  • Brooks Bras Size Guide
  • Body: 88% polyester, 12% Lycra spandex;Lining 1: 100% polyester;Lining 2: 83% nylon, 17% Lycra...
  • Machine wash, tumble dry.

Best Padded ​Bandeau Bra

​High on style, the bandeau bra was basically made for flatter girls. Where you might lack in voluptuous, curvy breasts, you will gain with being able to wear this free flowing top.

​In essence, the bandeau bra is nothing more than thin fabric with elastic bands above and below your boobs. Similar to the bralette, the bandeau is a summer top that can be paired with a variety of different outfit choices. 

​Rather than opting for a push up bra, where you're trying to give your girls some oomph, the bandeau goes the opposite direction. "Here I am - I'm not ​trying to hide anything. Instead, I'm proud to show you all I've got!" says the bandeau bra wearing girls.

​However, if you're just dipping your toe into the bandeau world, you could pick up one with padding. This gives you the stylish benefits without some of the potentially risque drawbacks. 

Benefits of a ​Bandeau Bra with Removable Pads

  • ​In style and easy to pair with other outfit choices
  • ​Strapless and super comfortable

​Opt for an option that has removable padding in this case. That way, depending on the occasion, you can add or subtract the pads. These versatile options from ​Boao are perfect - mix and match colors for your preferred style.

Boao Women Bandeau Bra Padded Strapless Brarette...
  • Material: made of fabric, this breathable, comfortable and lightweight material is for many times...
  • Basic and easy matching: several colors for your choice, soft bra is always the basic style for...
  • Size for choosing: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL size for you, with good elasticity, the seamless bandeau...


When you know what to look for in a padded bra, your shopping experience will be much more rewarding! Start with these 3 types of bras and look for the main features to find the right match.

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