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What is a Water Bra (And Should I Wear One)?

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Nowadays, there are many types of bras created to fill the different needs of women. One of those bras is the water bra, which is designed to give women overall support, a lot of comfort, and a natural boost. So, just what is a water bra, and should you consider wearing one?

​What is a Water Bra?

A water bra is filled with a mixture of oil and water, and is designed to give you better shape. The padding utilizes this water and oil mixture to create a cushion to help enhance your chest size and shape, making it the perfect option for women with a smaller and flatter bust.

While the history of bras goes back centuries, water bras first came to town in the early 2000s. Women quickly became obsessed with these bras (some may say rightly so).

This was because these bras promoted the promise that they would help enhance the appearance of breasts, especially for women with smaller boobs. And, for the most part, these bras did (and still do) just that.

Close up of a woman's chest wearing a black water bra

Of course, one could argue they became such a trendy fashion item simply because of their odd choice of material used. There aren’t a lot of clothing items that can boast their use of water, so these bras really stood out.

While they’re not as popular or trendy now as they were almost 20 years ago, they ​are still a great fit for the right person.

Why Should You Wear a Water Bra?

If you’re looking for a simple way to enhance your features and accentuate your cleavage, it might be worth it to purchase a water bra.

You should also consider wearing water bras if you feel like other bras aren’t giving you enough enhancement. Alternatively, if you feel like your bra doesn’t make your breasts look as natural as they could, wearing a water bra should be your next step!

​​​Our favorite water bra is the ​Fashion Forms Water Bra. ​It uses both body oil and water and feels ​so natural​ up against your chest. And did we mention you get some serious lift to your girls while wearing this one?

Fashion Forms Women's Water Bra, Nude, 34C
  • A padded bra that achieves natural shape using a body oil and water mixture contained within each...
  • Provides cleavage enhancement and support
  • Bra: 83 percent polyester, 17 percent spandex; cup inserts: 55 percent body oil, 45 percent water

​What is a Water Bra Made Of?

Short story is, water bras are made with water inside them. However, there’s actually a process and a few more ingredients that help these bras function seamlessly. While most people tend to just focus on the water aspect, both water and oil fill these bras, serving as a cushion.

However, these bras still have material around the water filled padding. It’s not necessarily noticeable you’re even wearing a water bra. Plus, these bras are rigid and sturdy to help with potential breaking. No one wants water and oil dripping from their chest halfway through the day!

Therefore, the main difference between push up bras and water bras is the padding. Bras that push up have padding typically made from foam. Water bras, on the other hand, have padding made with a mixture of water and oil.

Additional Water Bra Materials

While the most common fillers are water and oil, there are newer bras made out of a gel substance that tends to be thicker than the water bras from the 2000s. Overall, these gel bras do the same thing as the typical bra filled with water.

Some brands also choose to use baby oil in their products, as it’s supposed to help with the overall texture of the padded part of the bra.

Lastly, water filled inserts are also quite trendy nowadays. These can be taken out of bras and added to virtually any type of padded bra to help with the overall appearance. So, while the water bra hasn’t changed too much, there has been some advancement and improvement in this little niche of the undergarment market!

What Body Type Benefits Most?

These were created to make a better version of the regular pushing up bra. Through their almost 20 years of being on the market, they have carved a place in the undergarment world. But who is this bra actually designed for?

Overall, they are one of the best breast enhancers that also accentuates cleavage, especially for those with small boobs! Like push up bras designed for small breasts that focus on pushing your boobs up and towards the center of your chest, water bras focus on doing the same.

Sagging breasts is common and can be a problem for women at any age. It’s not talked about enough and it can be hard to find a helpful solution that satisfies everyone. However, women with saggy breasts looking for a good bra should try a water bra, because these focus on lifting!

Woman in a black bra inserting what a nude water bra padding
​Source: classicshapewear.com

Can Women with Bigger Busts Wear These?

For the lovely ladies with bigger busts who are wondering if they should invest in one of these, here’s a little advice. Maybe don’t. Water bras made for bigger busts tend to be overly padded, which doesn’t really help you. If anything, this will weigh you down!

​From what we’ve found, there are better options if you’re in the bigger busted crowd:

  1. If you want a little bounce and shape, opt instead for a push up bra designed for D, DD, and larger. This style is more modern and will probably work better for you.
  2. If you’re on the saggier side, we’ve found the best bras for helping saggy boobs. These employ wider bands and better underwire.
  3. If you feel that you’re boobs are just everywhere, definetly avoid the water bra and instead opt for a supportive minimizer bra that will give your breasts some support.

The main reason you should invest in a water bra is if you’re looking for a way to help with sagging​. And, for your unique shape, they might be the right fit. Give it a try!

Different Types of Water Bras

Since water bras hit the market, different styles are available for various outfits and situations. There are three main styles this type of bra comes in: push up, demi, and plunge.

Water Push Up Bras

frugue Women's Silicone Filled Water Push-Up Sexy...
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  • Gel touch padding provides the lift you're looking for...naturally
  • Ultra-soft pillow cup bra uses innovative 3D technology in the cups to give you an impeccable shape

For the most part, bras with water are commonly purchased in the classic push up style. Most people only buy water bras to help accentuate their assets to begin with, so it doesn’t necessarily come as a shock that this is the primary style.

A woman wears a sheer black crop top and a black push up bra underneath

These combine with a sturdy material around the water and oil filled padded area of the bra. This helps with potential leaking or popping of the bra. Also, they are usually designed as underwire push-up bras, which helps to keep their overall shape and structure.

Water Demi Bras

Demi bras only cover about half of your bust and can have a low cut, which is ideal for lower cut tops or dresses. For the most part, demi bras are fantastic everyday bras.

Now you can also buy water demi bras. The main difference with a demi bra filled with water inserts compared to a normal demi bra is that the water inserts will give your chest more of a boost.

Water Plunge Bras

Plunging bras are popular choices if you have outfits that dive deeper down your chest. Basically, if you have a low-cut top and don’t want your bra to show, you’re going to want to invest in a plunge bra.

One of the biggest issues women face with plunging necklines has to do with their lack of support and overall accentuation. With a water plunge bra, you maximize the amount of cleavage while getting a lot of support as well.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like every bra ever created, there are going to be both advantages and disadvantages of this bra. There are always rumors and myths about wearing bras, as well as misinformation being spread. The advantages and disadvantages we discuss here are all about the actual wearing of the bra, not rumors of what wearing the bra can do.

If you want to try out a bra with water, we highly recommend you know your correct sizing and breast shape. This way you can have the most beneficial experience possible (which is important to remember regardless of what type of bra you are trying!).`

Perks of Water Bras

​There are more advantages than disadvantages of water bras, believe it or not. If you’re a bit hesitant to even consider buying a water bra, these advantages just might change your mind.

They Help Push Your Breasts Up

As we discussed above about why bras with water were even invented, this specific type of bra helps enhance the size of your breasts while also pushing them up. If you’re small chested and looking for a way to make your boobs appear larger, this is a great option.

Some say they work even better than regular, high-quality push ups. Water bras also help accentuate your cleavage, which could be ideal if you want to look your 110% glorious self while out on the town one night!

Water bras help push your breasts up and bring them in more than your average bra because it’s made with water. Therefore, the enhancement of your breasts can look much more natural than they might if you were wearing a regular, padded bra.

They Are Typically Seamless

​This is the best news for those who become insanely annoyed when their bra is seen underneath tops or dresses. For the most part, water bras tend to come seamless, making them great to wear with most outfits. People won’t be able to see the seams, or lines underneath your outfit, which is just such an added bonus. Their straps are also adjustable, so no worries there about having your straps fall off at the sides.

This is the biggest news we’ve heard this week. Anytime we find a bra or bralette that is seamless and won’t make us look like a total hot mess is a huge plus, thank you very much.

A pink water bra

They are Comfortable

Believe it or not, these are potentially more comfortable than some other bras. Again – we’re shocked! This is because the water and oil in the padding of the bra can actually adjust and form to the size of your breasts.

Fashion Forms Women's Water Bra, Nude, 34C
  • A padded bra that achieves natural shape using a body oil and water mixture contained within each...
  • Provides cleavage enhancement and support
  • Bra: 83 percent polyester, 17 percent spandex; cup inserts: 55 percent body oil, 45 percent water

You’re probably familiar with bralettes being known for the comfort they provide; however, unlike the water bra, they generally offer little support and asset enhancement.

If you’ve worn padded bras, regardless of the brand or overall quality, you likely know they’re just not the most comfortable. To have a bra that both pushes up your assets while being effective and cozy? Yes please!

Woman laying on her side in bed wearing a white bra

They Are Softer Than Padded Push Up Bras

Again, this also goes hand in hand with the overall comfort level.

Padded bras are hard and can even be painful for some women after they wear them for a long time. They’re tight.

While they might help accentuate one’s chest, it might not be worth it by the end of the day.

Water bras aren’t as hard as padded bras, which is always a plus. However, if you appreciate the hard push up bras because they make you feel more supported, water bras might not be your cup of tea.

Downsides of Water Bras

​There really is only one main disadvantage to water bras (and it’s something we have a feeling you’ve already guessed). While the advantages of water bras are great, the main disadvantage tends to be the one that drives people away before they’ve even tried the bra type out. We can’t really blame them, though.

They Can Pop

Take this with a grain of salt, though. You, like us, probably think water bras can pop incredibly easily, from even the slightest of touches. This isn’t true!

In fact, the only time water bras really will pop and leak is if a sharp object pops them. Remember, there is still fabric and rigid material that keeps the water and oil safe from harm, though it can’t stop any tearing when punctured with a sharp object.

Of course, wear and tear and improper use of the bra may also result in the fabric tearing, or the padded part of the bra popping. However, it really isn’t as common as we all may think.


​Water bras became a fad in the 2000s. They’ve somehow managed to stick around and become reliable favorites for a certain sect of undergarment buyers! While some bras have changed since their incarnation back in the day (just look at the odd history of the first sports bra), water bras have mostly stayed the same.

If you’re annoyed with your own padded bra and are just looking for a natural way to enhance your assets, you might as well try out a water bra. After all, they just sound like fun, don’t they?!

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