G Cup Breasts and Bra Size [Ultimate Guide]

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There are many misconceptions when it comes to bigger bra sizes. Most women consider the cup size D to be quite big. However, D is comparatively average-sized if I compare it to the G cup size, which is amongst the biggest bra sizes out there. 

In this guide, I discuss all about the massive G cup size, how you can manage breasts this size, and what bras to wear to support the excessive mass. I will also highlight the G cup size’s appearance on various body frames and the famous celebrities with this cup size.

What Is a Size G Bra?

While the actual G cup still depends on your band size, a size G bra should have a band and bust difference of eight inches. The underbust can range from 24 to 42 inches, while the overbust may measure from 37 to 53 inches.

Know how different bra sizes compare to G cups

If you’re 44 inches in the bust and 36 inches in the bra band, this means you need to wear a 36G bra.

What Do G Cup Breasts Look Like?

There are only a few cup sizes bigger than the G cup. Consequently, you will come across very few women who wear bras with the G cups. However, the reason that G cup bras are not very common is not that women don’t have this size. There are plenty of women with beautiful G-cup breasts.

Yet, women are often forced to squeeze themselves into smaller bras due to lack of understanding about how bra sizes work. There is also rarely any representation in the mainstream media of bigger breast sizes, where even the bustier celebs are quoted to have average cup sizes, such as C and D

In addition, there was a common misconception for a long time that the sizes range from A to D. It was not until recently that women started realizing that cup sizes can exceed the size D. Despite that, 80% of the female population still wear the wrong size bra, according to a New York Times article.

Another reason for an incorrect bra size is that women do not get themselves measured more than once in their lifetime. Therefore, to make sure that you wear the most perfectly fitting, comfortable bra, here is how you should measure yourself:

  1. First, you have to find your band size. You can do this by wrapping a tape measure around your torso right under your bust. Make sure it’s not very tight and note the measurement 
  2. Next, find your bust size. Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest, across your nipples. Make sure the tape measure lies straight across your back and note the measurement
  3. Finally, find your cup size by determining the difference between the bust size and the band size
  4. A G cup size will have a difference of 7 inches between the two sizes

The measurement in inches can help you gain a better understanding of the G cup size. Due to the immense size, it can be quite a challenge to find bras and clothes that look flattering on you. Fortunately, it has become easier to find bigger bra sizes, since many brands are catering to curvier women.

These bras have special features that make them more suitable to provide support to the excessive breast tissues of the G cup size. Consequently, these bras also make your boobs more manageable and less cumbersome. A quality bra can also prevent you from experiencing the chronic pains associated with larger breasts.

The most important thing is that you should feel comfortable in your skin and realize that every woman is unique and beautiful. In addition, as long as you wear the correct bra size, there is no reason you cannot flaunt all types of tops and dresses.

G Cup Size Details

F Cup Size Bust Size Band Size
30G 36-37 inches26-28 inches
32G 38-39 inches28-30 inches
34G 40-41 inches30-32 inches
36G 42-43 inches32-34 inches
38G 44-45 inches34-36 inches
40G 46-47 inches36-38 inches
42G 48-49 inches38-40 inches
44G 50-51 inches40-42 inches

G Cup Size Examples

The ultimate size and shape of your G cup breasts depend largely on your band size. As your band size increases the appearance of your boobs also changes. All of these women have G cups but a different band size:


Woman wearing a red low cut dress

Band size 32 belongs to women who are towards the slimmer end. They often have a flat and toned abdomen. Therefore, the G cups breasts can look pretty big on these women. You may notice more apparent curves, which can be contained with the right kind of bra.


Woman wearing a blue sports bra

As the band size increases, the breasts become less noticeable, even though they gain more volume. The reason being that the breasts are now more proportional to the overall frame. However, they still stick out 7 inches from the torso, and women with 36G bra size will still look voluptuous.


Woman holding melons cut in half while wearing a nude bra

The bigger the band size the more voluminous is your bust size. However, now the boobs don’t appear to be dramatically large. They look in proportion to your body, which is probably wide if you wear a bra with a 38 band size. 

Hence, not all women with G cups will look similar. Factors such as band size, weight, and even height affect the overall body shape.

Famous Celebrities With G Cups

There are many well-known personalities who flaunt the G cup but are falsely labeled as belonging to a smaller bra size. Below I have listed some of the celebrities with a G cup size. If you share the same cup size, you can take a leaf out of their books for style, dressing sense, and confidence.

Robin Quivers

Robin Quivers, 34G

Robin Quivers is an American radio personality, actress, and author. She is best known for her long-running co-hosting stint on The Howard Stern Show. Quivers underwent breast reduction surgery in 1990. However, she is back to her G cup bust, as she revealed on one of her shows in 2010. 

Katie Price

Katie Price, 32G

Katie Price is a famous former glamour model, who initially had a B cup size. However, over the years she has undergone numerous breast augmentation surgeries to gradually increase her size to the G cups. She had her surgeries reversed a few years later, but went back to having a bigger bust. 

Precious Lee

Precious Lee, 36G

Precious Lee is a plus size model and a trailblazer in the fashion industry. She is an inspiration for girls around the globe, as she has proven that all body shapes are beautiful and worth celebrating. She is also a writer and activist, who uses her fame to transform the industry standards and fight for size diversity. 

Top Bras for G Cups

Bigger busts need all the help they can get to make them manageable enough to lead a normal life. Therefore, you cannot wear just any bra. You need to invest in bras designed to support larger breasts. 

Check out the bras for bigger bust below. Each of these bra types is feature-packed to target your individual needs as a curvy woman. 

Minimizer Bra

Minimizer bras are helpful in reducing the appearance of your breasts by around one size, temporarily. They are great bras to own for women who have a big bust but want to dress in styles that call for a slimmer silhouette.  

A woman holding a brown minimizer bra with adjustable and wide straps

Since, the best minimizer bra is designed for a fuller bust, it has structured cups for ultimate support. The cups are usually non-padded but sturdy, so you can achieve a defined shape. The straps of a minimizer bra are wider compared to normal bras to ensure long-lasting comfort and a pain free experience.

In fact, if your minimizer bra feels uncomfortable or painful to wear, you should opt for a different size or even a different brand. You can choose between a bra with or without an underwire, according to your preference. However, wireless bras offer relatively less support than their wired counterparts. 

Sports Bra

If you belong to the big bosom club, you know how difficult it is to participate in the most simplest of exercises. Even the simplest activity can create a lot of movement around your chest area, which can be very painful. 

Therefore, if you like to live an active lifestyle, you need a sports bra for curvier women. The best sports bra for heavier breasts has large cups that envelope the breast tissues completely and hold them in place. The cups join together to create a high neckline, which provides additional coverage.

The straps are wide and adjustable, so you can tighten or loosen them depending on the intensity of your workout. Finally, all sports bras are constructed with moisture-wicking fabric. As a curvy woman, you want to prioritize this feature as you might sweat more than a woman with a small chest.

Racerback Bra

A racerback bra is a type of bra where the straps cross each other across your back or create a “T” shape on your back. They are a great option to keep your bra straps out of sight and a good option for women with a large bust.

The best racerback bras for large breasts are designed to offer better support and a more attractive rounded shape. Most women with a big bust experience some level of stooping. Racerback bras work to enhance your posture by pulling back the shoulder slightly. Consequently, you can achieve a perkier shape with the right-sized bra.

Many of these bras have convertible straps. Hence, you can also use these bras under different styles of tops and dresses, where you want to keep your bra straps hidden. While racerback bras are typically worn during physical activities, they have all the right features to support your heavier boobs.    

A brown minimizer bra with wide and adjustable straps placed on a blue rug

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Inches Is a G Cup?

If you have G cup breasts, you will have a seven-inch difference between the band size and the bust size. The cup size is determined by subtracting the band size from the bust size.

How Much Does a G Cup Weigh?

In general, G cups will project out about seven inches, yet the weight can differ depending on the band size. For instance, each 28G breast can weigh about 1.2 pounds, while one 34G breast can weigh approximately two pounds.

What Are the Sister Sizes of G Cup Size?

F and H cups are the sister sizes for G cups. Sister sizes are a range of helpful sizes that can guide you in finding your perfect bra. Below we list the sister size up and down for the G cup size.

Current Bra Size Sister Size Up Sister Size Down
30G 32F28H
32G 34F30H
34G 36F32H
36G 38F34H
38G 40F36H
40G 42F38H
Bra Size Measurement & Cup Size | A, B, C, D, DD Bra Sizes AND Extra Large Breasts


G cups are far beyond the realms of average sized boobs. They extend out prominently from your frame and weigh quite a lot, which can be cumbersome for a majority of women. Therefore, you need the right kind of bra that is armed with all the supportive features required to manage bigger bust sizes. 

Moreover, you should make sure to wear the correct bra size to feel totally comfortable and at ease in your skin. The right bra can also help you achieve a certain silhouette under dresses and tops, so you can flaunt your assets in the most confident manner.


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