Best Racerback Bra for Large Breasts [2024 Review]

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A racerback bra is designed to keep the shoulder straps of your bra from falling off your shoulders, while also lifting and supporting your breasts. Racerback bras can also help hide your bra straps if you are wearing tank tops or tank-style dresses. Having problems finding the right racerback bra for your bigger than average bust? I review five of the best racerback bras for large breasts in the article below.

My Top Large Breasts Racerback Bra Reviews

If you have a larger bust and want a bra that will improve the appearance of your cleavage while providing support and lift to your breasts, then the racerback style bra is for you.

Sculptresse By Panache Women’s Bra

If you are fuller-figured and you are looking for a comfortable racerback bra, the Sculptresse Bra by Panache might be the best option for you.

Unlike the Wacoal Front Close Back Women’s Bra that I review later in this article, the Sculptresse bra by Panache is constructed of 36% polyester, 9% elastane and 55% Polyamide fabric. This fabric blend makes the bra soft and flexible.

This bra fits your breasts snugly and is elastic enough to prevent your breasts from bouncing when you perform high-impact exercises without feeling too tight. The underwire in this bra is also specifically designed to offer support to heavier breasts.


  • The bra is made of a fabric blend that is not only soft, but flexible.
  • This bra has an underwire designed to help support larger breasts.


  • The underwire is not encased in a sturdy fabric and may end up poking you.
  • The seams in this bra may be visible under certain clothing.

Elomi Women’s Underwire Bra

If you are looking for a racerback bra that will offer support and comfort to your large bust without compromising on style, then the Elomi Women’s Underwire Bra might be the perfect choice for you.

Like the Curvy Couture Women’s Bra that I review later in this article, the Elomi Women’s Underwire bra features Powernet mesh stretch bra band wings, which ensure that the bra provides support for your bust without riding up in the back. The horizontal and vertical seams in this racerback bra help to define the shape of your breasts, while also preventing any unsightly bulges under your arms.

This bra is low cut at the center, in a plunge style, which can be very flattering for a larger bust. This also allows the bra to be worn with lower or v-shaped necklines.

Similar to the Wacoal Front Close Back Women’s Bra, the Elomi Women’s Underwire bra comes with molded cups that provide support to your breasts, allowing you to engage in high-impact activities without your breasts bouncing all over the place.

The fabric in the cups of the bra may lose elasticity over time, and can compromise the amount of support the bra offers. If you don’t mind this, the Elomi Women’s Underwire bra is one of the best racerback bras for larger busts on the market.


  • The Powernet mesh stretch bra band wings prevents this bra from riding up the back, no matter your breast size.
  • The underwire molded cup design of this bra provides excellent support, shaping and lift for your bust.


  • The fabric of the cups can lose elasticity over time, preventing them from holding the breasts as securely.

Wacoal Front Close Back Women’s Bra

If you are looking for a racerback bra that will offer your larger bust comfort and security, consider the Wacoal Front Close Back Bra. This bra is made with 13% spandex and 87% nylon blend. This allows the bra to fit your bust snugly, while still being flexible enough to move with your body without restricting your movement.

Like the Curvy Couture Women’s Bra that I review later in this article, the Wacoal Front Close Back Bra further enhances the airflow in the bra by featuring mesh windows above the cups. The enhanced airflow, along with the moisture-wicking fabric helps you remain dry and comfortable.

This seamless unlined bra also features a front closure, making it super easy to put on and take off.


  • The fabric this bra is made of is soft, flexible and moisture wicking.
  • The mesh windows design of this bra allows lots airflow that keeps you dry and comfortable.
  • This bra feature a front closure.


  • The bra straps are close together around the neck area and might show under your clothes.
  • This bra is unlined and your nipples could show through.

Curvy Couture Women’s Bra

If you want a racerback bra that will support your larger bust comfortably, then go for the Curvy Couture Bra. This convertible bra comes with a cushioned bottom band that will support the weight of your breasts without rolling up or digging into your flesh. 

The Curvy Couture bra is a convertible bra with some push up features. The padding in this racerback bra provides a natural lift to your breasts while shaping and supporting your bust.

Like the Wacoal Front Close Back Women’s Bra, the Curvy Couture bra comes with a soft, flexible moisture-wicking fabric for enhanced airflow, which helps you stay dry.


  • The bottom band in this bra holds the weight of the breasts without rolling up or digging in to your skin.
  • The padding in the bra lifts and shapes your bust.


  • The shoulder straps on this bra are narrow and may be uncomfortable when worn for an extended time.

True & Co Women’s Triangle Lace Racerback Bra

Looking for a comfortable and supportive bra that you can wear with your tank tops? With the racerback design and microfiber fabric of the True & Co. Women’s Triangle Lace Bra, you can wear tank dresses and shirts and not worry about your bra straps showing.

Compared to the other bras on my list, this is the only racerback bra I reviewed that doesn’t have an underwire, making the True & Co. Women’s Triangle Lace Bra a comfortable bra for working or studying at home.

The lace racerback straps disperse the weight of your breasts across your back. As a result, the True & Co. Racerback bra can help relieve pressure and pain from the weight of your breasts.

Similar to the Elomi Women’s Bra with Underwire, this bra is made of nylon and elastane, making the bra smooth and soft to the touch. The elasticity of the fabric blend also helps to contain and control your breasts, while keeping everything in place.


  • This bra is invisible under clothes since there are no seams.
  • The stretchy microfiber fabric of the bra feels soft and light on your skin. 


  • This bra is not adjustable, and is a pull-on bra.
  • The padding in the cup is fairly thin.

Features to Consider in the Best Racerback Bras for Large Breasts

Racerback bras come in different sizes, shapes, and fabrics. I have listed some of the features you should look for when choosing a racerback bra for large busts below and have included a table for an at-a-glance guide.

Comparing Racerback Bras for Large Breasts

Bra Structure Padding Cup Style
Sculptresse By Panache WiredUnpaddedFull-coverage, molded
Elomi Women’s Matilda WiredUnpaddedThree-sectioned
Wacoal Women’s Body WiredUnpaddedUnlined, full-coverage
Curvy Couture  Tulip WiredPaddedSoft, full-coverage
True & Co Women’s True Body WirelessPaddedSmooth, triangle


The ideal material for a racerback bra should be soft, flexible, and breathable.

When it comes to elasticity and support, racerback bras made of nylon blend and spandex are the ideal option for larger breasts.

Cup Size

Racerback bras come in a variety of different sizes. If you fail to get the cup size of your large breasts right, wearing the bra may be uncomfortable. Know the cup size that fits your breasts perfectly before ordering your racerback bra.

It offers extra support, has an underwire, and has a full band, which are the things you look for in racerback bras for large breasts

Underwire or Wirefree

Underwires can help to support larger size breasts. If you choose a racerback bra with an underwire, make sure the wire is well-wrapped in sturdy fabric to avoid the wire poking you. If you just need a bra for being comfortable around the house, choose a wireless bra.

Padded or Un-padded

Some racerback bras come with padding and others are unpadded. Padding can help lift and shape your bust. Choose what you are most comfortable with.

A woman wearing a black racerback

Related Questions

Do Racerback Bras Offer Extra Support?

Racerback bras support your breasts and reduce the possibility of the shoulder straps showing. The shoulder straps of this bra style meet in the middle of your back, making them extra supportive.

Are Racerback Bras Good for Posture?

Typically, racerback bras can improve a woman’s posture. Many women with larger breasts have poor posture because of the weight of their breasts pulling down on their shoulders. The racerback straps help solve this issue by pulling the shoulders backward and dispersing the weight of the bust more evenly.

What Can You Use to Hide Bra Straps With a Racerback Tank?

A paper clip or a safety pin can be used to clip the back of the straps together, holding them together so that they cannot be seen under the tank top. You can do this, especially when wearing sleeveless dresses or strapless tops.

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If you have larger breasts and your bra straps keep slipping, consider buying a racerback bra for large breasts. You can’t go wrong with any of the options I reviewed in my article above.


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