Best Sports Bra for Running with Large Breasts [2024 Review]

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Bouncing boobs while running is one of the many times having larger busts seems like a curse. From features to look for to the best sports bras for running with large breasts, this guide will walk you through the process of picking the best sports bra and spotting recommendable bras.

My Top Sports Bra for Running With Large Breasts Reviews

Finding a high neckline, supportive cups, and sweat-wicking materials are some of the main features you’ll want to look for in a high-impact sports bra when running with large breasts. While my top pick is from Panache, there are more options I found for you.

Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra

Having a bandeau design, the Panache Women’s Underwired Sports Bra gives you a high and straight cover-up in front. Its wire, high neckline, hook-and-eye closure, and quick-drying technology work together to support large breasts while keeping your bust cool.

The wire rests within the bra on top of the logo-printed band. There are panels on both the shoulder straps and the cups, so there’s more ventilation around the bust area. The strap functionality differentiates this style from the others, which is also what makes it the best sports bra.

Likewise, this bra offers cushioned straps with a small hook, allowing you to convert it into a racerback bra for additional support. If you prefer your hidden straps while wearing a racerback style, this bra makes that possible.

Second (and more importantly), this high-impact bra for running helps compress and secure your boobs more, which is essential when running. With large breast sizes that span every body type, the Panache’s bra caters to the needs of large-breasted women runners.


  • ​Bandeau ​style with mesh
  • Hook and Eye Closure 
  • ​Convertible straps to racerback
  • Significantly reduces bounce by 83%


​Wacoal Women’s Underwire Sports Bra

Being the best sports bra for a curvy body with a full-figured cup size, the Wacoal Women’s Sports Bra is another high-impact sports bra that features special manufacturing technology specifically for supporting big-breasted women.

This bra has its wire on the outside to prevent it from chafing your skin aside from minimizing your large breasts’ movement. It also frames the double-layered whole cups.

Similar to the Panache Sports Bra, a hook-and-eye closure and mesh back make up the band, keeping you cool around the bust area, despite the thick fabric.

When it comes to sizing, bands range from 32-42, and the molded cups range from C-H. Wacoal takes it one step further, though. On the G and H cup sizes, an inner sling provides additional support for large breasts.

Furthermore, it’s suitable for women with round, bell shaped breasts. This may potentially limit the range of women that can comfortably wear this bra. However, I appreciate Wacoal going the extra mile in creating the best sports bras really suited for a certain type of breast.


  • ​Sculpted ​V-neck ​design with inner sling and straps for extra support
  • ​Moisture-wicking fabric with two-ply cups
  • Mesh back and side panels for cooling


  • Short band measurements

Hanes Sport Women’s Seamless Racerback Sports Bra

It’s hard to find sizes for the best sports bra with a low value range and great support and comfort. If you’re looking for a durable bra that is also affordable, this one from Hanes Sport Women’s Sports Bra is definitely one to consider.

This is also a great option if you prefer a wire-free sports bra. Unlike the Panache and Wacoal sports bras, the Hanes Sports Bra uses textured mesh and soft lining instead of a wire to ensure support and comfort.

Soft and stretchy, the band and shoulder straps don’t dig into the skin. However, since it has thinner and more delicate materials than the other sportswear items, this is only the best sports bra for low to medium-impact workouts.

On the plus side, the thinner fabric and knit-in mesh allow the bra to dry quicker. Still, it doesn’t feel flimsy as you perform intense running and workout routines. You can transform the straps into a racerback design to keep a firmer hold of the cups.

Still, the straps won’t lose elasticity when you want to wear them the traditional way. Besides, seamless construction reduces chafing.


  • Racerback style and adjustable straps to minimize shoulder pain
  • Textured mesh for ventilation
  • Wirefree pullover design


  • Sizes run small

SYROKAN Women’s Max Control Solid High Impact Sports Bra

​​The SYROKAN Women’s Max Control Solid High Impact Sports Bra promises solid high-impact support. The large cup size suits running well because that activity tends to send large breasts bouncing and jiggling everywhere with every step.

This is the best sports bra if you prefer a unique wire that rests on the exterior of the bra. Not only does this make it more comfortable, but it also lessens the chances of irritation while still delivering maximum support and comfort.

This sports bra for large breasts holds up a two-layered set of moisture-wicking cups, so they stay dry throughout your workout. In addition, there are mesh wings on the sides. This allows air to flow to your body.

Even with a scoop neck, this remains to be a full-support sports bra. This is because it covers the entirety of your bosom, even up to the sides. With supportive cushioned adjustable straps and hook-and-eye closure, no breast is at risk of spilling out from the cups or bouncing off everywhere with this high-impact bra.


  • ​Round scoop neck design with full-way stretch mesh wings
  • Wide endurance adjustable straps for support and comfort
  • Double-layer molded C-G cup size


  • Velcro adjustable straps may cause chafing

Champion Women’s Spot Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra

One of the hardest things about having large breasts is that some sportswear has limited customization features. The Champion Women’s Spot Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra is the best sports bra for female runners with a big bosom looking for balance in shaping, comfort, and support.

Maybe your old sportswear made you feel too loose, highly uncomfortable, or downright squeezed flat to the bosom. In effect, your large breasts can endure jumping jacks and burpees alongside your runs.

The customizable fit comes from the flexible mesh. The spandex fabric stretches to move with you while ensuring it keeps spillage at bay. Even as you begin to feel sweaty and sticky, the mesh panels create a cooling effect without sacrificing a good fit.

With the hook-and-eye closure, you won’t have to spend minutes shifting your large breasts inside the cup. All you have to do is wear it like a regular bra, and you’re off for a revitalizing run! 

You won’t also have to worry about feeling restricted from your movements since the padded lining makes enough room for breathing without sacrificing support.


  • Encapsulation without squeezing the breasts
  • Wire-free with smooth lining for support
  • Breathable yet stretchable mesh panels


  • Material friction can be irritating at some point

Glamorise Women’s Full-Figure Plus-Size Camisole Wirefree Sports Bra

Running and large breasts are not the best combination if your clothes would only encourage painful breast bouncing. The Glamorise Camisole Sports Bra is the best sports bra if you dread wired sports bras, yet still, want support and comfort on your daily run.

Unlike the others, this high-impact bra for running offers a camisole design for a breathable open-air design. Consequently, this style provides a more modest coverage while ensuring an upper bust fit. 

Despite being wire-free, the hook-and-eye closure, reinforced cup, and straps level up the support for large breasts containment and bounce control on this high-impact bra.

Two-way stretch material ensures this bra can accommodate and support your movements while returning to its original shape. Likewise, this feature prevents the back band from riding up.

If you tend to feel self-conscious when running around, the bra’s panel prevents the formation of excessive cleavage. In effect, you can run wearing low-cut tops or even just the bra itself.

Moreover, another challenge for large-breasted ladies is that sweat would pool up in the creases of the skin. The good thing is that the bra’s quick-drying material keeps the bosom cool by pulling sweat up and away.


  • Non-stretch straps stay put on the shoulders
  • Broad coverage for maximum support
  • Mesh insert vents for breathability


  • Straps are not adjustable

Freya Women’s Epic Underwire Crop Top Sports Bra with Molded Inner

The Freya Epic Crop Top Sports Bra is another excellent underwire bra for running if you have uncontrollable large breasts. Its wire, full-coverage structure, and super soft material ensure comfort while letting you execute high-impact activities without pain.

Similar to the Glamorise Sports Bra, the Freya Sports Bra offers coverage and inner slings for extra support to minimize bounce. This is also why this is another option for the best sports bra if you want to break free from breast tissue jiggles when running and jumping.

Since this sports bra has molded cups, there’s a tendency for your large breasts to look a bit pointy. However, the bra can still adjust according to your natural breast shape.

Aside from the soft polyester and nylon blend material, the hooks and wire don’t poke or scratch, making it feel like you’re not wearing a lightly lined yet very structured sports bra. Mesh panels are also present to improve the ventilation and cooling effect. 

Finally, there are soft cushioned and convertible straps that keep the shoulders free from strain. Besides, the bra allows you to choose from traditional to racerback designs.


  • High performance with molded cups for maximum support
  • Quick-drying fabric with panels
  • Adjustable cushioned straps and wideband


  • Cups tend to create a pointy look

Features to Consider in Sports Bras for Running With Large Breasts

​Breasts are sensitive areas of the body, and the bigger they are, the more they need extra tender loving care. It’s not easy when you’re on the lookout for the best sports bras for running.

Comparing Sports Bra for Running Large Breasts Features

Bra Band Cups Straps
Panache Women’s WiredFull coverageThin, cushioned
Wacoal Women’s WiredFull coverageWide, center-pull
Hanes Women’s WirelessFull coverageFixed racerback
SYROKAN Women’s WiredFull coverageAdjustable center-pull
Champion Spot WirelessFull coverageAdjustable center-pull
Glamorise Women’s WirelessFull coverageWide, adjustable
Freya Women’s WiredFull coverageThin, center-pull
It is made from sweat-wicking technology, minimal stretch, long neckline, full coverages, and has an underwire are the things you look for in sports bras for running with large breasts

Even if you have a large cup size, a sports bra can support your busts without being too restraining. You just need to have a few things to keep in mind when looking for a sports bra.


​Whatever cup size you have, underwires are almost always a basic requirement for the best sports bra for large breasts. It might seem weird to find them in a sports bra, especially when wires have a reputation of being uncomfortable and painful.

Some brands make wire-free sports bras for large breasts because of their uncomfortable tendencies. Most times, it’s resolved with cushions or some kind of hidden composition that enables them to support without hurting you.

The Panache, Wacoal, SYROKAN, and Freya are the best picks if you want underwires. Meanwhile, those from Hanes, Champion, and Glamorise are the ideal options if you prefer to go wire-free.

​High Neckline

​Aside from underwires that can support a larger bosom from below, the best sports bras must have a high neckline to give you more coverage than normal. When you have two big globes of boob on your chest, a sports bra can be extra hard to keep in place.

A higher neckline will really ensure they’re in there for the whole duration of your run.

A woman wearing one of the best sports bra for running with large breast

Sweat-Wicking Technology

​With all the extra material and the amount of boob you’re keeping in your sports bra, there’s a high chance you’ll produce more sweat. It won’t be the right sports bra if it will absorb sweat and does not wick sweat away.

A wet sports bra is not any more comfortable than a non-supportive one that lets your boobs bounce. Mesh materials are common in sports bras in that they allow air to flow through the small perforations in the fabric. If it’s a moisture-wicking material, then that’s the right sports bra for keeping you dry.

​Minimal Stretch

Almost all the right sports bras for large breasts will have some kind of elastane incorporated into one part of the bra, like your typical compression leggings. It’s necessary for your bra to give you an ample amount of freedom to move without going loose.

A minimal stretch means the bra is moving and stretching itself controllably according to your movements. This should be found in key areas of the sports bras such as the cups, the band, or the straps. They’re the parts you mainly rely on for extra support.

This is important for a super supportive sports bra for large breasts because less stretch means less movement. Since you carry more weight in your chest, you need a bra that’s a little less stretchy to keep your assets secure and free from bouncing, especially when running.


Most of the sports bras for large breasts go the traditional way and will be made like a bandeau with straight necklines and bands that create a single entity out of your two breasts. Instead of packing them together into one thick band, encapsulation, or having separate cups support each of your large breasts, is much better and secure for larger boobs.

The reason for this is each cup can work separately to keep your boobs in place, which will result in more focused support for each breast.

This is extremely helpful as a supportive sports bra for large breasts because there’s less chance of it moving around and hurting from all the wide-range movements you’re doing during your workout. When you’re bigger in the chest region, finding ways to spread out the overall weight is key.

​Full Coverage

Full coverage in the lingerie industry usually means a bra that covers the entire breasts from the bottom to the sides and also reaches up high on your chest. In activewear, its meaning is more all-encompassing. It could mean sports bras for big breasts in general, not just on the chest area.

Full coverage, in this case for women with big chests, means sports bras provide full protection and athletic support that can endure high-impact workouts and activities, which can also be found in top sports push-up bras for large breasts.

This could mean anything from the traditional high neckline to wide straps and thick bands, almost like a longline bra but shorter.

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How Do I Stop My Boobs From Bouncing When I Run?

To reduce breast bounce when jogging, it is advisable to use a sports bra with a supportive band, straps, and cups. You can also put on an additional layer of support, such as a camisole.

Does Having Big Boobs Affect Running?

Having big boobs can affect running because the size can cause you to hunch forward, decreasing your stride’s efficiency. The bounce might also put pressure on your chest if you’re wearing a bra that doesn’t fit well.

Will a Sports Bra Flatten My Breasts While Running?

To prevent breast bounce, a sports bra will enclose and momentarily flatten the chest. However, there won’t be a spot reduction in the distribution of breast tissue.

What Is a Sports Bra? (And How To Pick One For Various Activities)


​As a female runner with larger busts, your one wish might be simply to be able to run in peace. Having your large breasts bounce while doing so can be extremely painful, though.

Don’t let something as simple as that keep you from doing your cardio. These sports bra options are prime examples of your key to a peaceful run. If not, then at least you’ll know what to look for in the best sports bras for large breasts to keep your boobs in their place while running.


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