Best Minimizer Bra for DD, DDD, and Larger in 2019 [Review]

Minimizer bras are handy to have, especially for women who have large breasts and are looking for a way to slim their chest’s silhouette. There are many minimizer bras on the market, which makes finding the best minimizer bra for large breasts seems impossible. However, with these simple tips and guidelines, you’ll know just what to look for when searching!

In the end, it was a not easy to pick our favorite out of the minimizer bras we reviewed. Our final vote goes to the Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra as the top minimizer bra for D, DD, and larger.

One of the main reasons is that this minimizing bra visually reduces the size of your chest by 1.5 inches while still being soft and comfortable.

Our Top Recommendation

Slimming your bust by 1.5 inches, The Passion For Comfort Bra from Bali provides support for your breasts with padded underwire. This bra gets our vote for the best minimizer bra for large breasts.

Reviews of the Top Minimizer Bras for Large Busts

​We researched and reviewed the best minimizer bra for DD cups and larger and compiled a list of ones that not only minimize, but provide maximum comfort as well. Below, the table highlights each bra that minimizes and a few of their features.


Minimizing Effect


Size Range

​Lined or Unlined

​True to Size?


​Chantelle C Magnifique​

​Reduces up to 1-1/2"


​Band: 32-​44
Cup: C-I



​Wacoal Visual Effects

​Reduces ​by up to 1"

Band:​ 30-44

Cup: ​C-I


​Bali Passion for Comfort

​Reduces up to 1-1/2"


​Band: 3​2-44

Cup:​ C-DDD



​WingsLove Full Coverage Comfort

​​Reduces ​by up to 1"


​Band: ​36-48

Cup: ​B-H



Chantelle Women's C Magnifique Minimizer

​By the sound of it, full coverage bras that are also minimizers don't seem like the most appealing kind of lingerie. In the brand's best selling lingerie collection, ​Chantelle Women's C Magnifique Seamless Unlined Minimizer Bra proves otherwise with an unexpected sexy iteration of the modest combination for busty women.

Designed in France, the collection carries the luxe allure of the fashion-forward country and the nonchalant attitude of its women when it comes to lingerie. Prints and high-quality material make up for the redundancy common in everyday pieces like Chantelle's C Maginifique bras.

The collection is made up of different versions of the Seamless Unlined Minimizer bra, alongside some matching briefs. The bras are carefully constructed with meaningful features that each serve a purpose of minimizing and delivering comfort for women with large busts.

As mentioned, the first two characteristics that individualize the C Magnifique bra are its full coverage and seamless features. Support panels are hidden within the full cups to cut down the volume, therefore minimizing the appearance of large breasts.

The absence of padding helps make you feel smaller, apart from cutting out the cleavage and the underboob that's common with large breasts. All the while, a light knit lining cushions the breasts in softness.

Despite the minimizing illusion, the stretch in the cups accommodate, center, and lift big breasts through the concealed underwire. The bra sizes itself are far-reaching to include those that require both large bands and wide cups, yet no seams show through fitted t-shirts and thin tops.

Fully adjustable straps prevent several bra-induced pain or irritation around the breast, chest, and back areas. The band, on the other hand, is made up of a double-lined mesh for airiness and is joined together by a very adjustable 4-column hook-and-eye closure at the back.

The minimizing effect of minimizer bras does not necessarily include eliminating back fat, yet this bra does the job anyway with the u-shaped back that's much like a leotard.

​Product Specs
  • ​Full coverage v-neck style
  • ​32 - 44 band, C - I cup
  • ​Pushes breast tissue down for slimming
  • ​Adjustable shoulder straps
  • ​Double lined mesh band
  • ​Hook and eye ​closure at the back

The seamless edges flow smoothly to the skin while the band safely and comfortably packs it in place so nothing will spill out of the bra.

Collectively, these qualities and features makes the C Magnifique bras a “pillar of comfort and support for everyday wear,” as Chantelle would describe. They ascribe the comfort of t-shirt bras, but with more to offer design-wise.

Beyond the smart construction of the bra, Chantelle doesn't forget to infuse a little bit of aesthetic to the mix via little details. What looks like a solid-colored bra, which is what most of the bras in the collection look like, actually have a texturized pattern through shiny prints. The print catches the light and glows against the matte background.

The bra is also available in at least 16 colorways, which is ideal for people who like to have the option of remaining discreet or being playful with their everyday bras.

While most of the bras in the collection have that mutual design, some are actually printed with an animal print in two other different colors. There's so many ways to play around and be experimental with this bra.

Fitting large-breasted women with a wide-ranging band sizes from 32 to 44 and cup sizes from​ C to I, it has the visual effect of cutting down your breast appearance from its original size to one and a half size smaller.

Chantelle's C Magnifique is a likely contender for the most beautiful everyday minimizer bras in the market.

Why Buy?

​Soft, underwired comfort gives off a slimmer look.

Wacoal Visual Effects Minimizer Bra

​In more ways than one, Wacoal Women's Visual Effects Minimizer Bra is very alike Chantelle's C Magnifique bras when it comes to overall features, yet it looks so different.

The immediate difference you'll notice first is the shape of the cups. The more rounded pair of Wacoal's minimizer bra is less flashy than the C Magnifique's almost triangular shape.

Wacoal has a prominent presence in most common department stores across the country. It boasts of having developed their own image in bra-making that “offer a variety of styles for all occasions.” This one is not far from the basics we usually see from the brand.

Wacoal, known for the versatility of their bras, prove themselves to be inclusive way beyond expected with size ranges that go from 30 to 44 for the band and C to I for the cups. The expansive band and cup sizes help is making this a best minimizer bra for full figured women.

The Visual Effects bras are available in mostly neutral colors, carrying out the simplicity that we've come to know Wacoal for. However, it's taken back by the showiness of the material. All the bras are made with the same sheer mesh lining, but some colors are more exposing than others.

Other than the shape of the cups and their less modest material, the rest of Wacoal's bra construction is similar to that of the bra from Chantelle. Both fall under the categories of full coverage, seamless, and underwired, which are all good qualities to look for in a minimizer bra for women with D, DD and larger breasts.

This combination of features create a protective support for big breasts. This bra is discreet and has an almost-invisible appearance underneath clothes.  

The minimizing feature has the ability to reduce the size of the breasts by an inch. Visually speaking, this can make quite the difference for plus size and full figured women! In addition to minimizing, this also provides a gentle lift.

​Product Specs
  • ​Full coverage v-neck style
  • ​30 - 44 band,​ C - I cup
  • ​Reduces breast line by an inch
  • ​Adjustable shoulder straps
  • ​Feminine smoothing lace
  • ​Hook and eye ​closure at the back

The band and cups are composed of two main materials: nylon and spandex. An adequate amount of the latter is focused on the underarm and neckline. This makes the bra generously stretchable at the sides and on top of the breasts, which are areas of focus where skin may overflow.

The ever assistive straps are useful by being made adjustable, while the stretchability of the band itself continues to the back through its sheer mesh lining. Aside from minimizing the bulky appearance of the breasts, this bra also reduces the bustline, which ups the slimming effect.

Yet another similarity to the C Magnifique, though thinner this time, the u-shaped leotard back is cut low, allowing breathability and lessens the possibility of an itch when the band starts hugging the excess skin too tight. It holds it within the fabric instead and gives you a smoother experience.

The centering and lifting abilities of this bra makes it suitable for those with round, pendulous breasts that tend to be fuller at the bottom and shallower up top. When pushed up the elastic neckline catches the breasts in a tight-enough hold to be shapely yet comfortable.

Why Buy?

Supportive, full coverage cups that promote a leaner silhouette.

Bali Passion for Comfort Minimizer Bra

When it comes to style, comfort, and a good amount of minimizing efforts,Bali Designs Women's Passion for Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra does not disappoint.

At first glance, it just looks like a standard minimizer bra. Compared to the Chantelle and Wacoal, this bra stays true to what it promises with a minimized appearance just by itself. Chantelle's C Magnifique and Wacoal's Visual Effects bras are still packed with volume when worn. It's only underneath a shirt or top that it truly seals its promise of a minimized appearance.

Bali's Passion for Comfort bra, however, is a lot less bulky. The amount of minimizing is also more than what is seen in the Wacoal. Wacoal’s lessens the bust about an inch, but this one from Bali can reduce it to an inch and a half. For women with F cups or more, this visual reduction can greatly help!

With a cup shape that's more triangular than round, this mimics the look of the Chantelle bra. When it comes to similarities of the other bras we reviewed, this bra also has underwire, full coverage, and no seams.

​What differentiates the minimizing effect of this bra is that it doesn't promote more push or lift of the breasts. Rather, it pushes the breasts in to flatten against and closer to the chest. The underwires are encased within the fabric so its purpose is mainly for supporting large breasts, unlike their usual push up function in other types of bras.

It makes sure the breasts are safely and comfortably secured inside the cups, which are also not that stretchable unlike the Chantelle and Wacoal. By having cups that are not stretchable, the minimization is able to stay firm all day. With stretchable fabrics, there is more of a chance that the material will stretch throughout the day, lessening the minimizer effect.

The silky smooth lining mimics that of the satiny finish of the front of the cups. The texture and design are found in the accented straps and center. Small lace insets contrast the plain-colored cups and offer a more interesting sight to the simple everyday bra.

​Product Specs
  • ​Full coverage v-neck style
  • ​32 - 44 band,​ C - DDD cup
  • ​Reduces breast line ​up to ​1.5 inches
  • ​Adjustable shoulder straps
  • ​Structured cups, even distribution
  • ​Hook and eye ​closure at the back

The attached straps are adjustable at the back to meet the back band in the same level as the front. Though it doesn't have the u shape that the Chantelle and Wacoal bras have in common, the thickness of the band are enough to do the same packing in function to keep back fat from spilling out.

By sizes, the band ranges from 32 to 44, and the cups range from C to DDD. It has a wide range of colors and prints, including ones like animal prints, silver lace, and metallic-like purple vista, just to name a few.

The attractive design elements put into this simple bra makes up for the minimization it does. Its style is similar to what compression bras do to minimize the size of your breasts, but it works for the better because you're not only smaller almost two sizes down, but your breasts are firmly packed and supported in a comfortable manner. 

Why Buy?

Great minimizing effect with silky smooth lining.​

WingsLove Women's Full Coverage Comfort Strap Minimizer Bra

Wingslove Women's Full Coverage Non Padded Comfort Strap Minimizer Wire-Free Bra is the most decorative option in this list. It's unlike the others we've already reviewed, though it incorporates the same shiny pattern of the C Maginifique.

The materials used are the same as the other bras reviewed: nylon and spandex. Other than that, WingsLove's bra has the most differences from the others.

This full figure bra minimizes your breasts through its full coverage and high neckline that's almost like a bandeau. It offers band sizes ranging from 36 to 48 and B to H cup sizes, allowing it to cater to several large-breasted woman – whether full-figured, plus sized, or both.

At first sight, this might seem like it has a lot of fabric, but it's far from bulky. The fabric is thin and light, it just relies on a wider width both for the band and straps to still be able to provide support that the material wouldn't be able to provide otherwise.

The fabric is also deemed “skin-friendly” and airy for its thinness. It also works for its minimizing option as the bra doesn't add up to the bulkiness around your chest area.

When it comes to minimizing, this bra from WingsLove will minimize you about half an inch to an inch. This might not be as much reduction as the other bras, and that’s likely due to the thin, light fabrics used to create this undergarment.

The full coverage cups are non-padded and wire-free, allowing your natural curves to show through, but not in the exaggerated way your breasts are when they're left without any support.

With its soft material, this bra leaves no itch or lasting pain, making it comfortable enough for all day use.

According to WingsLove's description of their bra, the soft material offers “maximum comfort that makes you feel like you're wearing nothing.”

​Product Specs
  • ​Full coverage​ brassiere ​design
  • ​36 - 48 band,​ B - ​H cup
  • ​Compresses ​and smoothes breasts
  • ​Adjustable shoulder straps
  • ​Unlined, wire free comfort
  • ​Hook and eye ​closure at the back

That might be a stretch to claim, but those absent features are what allows your breasts to feel a little freer throughout the day than when they're encased in push-up underwires and unnaturally restrictive padding. Additionally, it also makes you feel like your breasts are smaller.

The straps are aided with an adjustable back, and the band is enclosed at the back with an extremely sturdy closure. It has a three-clasp fastening that won't easily open up without using a little effort and force. It also has four columns that allow adjustability, while the stretchy spandex of the band enables flexibility.

If there's one thing this bra could be most boastful of, it's that it promotes the most natural appearance of breasts. It uplifts women who wear it and allows them to enjoy the perks of having large breasts, which can sometimes feel more like a burden to literally carry than a blessing.

This supportive bra, despite the thin fabric, shows it's possible to achieve comfort when you have big breasts. However, the brand does not joke about how thin and light it can be. The bra doesn't have the narrowest straps and band. It also doesn't claim to be seamless, so you might not want to wear this with extremely body-hugging clothes.

The cups and straps are decorated with a satiny jacquard floral pattern that aren't prominent unless put under the light. Its feminine aura is even more highlighted with bright shades of girly colors like purple and pink. However, neutral colors are also available for simpler choices.

Why Buy?

​Unrestrictive comfort that smoothes your body's natural curves.

Why Do You Need a Minimizer Bra For Big Busts?

​Minimizer bras are great to have for women with large busts for a variety of reasons. One main reason why women with larger breasts may opt to wear a minimizer bra now and again has to do with their silhouette.

Sometimes, an outfit or top might look better with your breast size minimized slightly; this is where minimizer bras come in handy.

Minimizer bras are also ideal for women with larger breasts who are just looking for a way to make their boobs look smaller. There are a variety of reasons why women may want this, which is it’s almost necessary to have at least one minimizer bra in your ​full lingerie collection. Sometimes, an occasion (such as a work-related event) may make a woman reach for her minimizer bra to help make her chest appear smaller.

​Also, women with larger busts know how difficult it can be to find shirts or dresses that fit perfectly, in every place. A lot of times, women find that every place fits perfectly, except for the chest area where it is too small. Wearing a minimizer bra is a great way to accurately fix this problem.

Benefits of Bras That Minimize

There are many reasons for having a minimizer bra in your closet. Here are the top benefits of having bras that minimize:

  • ​They can make your body silhouette more balanced and even
  • ​They can help you fit shirts and outfits better
  • ​They slim your chest area without making your breasts look unnatural
  • ​They are useful when you want to wear a certain outfit that you think would look better with a smaller chest size
  • ​They are a cheap and easy step to take instead of getting breast reduction surgery
  • ​If you have larger breasts that are wide set, a minimizer bra could actually help you achieve more cleavage
Woman wears a black minimizer bra

How Do These Bras Minimize?

Minimizer bras work to minimize the appearance of your breasts. The top minimizer bras for large breasts should be comfortable, while still working to make you look visibly smaller. These bras can reduce your breast size from a quarter of an inch to over an inch.

Minimizer bras reduce the projection of your breasts by focusing on pushing your breast tissue both to the center and further up on your chest. It’s important to understand that a minimizer bra is working to reduce the overall circumference of your chest (measuring around the fullest area of your bust).

Through the way these bras are made, minimizer bras can feel a bit tighter than normal bras because they are basically redirecting the volume of your breasts. This is normal, though you might want to try a different size bra if you feel incredibly uncomfortable in your minimizer.

How to Find the Top Minimizer Bra for Large Cup Sizes

​There are a few things specific to buying minimizer bras that you should focus on if you have larger breasts. Overall, you really need to make sure that what you’re wearing is comfortable. Minimizer bras are going to feel a bit tighter (and possibly a little uncomfortable in the beginning) than normal.

As women with large breasts know, sometimes different bra brands also differ in size. Therefore, if you can, you should try different size minimizer bras on to find the size that fits the best for you.

However, do start with a minimizer bra that is your actual size. More often than not, this will fit perfectly, or you may have to go up or down a size.

Don't Buy a Smaller Minimizer Bra

​While you might be tempted to buy a smaller minimizer bra because the whole point is to make your breasts smaller, you really shouldn’t do this. Just like when you buy a smaller regular bra, buying a small minimizer bra will only leave you in discomfort. Also, it’s ​bad for your ​shoulders and can induce back pain. Overall, it's terrible​ for your​ ​health.

Again, start with your actual size when looking for a minimizer bra that fits. But don't buy a smaller bra and suffer through the pain because you think you should have to. Always buy a minimizer bra that actually fits you.

Woman wears a white minimizer bra

Pay Close Attention to Band Size

The band size of your minimizer bra may be the most important aspect to look for when you’re searching for the best minimizer bra for DDD cups. If you buy a smaller band than what you actually fit, you’ll be severely uncomfortable. Also, the bra won’t fit you as well as normal, which could make your silhouette look more unbalanced and less smooth. Plus, can cause you unattractive back and side bulges you don't want.

If you purchase a minimizer bra with a larger band than what fits you, this also makes your silhouette not look smooth and balanced. In fact, buying a bra with a larger band can make you look wider than you actually are.

Qualities to Look For in a Minimizer Bra for Large Breasts

While finding the right size is obviously important, understanding the qualities to look for in the best minimizer bra for large breasts is equally as beneficial. Since minimizer bras are different from your average bra, there are a few things you should definitely note when searching for that best one.

Minimizing Amount

​Obviously, you get a minimizing bra for the main purpose of visually reducing the size of your chest! Each brand and each unique bra style will vary in the amount of reduction it provides. A common feature included in this type of bra ​are the back smoothing properties that will benefit you and your shape.

​Typically, this can vary from ¼ inch all the way up to 3 inches!


​Obviously, comfort is very important, regardless of what bra you’re wearing. Don’t fall into the belief that minimizer bras are just supposed to be uncomfortable, no matter what. That may have been the case a few years ago, but there are so many high-quality minimizer bras on the market today that you can find one that fits your body perfectly and comfortably.

Therefore, you shouldn’t disregard comfort. You will feel a bit of pressure when you wear a minimizer bra, but it definitely shouldn’t cause you any pain. Make sure you feel comfortable in your minimizer bra at all times, or else you should invest in a new one.

Wide Band and Straps

​You’re going to want to find wide bands and straps that are adjustable. Wider bands and straps make it so that they don’t dig into your skin, which can be common for women with large breasts and low-quality bras.

There are some straps that actually come padded towards the top of your shoulders, which helps give you some release of uneasiness that other minimizer bras can bring. It might be hard to find a minimizer bra that you like with adjustable straps. Therefore, finding one with key benefits such as padded straps are equally as efficient.  

Wireless vs. Wired

​Should you find a minimizer bra that comes with underwire, or is wireless? Really, this one just depends on what you like in your bra. Some women with larger breasts find that they feel more supported with underwiring, while others hate underwire because they feel like it’s too uncomfortable for their breast size.

There are great minimizer bras that have underwiring that still manage to be comfortable, supportive, and high effective. However, there are also great minimizer bras that opt to not have wire and still also bring you that level of support that you need. Find out what works best for you, as there really is no wrong option here.

Supportive Band

​Even though you’re wearing a minimizer bra that helps reduce the appearance of your breasts, you should still feel as supported as you do when you wear a regular bra.

A lot of women with bigger busts feel that they are most supported from whether or not the bra has underwiring or not. As we mentioned above, there are great, supportive options for both these forms of minimizer bras.

Support also tends to come from the straps of the bra. While it’s key to find straps that are adjustable, you might feel like this is difficult. As we mentioned above, it’s idea to find straps that are padded, as this really does help with the overall feeling of support when you’re wearing the bra.

Woman in underwear wears a polo shirt as a cover in a house


​While it’s always important to find the type of material that you like most and the type that feels nice against your skin and doesn’t irritate it, there are a few materials that work best with minimizer bras.

Minimizer bras that are made from materials such as nylon and spandex help make the bra both comfortable and stretchy, which is ideal as the bra should stretch to form around your breasts in the most efficient way possible. Different cotton blends also help make sure that your skin isn’t irritated, while also helping with potential moisture buildup.

Moisture buildup is a common issue for women who wear minimizer bras and have large breasts, as your bras are pushed together closely. To help fight this, search for bras that have things like mesh inserts in different parts of the bra, which helps make the bra more breathable to wear.


​Finding the best minimizer bras for women with bigger busts may seem like a struggle. However, with a few guidelines and helpful tips about how to find the best minimizer bras, you can find one that fits you comfortably, while still helps minimize and balance your overall silhouette.

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