What Is an H Cup Breast Size?

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You may typically encounter D to F bras if you have large breasts, as H cups can be difficult to find in some stores. This leads us to the question, what are H cups? For this guide, we’re going to define what H cups are and what this size means for bras.

What Are H Cups?

H cups have a size difference of eight inches between the bust and band, making this the largest of the standard bra sizes. The underbust can range from 24 to 42 inches, while the overbust may measure from 39 to 54 inches.

H cup breasts size has a size difference of 8 inches between the bust and the band

Shopping for bras that are large as H sized cups can be challenging at times. This is why it’s important that you know how big H cups are, including how much H cups weigh. From here, you can measure if you have this cup size and choose the right kind of bra to wear.

How Big Are H Cups?

H cups have an overbust measurement of eight inches larger than the underbust. Thus, if you measure 37 inches in the overbust and 29 inches in the underbust, this means you need to wear a 30H bra. 

In U.S. sizing, full-bust typically starts from E, so H cups are pretty big. However, the final size of H cup bras still depends on the band size. For instance, a 46H bra is way bigger than a 34H because of the longer band measurement.

Even if you use an H cup, you can have a different underbust and overbust size than other women. The overbust is measured at the fullest part of your chest, whereas the underbust is the measurement from the middle of your chest to the spine’s center.

SizeUnderbust (inches)Overbust (inches)
3024.4- 26.339.3 – 40.2
3226.4 – 28.3 40.3 to 41.1
3428.4 – 30.342.2 to 43.1
3630.4 – 32.3 44.2 to 45.1
3832.4 – 34.346.2 – 47
4034.4 – 36.248.1- 49
4236.3 – 38.250.1 – 51 
4438.3 – 40.252.1 – 53
4640.3 – 42.154 – 54.9

How Much Do H Cups Weigh?

On average, H cups can weigh from 5. to 6 pounds for both breasts. However, as the band size increases, so does the weight of H-cup breasts. For example, a 28H cup may weigh 2.57 pounds each, whereas a 32H bra can weigh about 3.35 pounds each.

H cup bra's underbust size can range from 24 to 32 inches

As a woman, you know how the weight of the breasts can affect the bra’s fit. Consequently, your comfort and level of support. In the course of your life, the weight of your H bra cups may change due to age, medical conditions, hormones, or weight fluctuations.

If your H cup size weighs five pounds, imagine 10 big apples stuck to your chest. This is why it’s essential that you find the best bra for H cups to support your bust, especially when doing high-impact activities.

How Will I Know if I Have H Cups?

To know if you have H cups, use a tape measure to take a loose measurement over the fullest section of the bust. You have H cups if the measurement between the bust and band is eight inches.

  • The final size would still depend on the band size. For instance, if you have a petite frame with a full bust, you can have an H cup and a narrower band of 32 inches.
  • You can still have a bigger bra with a 42-inch band yet with the same cup volume.

What Are the Best Bra Styles for H Cups?

Underwired, front-clasp, and t-shirt bras are among the best styles for H cups if support is your main concern.

Know how different bra sizes compare to H cups
  • Plunge and balconette bras: Well-fitting plunge and balconette bras with H cups can distribute the weight of the breasts across your torso. This can prevent bras from causing pain to your shoulders and neck.
  • Sports bra: If you usually do high-impact activities like hiking or working out, you need a sports bra with a high neckline to straight-up cover the bust. A stretchable band and convertible straps can also ensure the cups remain in place as you move.

Related Questions

What Is an H Cup Equivalent To?

H cup is equivalent to I when you need one band size down yet with bigger cups. Meanwhile, G bra size and DDD cup size are its sister sizes if you need to go up one band size. For instance, you may consider 34I and 38G/DDD if you can’t find a 36H bra.

What Are Large Cup Bra Sizes?

Cup sizes from E to H are the standard large cup sizes. Some can have I to L, although this may come from breast implants.


H cups are considered large sizes for bras, having an eight-inch difference between the band and the bust. When choosing bras with H cups, explore different styles and brands until you find the most well-fitting bra. With the right bra, you can guarantee lift and support without discomfort.


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