How Much Do H Cup Breasts Weigh?

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It is not easy to have big breasts, as the sheer size and weight of them can be tedious to manage day in and day out. Have you ever wondered how much breast tissues actually weigh? For instance, how much do H cups weigh? 

How Much Do H Cups Weigh? 

A woman who wears a bra with H cups will have large breasts, where each breast weighs around 3.35 pounds on average. However, as the band size increases, so does the weight of H cups. For instance, a 28H may weigh 2.57 pounds each, 30H can weigh 2.87 pounds each, and 32H can weigh 3.35 pounds each.

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Heavier busts can be the cause of various health issues for women, especially if they fail to wear a supportive bra reinforced with special features to carry bigger busts. Moreover, it is a challenge to find bras that accommodate the H cup size, since there are not many women with this cup size.

However, the weight and size of a woman’s breasts change constantly over her life span. While the natural anatomy of all breasts is almost the same, it is the amount of fat stored that contributes to the breast weight and size.

How Many Inches Is an H Cup?

The cup size refers to the difference between a woman’s bust size and her band size. It indicates how far your breasts protrude from your torso when viewed from a side angle. Having an H cup entails that your breasts extend out around 8 inches when measured from your rib cage.

Of course, women who are experiencing sagging and have H cup breasts will not have the same amount of projection. In that case, the correct way to find your accurate cup size is to wear a comfortable bra before you take your bra measurements.

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H Cups Weight and Size

H Cup Bust Size Band Size Weight
28H 35-36 inches24-26 inchesAround 5.14 pounds
30H 37-38 inches26-28 inchesAround 5.74 pounds
32H 39-40 inches28-30 inchesAround 6.7 pounds

Health Issues Caused by H Cup Breasts

While the natural anatomy of all breasts is almost the same, it is the amount of fat stored that contributes to the breast weight and size. Overly large breasts have been linked to various physical health issues. These commonly include:

  • Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain: Heavier busts put undue strain on the back due to sheer weight, causing the back to hunch down. It also leads to persistent pain in the neck, shoulder, and back. Since large breasts subject the shoulder and back muscles to continuous tension, it also results in poor posture.
  • Rashes: The lower sides of the bigger breasts are often in constant contact with the underbust area. This leads to excessive perspiration and moisture getting trapped in the region. The combination of friction between the skin, moisture, and heat can cause rashes. If the rashes prevail they can become raw, itchy, and sore.
  • Shoulder Grooves: Heavier breasts can cause the bra straps to leave deep indentations on your shoulder blades, even if you are wearing a bra in the correct size. These indentations or shoulder grooves can become painful over time since you have to wear a bra constantly.
  • Numbness: Numbing is not a direct side-effect of having a large bust, but it can occur because of an ill-fitting bra. When your bra is too tight, it compresses the small nerve fibers in the breast tissues leading to numbness.   
  • Shortness of Breath: Bigger breasts can also cause shortness of breath after light movements since there is a lot of excess weight on the chest. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute says that extra fatty tissue on the chest can release hormones that negatively affect breathing patterns.
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How Can I Identify the Weight of H Cups?

The most intuitive method is to follow the cup size.  For example, following US standard measurements, if you’re wearing a 28H bra, then you have about 2.57 pounds per breast. If you have a 32H bra, each breast may weigh about 3.35 pounds.

Related Questions

How Can I Remove Pain From the Weight of H Cups?

You can remove pain from the weight of H cups by wearing supportive bras to reduce bounce. Look for t-shirt or sports bras with full-coverage cups and flexible bands. Good H-cup bras must distribute breast weight to prevent shoulder pain.

How Can I Make My H Cups Look Smaller?

The best way to make your H cups appear smaller is to wear a well-fitting binder or minimizer bra. It also helps to contour the bust using boob tape.

What Are the Sister Sizes of H Cups?

The sister sizes of H cups are I cup, G cup, and DDD. Choose I cups if you need to go one band size down. Meanwhile, go for G and DDD cups if you need to increase the band size.

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H cups are considered quite big in terms of breast sizes. Each H cup weighs around 3.35 pounds and extends 8 inches from your torso. Consequently, women with large breasts commonly suffer from certain health issues. But, as long as you wear a supportive bra, this size can be manageable.  


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