How Much Do A Cup Breasts Weigh?

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Breasts that fit into an A cup are considered to be small as it is just a size bigger than the smallest cup size i.e. AA. Consequently, A-cup breasts do not weigh a lot and are pretty manageable. This article deals with the question, “How much do A cups weigh?” So, let’s dive in.

How Much Do A Cups Weigh?

Each breast with an A cup size weighs about 0.5 pounds. This weight is equivalent to 2 chipmunks or around 65 tea bags. However, this is an approximation since two women with the same cup size may have boobs that weigh slightly differently.

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In general, an A-cup breast weight can range from about 0.5 pounds to 3.35 pounds as the bra size increases from 32A to 44A. However, it is not very common for women with a wider torso to have such small boobs. If you are interested in finding your exact breast weight, keep reading!

A Cups Weight and Size

A Cup Bust Size Band Size Weight
32A 32-33 inches28-30 inchesAround 1 pound
34A 34-35 inches30-32 inchesAround 1.72 pounds
36A 36-37 inches32-34 inchesAround 2.26 pounds
38A 38-39 inches34-36 inchesAround 3.06 pounds
40A 40-41 inches36-38 inchesAround 4.3 pounds
42A 42-43 inches38-40 inchesAround 5.14 pounds
44A 44-45 inches40-42 inchesAround 5.74 pounds

How to Weigh Your A Cup Breasts

Apart from gauging your breast weight by the cup size, you can also use the water displacement method. In this method, you measure the weight of water displaced by your breast. While it might feel a bit awkward, the method yields the most accurate results. All you need is:

  • A kitchen scale
  • A tray to hold the displaced water
  • A large bowl, big enough to submerge your breast
  • Something to note in the readings

Here is how you can weigh your boobs:

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  1. Place the tray on the kitchen scale and note its weight in ounces. The smaller measuring unit will help you get an accurate weight
  2. Place the bowl on the tray and fill it with water up to the brim. Ideally, you should use warm water so it feels comfortable on your skin
  3. Then, slowly lower your breast into the bowl filled with water. Make sure to submerge your entire boob. As you do this step, your breast will push the water out of the bowl, and into the tray
  4. Remove your boob and the bowl of water from the tray
  5. Measure the weight of the tray with the displaced water and note the reading
  6. Next, subtract the weight of the tray (the first reading) from the weight of the tray with water (the second reading)
  7. To determine your breast weight, multiply the weight of water by 0.9. Since breast tissues and water have different densities, the multiplication will allow you to get the most accurate result
  8. Follow the steps above for the second breast to get the total bust weight. This is because occasionally both boobs do not have the same weight

How Many Inches Is an A Cup?

The cup size is deduced by subtracting the band size from the bust size. If you have an A cup bust, the difference will be around 1 inch between the two sizes. This means that your breasts extend out around 1 inch from your chest wall.

As a result, these breasts are among the most manageable breast sizes. Moreover, you can easily find a quality bra in your size as most lingeries brands cater to the smaller breast sizes. While the size is deemed too small, the right bra can make your silhouette appear curvier.

How to Know if You Have An A Cup Size

Women should measure their bra size regularly, as hormonal fluctuations and changes in weight can alter the size of the breasts. While getting a professional to measure your bra size is highly recommended, you can find your bra size at home as well. Here is how:

A black racerback lace bralette and colorful leggings are worn by a woman
  • To determine if you have an A cup, you need to find out your band and bust sizes
  • First, measure your band size by wrapping a soft, pliable measuring tape around your torso, directly under your bustline, and note the measurement
  • Next, measure your bust size by wrapping the same measuring tape across your nipples, around the fullest part of your bust, and note the measurement
  • Finally, subtract the two measurements. If the difference is 1 inch, you have an A cup

Related Questions

Are A Cups Heavy?

No, A cups aren’t heavy. On average, both breasts weigh around one pound. A cups are among the most lightweight cup sizes.

What Is Smaller Than an a Cup?

Most people consider the A cup size the smallest among cup sizes. However, an AA cup is smaller than an A cup. While the band and bust difference in the A cup is around one inch, the AA bust extends less than one inch from the chest wall.

What Is the Smallest Breast Size?

The smallest bra size commonly available is 28AA. Breasts that fit into this bra size are pegged as the smallest in size. Women with this bra size have a petite frame, a 28-inch band size, and a tiny bust that protrude less than one inch from the rib cage.

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The A-cup size is just a size bigger than the smallest cup size. Thus, it does not weigh too much. The A-cup breasts weigh slightly over 1 pound and jut out about 1 inch from the rib cage. Finally, you can easily find out your bra size and breast weight at home using simple household equipment.


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