How Long After a Spray Tan Until I Can Wear a Bra?

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Getting a spray tan is a foolproof way of getting beautiful golden skin, which is a must-have for the summer months. The question that often arises in one’s mind when it comes to artificial tanning is how long after a spray tan can I wear a bra? And I am here to answer it.

How Long After a Spray Tan Can I Wear a Bra?

You can wear a bra approximately 4 hours after a spray tan session. Putting on your bra any sooner might create tan lines or streaks on your skin, which can ruin the even look of your tan. If possible, avoid wearing a bra for up to 9 to 12 hours to allow the color to fully develop.

Graphic image of a woman being sprayed with a tanning solution with a text explaining that you can only wear a bra 4 hours after a spray tan session

Following the care instructions after spray tanning is extremely important. It ensures that you achieve the results you want and do not end up with an uneven skin tone. Therefore, keep reading to find out the clothes you should and should not wear after getting a spray tan.

What to Wear After a Spray Tan

Wear After 4 HoursAvoid Wearing
Most bra stylesTank or tight top
Loose clothingTight-fitting jeans or leggings
Dark-colored clothesClosed or strappy shoes
Clothes made of cottonSocks
Open-toed shoesJewelry or watches
Some bra and underwear styles

What Can I Wear After a Spray Tan?

Clothes that you wear to your tanning appointment are essentially what you will wear immediately after a spray. Therefore, make sure you choose your outfit carefully. Here is what you can wear post tanning.

Loose Clothing

The best thing to wear after a tanning session is a loose, flowy dress that will barely come in contact with your skin. You can also wear a loose jumpsuit, without any elastic band around the waist. While you can also wear a loose skirt and top, I suggest keeping it as a last option.

All these outfits ensure that the seams do not touch your tan and cause lines. Moreover, you can be a little carefree about how you move as the chances of the material rubbing and removing the solution is minimal.

An image of a tanned surfer girl

Dark Clothing

No matter how careful you are, if you wear clothes after your tanning appointment, some of the spray tan solutions will rub off on your clothing. This is inevitable and nothing to be too concerned about at all.

However, if you are wearing light-colored clothes, the tan can stain the garment and make it look unsightly. Therefore, wear dark clothes, black if possible, to reduce the chances of any visible stains.


Wear cotton to your next appointment since tanning solution stains come off most easily from cotton fibers. While there are many ways to remove fake tan from clothing, you just have to throw the cotton articles in the washing machine to clean them. Simply, use your regular detergent and a cold water cycle.

Open Toed Shoes

When it comes to footwear, it is best to keep it simple. You can put on any open-toed slipper or sandals, such as flip-flops or slip-ons. Both of these are comfortable and will cause negligible damage to your new tan. Also, make sure they are completely flat, without any heels.

What Should I Avoid Wearing After a Spray Tan?

You do not want anything to remove or streak the freshly applied tan solution. Thus, there are a few items that are best avoided while you wait for the tan to develop. These include:

An image of two tanned girls
  • Tank or tight top: It goes over your head and drags against the skin as you pull it down. It also clings to your skin
  • Jeans, tights, or leggings: Apart from being fitted, they also have seams that rub against the skin
  • Tight, closed, or strappy shoes: They can smudge the tanning solution due to friction as you walk
  • Socks: They can displace the solution as you drag them on your feet
  • Jewelry or watches: They can cause lines
  • Bras and panties: They can cause rubbing where the elastic presses into your skin, such as around your waist and on your shoulders

Related Questions

Will Sweat Ruin My Spray Tan?

Yes, sweating after getting a spray tan can cause ugly patches on your skin and change the tone of the tan. Take steps to prevent sweating, like ensuring the tanning room is ventilated and avoiding any physical activity that can cause you to sweat.

Do You Wear a Bra for Spray Tanning?

It depends on whether you want to wear a bra or are comfortable being braless during your tanning session. If you prefer having a bra on, choose a strapless variety or bandeau design to prevent any lines on your shoulders due to bra straps.

Can I Wear a Sports Bra with a Spray Tan?

I recommend not wearing a sports bra directly after getting a spray tan because it could rub off your tan since sports bras typically have thicker straps and are tighter. If you want to wear a sports bra, wait at least four hours after tanning.

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To conclude, the longer you avoid wearing a bra after a tanning session, the better results it will yield. Spray tan takes time to develop and you should take every possible step, from wearing loose clothing and footwear to avoiding sweating, to ensure that you do not sabotage the process.


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