Best Strapless Bra for Plus Size [2024 Review]

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Going strapless means you need good support without sacrificing comfort and fit. Strapless bras must provide extra hold, especially if you have a full-figured body. That’s why I’m listing the best plus-size strapless bras, along with the necessary features to ensure you get the right fit.

My Top Strapless Bra for Plus Size Reviews

I narrowed down my choices to 6 of the best strapless bras for plus size, with the Curvy Kate Luxe Bra leading the list. All of these strapless bras for curvy women are comfortable and supportive, although some will be a better cup fit for you than others, depending on your circumstances. 

Best Strapless Bra for Plus Sized with Large Breasts: Carnival Strapless Lace

This Carnival Strapless Lace Bra proves you don’t need to spend a lot on an excellent strapless bra for big busts. It’s impressive that you get a high-quality and snug bra band with a gorgeous lace design for its value.

With these straps, it’s like you own several types of bras. You can go for conventional, haltered, one-shoulder, or cross-back if not the strapless type. Another impressive thing about this bra’s cup design is the fiber-filled design which works together to give the breasts unexaggerated perkiness.

The conservative neckline reveals just the right amount of skin while reducing peeking issues. Do not worry about it slipping, too. Elastic and side bones hold the snug band to keep the bra cup right where it should be.

What you may not like is the bra’s lace along the neckline. Yes, it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the undergarment. However, this convertible strapless bra for plus size may not create a flawless appearance under a tight-fitting outfit, especially when sheer and light-colored.


  • Padded and wired cups provide enough lift and help contour
  • Hook adjustment on a bigger cup size
  • The elastic grip keeps the bra in place
  • Side bones avoid curling and rolling 


  • Available only in 32B to 48DDD
  • Lace design may not create a smooth appearance under clothes

Best Strapless Bra for Big Saggy Breasts: Goddess Adelaide Strapless Bra

This Goddess Adelaide Strapless Bra is my top choice for the best supportive bra with its boned cup design, underwire, full coverage cup, high neckline, and snug band.

This underwired bra without straps for plus size is your go-to bra if you want one that stays in place for hours. This full-figure bra is also an excellent choice when you have big, saggy breasts.

However, do not expect it to do a lot of lifting unless you use help from the removable shoulder straps. You can also check out these push-up bras for large breasts. This Goddess Adelaide Bra has metal bonings in the cups, which maximize containment and retain the cup and band structures for shaping the breasts.

This is the most supportive bra for plus-size ladies with large, sagging breasts because its overall design best fits the needs of busty, curvy women. The band is wide enough with strong hooks for locking.

It even has long underwires that do not stab and a lot of boning around the band. If you feel these are not yet enough to contain and carry the girls, you can wear the shoulder straps in several ways. Aside from conventional, you can wear them cross-back and one-shoulder.


  • Metal boning in the front and sides
  • Full coverage cup design with lace material
  • Adjustable band with boning helps hide bulges
  • Lacks padding


  • Lace may create texture under tight clothes
  • Expensive

Best Strapless Bra for Curvy Women: Curvy Kate Luxe

The Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra is my best bra with no straps for curvaceous bodies for many great reasons. I love how it comes with many functions that maximize fit and hold. The cup design is snug and comfortable to wear all day.

This full-figure bra by Curvy Kate has more than just the pinstripe-pattern band. It has silicones, side boning, and support panels that prevent the bra from going out of place. The molded and full cup design reinforces the band to help contain and contour the girls.

The vertical seams support by encouraging shaping without eliminating the natural look. Moreover, this underwired bra with no straps for large busts lets you transform in a conventional, cross-back, or one-shoulder design anytime. 

Besides, this non-slip strapless bra is available in cup sizes from 28D to 38J. While this is an expensive bra, I believe it’s a fair value for its cup size, quality, and functionality because this brand specializes in large sizes.


  • Full-coverage bra with underwires
  • Support panels and vertical seams for improving contour
  • Large cup and a wide band for maximizing support
  • No-slip silicone along the band line for grip


  • Expensive
  • Sweetheart shape might make your breasts look fuller

Best Budget Plus Size Strapless Bra: Wacoal Red Carpet

You can get this Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra when you want a reliable full-figure bra with no straps that are not as expensive as the Curvy Kate Luxe strapless bra. Overall, it is comfortable and supportive without the expensive tag. 

This full-figure bra gives you 6 ways to wear it, including cross back, cross front, one shoulder, conventional, and haltered. Aside from its versatility, it is a nice bra for its value because of its quality. The seams are well-sewn, with the band having enough cushioning for extra comfort.

While the cup fit is snug, you can adjust it anytime with its hook and eye closure. Thanks also to the side and back panels which ensure the band remains the same throughout the day. 

The cup also shows a sweetheart design and is available in a larger size range, from 30D to 44G. If you have a large band and small cup size, or vice versa, this brand has all of the options.

Molded and lighting padded, the big cups of this strapless bra feature a sweetheart neckline that will give you the freedom to wear shoulder-baring clothes with a low neckline.

Besides, strips of silicones along the top and bottom edge serve as an extra safeguard feature to make sure the band won’t slip when you move.

More impressively, the contouring along the long underwires creates the right amount of perkiness. If you have saggy breasts, then the Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra can also help shape.


  • Contoured bra featuring a sweetheart neckline and full-cup design
  • Wide band with extra padding and underwires for a good fit
  • Comes in an incredibly large cup size range
  • Side and back panels avoid rolling and wrinkling


  • Slightly expensive
  • Fit can be too snug

Best Strapless Bra for Deflated Breasts: Elomi Women’s Smooth

When you care about the appearance of your bra underneath clothes and your breasts are both big and heavy, this Elomi Women’s Smooth Strapless Bra will not disappoint.

The snug, wide band contains the bust without straining the skin. This full-coverage bra also comes with side boning to improve grip. You can wear this strapless bra for full-figured ladies for long hours without having to worry about it slipping or going out of place.

You can also wear the straps when an outfit allows them to improve the hold even more. You can even wear them in several ways that make this bra a versatile choice. The bra’s band and cup designs are very neat, creating a smoothing effect.

The underwire is almost invisible, and there is hardly any gap between the molded cup and the breasts. Being a smoothing bra with no straps for full-bosomed women, it is something that you would like to wear under sheer clothing or tight-fitting clothes.


  • Seamless design in matte finish provides a smooth appearance 
  • Full cup design creates no natural-looking perkiness
  • Molded cups for better hold and shaping
  • Wide band with boning hides bulges


  • Expensive, especially on a bigger cup size
  • Underwire tends to dig into the belly

Best Minimizer Strapless Plus Size Bra: Delimira

Sometimes, you need to tone down a bit to suit particular outfits. On occasions like this, the Delimira Minimizer Strapless Bra is definitely what you need. While this minimizer bra by Delimira doesn’t have cup padding, it’s lined well with polyester and spandex to get enough coverage.

Hiding the cleavage should be easy with this bra, too, because it looks like a bandeau in front. Regardless, this strapless bra will not make your breasts look flat, disoriented, or saggy. Thanks to its invisible underwires that lift yet do not emphasize cleavage. 

Aside from a well-molded cup, a thick band strip smoothens side bulges. Likewise, the wire helps keep the breasts in place even with sudden movements.

In addition to the underwires, this large-sized bra has thick back straps that you can adjust with hook-and-eye closure. The silicone at the top and bottom keeps the bra band in place and eliminates gapping problems as well.

Despite having a conservative look, this wired bra with no straps for big sizes remains stylish with its floral jacquard cup design. You also have many colors to choose from, including light pink, French gray, and beige.


  • Smooth and stretchy material
  • Underwired yet molded cups with no padding
  • Elastic grip at the top and bottom panels to keep the bra in place
  • Snug band with 4 levels of adjustment


  • Thin-lined
  • Strapping doesn’t have boning or side panels

Features to Consider in a Strapless Bra for Plus Size

You should find a strapless bra for full-figure ladies that stays in place despite occasional bursts of movements. It doesn’t need to have underwires and boning all at once.

Getting a bra that is worth every penny should be your ultimate goal when on the lookout. The key lies in the correct cup and band sizing. With the proper sizing, you get the most supportive, comfortable, and well-fitting strapless bras in large cup sizes.

Comparing Strapless Bra for Plus Size Features

Bra Cups Structure Special Feature
Curvy Kate Luxe Full-coverage, lightly paddedWiredNon-slip silicone along the band
Wacoal Red Carpet Full-coverage, lightly paddedWiredBroad side and back panels
Carnival Women’s Full-coverage, lightly paddedWiredSide boning
Elomi Women’s Plus Size Full-coverage, non-paddedWiredWide band with boning
Goddess Adelaide Full-coverage, non-paddedWiredFront and side boning
Delimira Women’s Smooth Full-coverage, non-paddedWiredElastic grip at the cups and band
It offers extra cup support, full coverage, and has a supportive band, which are the things you look for in strapless bras for plus size

Bra Sizing

You can have professional measuring or do it yourself at home. After all, you are going to need just one piece of equipment, which is a measuring tape. Knowing your cup and band sizes is the key to getting the perfect fit, not the brand or value.

For your band, place the measuring tape around your ribcage under the bustline. At the back, you should position the measuring tape where the bra’s back straps lie. Using the inches scale, add an inch if the measurement falls on an odd number.

When it comes to cup sizes, measure from your back to the highest point of your bust, which is your nipple area. No additions are necessary, although you can round off the measurement to the nearest whole number. Simply get the difference between the band measurement and cup size.

Fit and Comfort

A strapless bra for bigger breasts should be tight enough to keep it in place with every movement. By tight, it means not to the point where the cup feels uncomfortable or painful. A bra without straps for full-figured women should not leave marks and lines once you remove it.

Strapless bras come in different types of fabric. You can go for any type as long as you are comfortable with the texture. It is also best to select one that is breathable to keep you cool and dry.

For instance, the Curvy Kate, Wacoal, and Goddess strapless bras mainly use nylon for better wear resistance and to ensure a lightweight cup fit. Meanwhile, Carnival incorporates rayon for a smooth texture and better breathability.

On the other hand, the Elomi and Delimira bras contain polyester for durability and moisture resistance.


There are different types and styles of plus size strapless bras. When shopping, consider your cup needs to determine the best design. However, you also have to keep in mind whether the design can provide a smoothing appearance or not.

If you need a specific bra for a plunging dress, then you can get a plunge bra for this. Meanwhile, if you need a simple bra with extra support so you can rock the dance floor, a longline or underwire bra might be better.

On the other hand, going for a convertible bra is perhaps a wise choice. It gives you the freedom to attach and adjust the straps based on your need. Many times, you will get up to five designs in one purchase.


A strapless bra could be worthless and even put you in an embarrassing situation with wrong or insufficient cup and band support. Once you have selected a design, take the time to check its performance. 

A bra cup and band should remain in place regardless of whether you bend over or raise your hand. It should also contour and contain without sacrificing reinforcement. Not all strapless bras for large breasts do the lifting through their underwires, band, and boning.

There are also full-coverage bras with silicone along the cup seams, which are for a no-slip grip. This functions as an adhesive, which keeps the bra attached to the skin.

White strapless bra and extra hook placed on a purple background

Testing a Plus Size Strapless Bra for Support

It’s not easy, if not, impossible to perform the cartwheel test to see if a full-figure strapless bra will stay in place and not make a scene. Try a bra after a correct measurement. On the back, check if the clasp latch touches your skin.

If it rides up, then this means that the bra is too big for you. Make sure that the middle section of the front part of the bra is also touching your chest. There should be no more than one finger that will fit under the band.

However, remember that it should only be snug but not digging and painful. Perform several counts of jumping jacks in the dressing room. Bras without straps for plus-size ladies should not slip or roll-up.

Types of Strapless Bras

Like conventional bras, you will have a good number of designs to choose from when it comes to strapless bras for full-figured busts. Just like choosing a style for a conventional type, you should pick the bra according to your specific need.

Underwire: While strapless bras that have underwire provide better hold, wired bras without straps for big boobs serve other functions, too. These wires lift the breasts, yet they do not create well-defined or exaggerated cleavages.

In the Curvy Kate Luxe Bra, the underwire and cup also help separate the breasts to avoid the uni-boob effect. Padded: You can wear a padded strapless bra if you want an excellent contour of the breasts with no headlights showing.

Similar to the effect of the Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless, if you care less about cleavage and definition, then you should be fine with a padded and molded bra. Bandeau: A bandeau is a flexible type of strapless bra which is just a band of padded fabric since it lacks boning.

As evident in the Delimira Minimizer Bra, a bandeau bra is ideal for girls in their puberty stage as well as women who simply want an everyday bra. Push-up: Push-up bras usually have underwires for cleavage lifting and definition.

Like the Goddess Women’s Adelaide Bra, strapless bras of this type may or may not have padding and boning.

Adhesive: Some bras also do not have back or shoulder strapping. The best plus-size adhesive bra is for outfits that expose large areas of the back.

Convertible: For versatility, a convertible bra like the Elomi Women’s Strapless Bra is a good option. Also called a multi-way bra, you can adjust to different styles, including halter, one shoulder, cross back, and conventional.

Plunge: This is similar to regular strapless bras, with the only difference being in the neckline. As you can see in the Carnival Lace Bra, this type of full-figure bra with no straps often comes with a low plunge to accommodate outfits with low necklines.

Woman wearing a fuschia strapless bra with a light pink cover up

Related Questions

What Are the Challenges of Wearing Plus Size Strapless Bras?

The main challenge of wearing strapless bras is that they won’t have additional support to pull the cup and keep the band in the proper position. You may feel too restrained if you wear incorrect cup sizes, as some full-figured bras tend to shrink after several washes.

Should I Size Up or Down for a Plus Size Strapless Bra?

You don’t have to size up or down when choosing plus size bras without straps. It’s crucial that you pick your actual band and cup measurements.

How Do I Keep Strapless Bras From Falling?

Aside from choosing the right size, you can prevent strapless bras from falling by putting fashion tape along the top part of the cups. Another way is to select bras with silicone grips.

Why I HATE Strapless Bras (And You Should Too!!!)


Plus size strapless bras rely primarily on the bands and underwires, which is why you need to find one that fits very well and is comfortable. Even with your unique body measurements, my buying advice provides you with the best plus-size bras with no straps that are snug and long-lasting.


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