Bell Shape Breasts Overview: What to Know

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When I talk about breasts, the first thing that comes to mind is their size. However, breast shape is another factor to consider while shopping for bras. Did you know that there are around ten different breast shapes, one of which is bell-shaped? So, what are bell-shaped breasts, and do you have them?

What Are Bell-Shaped Breasts?

As the name suggests, bell-shaped boobs are shaped like a bell. They are slimmer at the top and fuller at the base, with a more rounded bottom. Women with round breast shapes usually have a larger cup size. While this shape is pretty common, finding the perfect supportive bra can be a challenge.

Graphic illustration of various types of breasts and their corresponding names

Of course, that does not mean that you will not find any bra, just that you cannot wear every bra style. Below I dive deeper into the types of bras and clothing ideal for the breast shape in focus so you never feel uncomfortable or unsure about your body again. Keep reading!

Cultural Perceptions of Bell-Shaped Breasts

The bell-shaped bust is often confused with sagging breasts. However, saggy breasts can occur over time due to old age, pregnancy, body mass index, etc. On the other hand, there is no specific reason for having bell-shaped boobs. Moreover, there are slight differences in appearance that set the two apart.

Saggy breasts have their nipples pointing downwards, while bell-shaped boobs have nipples pointing forward. Sagging boobs also often have loose, wrinkly skin, while bell-like breasts are firm and taut, especially in younger women. Finally, sagging breasts are almost cylindrical in shape with equal fullness throughout, unlike bell-shaped boobs.

Unfortunately, a woman’s body often undergoes a lot of scrutiny. Many people fail to realize that every body shape is different, and it is unjust for women to conform to society’s standards. In addition, you cannot alter your bust shape without surgery, and even breast augmentation procedures have their limitations. 

Best Clothing for Bell-Shaped Breasts

What you wear directly affects the shape of your body. Hence, you should dress according to your frame to accentuate your silhouette and look stylish. The following features in your attire are very flattering for a bell-shaped bust.

Scalloped V-Neckline

A scalloped neckline is very popular in haute couture as it looks elegant and stylish. In addition, when the scallops are designed into a V-shaped neckline, it looks even better and chicer. This type of neckline, combined with the ideal bra for bell-shaped boobs, delivers a very attractive decolletage.

Woman in a pink push-up bra with underwire and wearing blue denim jeans standing near a white wall

Cinched Waist

Since the bell-shaped breasts are more voluminous, emphasizing your waist will enhance your curves and make the most of your unique body shape. Look for dresses and tops that hug your waist.

You can also add a belt around your waist with loose clothing. Make sure that the belt is midway on your waist between the hips and bust. If it is too close to the breasts, it will make your chest look too wide.

Vertical Lines

Vertical lines have long been used to create a slimming effect. Opt for tops, tunics, and dresses with vertical strips to make you look trimmer and your chest less wide. Another advantage of a vertical pattern is it makes you look taller, elongating your frame.

Wrap Style

The wrap dress is one of the most beautiful types of dress. Moreover, the versatile dress has all the attributes that help make the bell-shaped of your bust look more appealing. It has a waist-defining midsection that you can make tighter or looser depending on your preference.

It often has a deep V-neck that is the most suitable neckline for a large chest. You can go for a more plunging style or keep it demure with a short V. Finally, it works for every occasion, be it a casual lunch or an intimate date night.

Best Bras for Bell-Shaped Breasts

Wearing the correct bra is of utmost importance to support your breast tissues as you go about your day. In addition to providing support, bras can also help you achieve a more defined shape, add curves to your frame, and offer coverage. Following are the best bras for bell-shaped breasts.

Tan plunge bralette and denim shorts are worn by a woman standing near a table

Full Coverage Bra

A full coverage bra works for a lot of different bust shapes, including the bell-shaped. It has the following features:

  • High neckline to cover the entire bust
  • Wider straps for more support
  • Slightly wider sides to prevent side spillage

As evident from the features, a full coverage bra is designed to support large breasts and most bell-shaped boobs tend to be on the heavier side. Consequently, full coverage cups ensure the breast tissues do not spill over the edge. The bra also offers more support to take off the load from your shoulders and back.

Underwire Bra

As the bottom of a bell-shaped bust is fuller, it needs the support offered by the underwires. The underwire bra helps lift the entire breast, providing you with some fullness on the top. Moreover, the structure also offers some projection for a more rounded, frontal appearance.

An underwire bra does not have to be uncomfortable. Many women do not realize this and opt for a wireless bra instead, which is one of the top mistakes when buying a bra for a full figure. A quality underwire bra will sit comfortably on your chest without any poking or pinching.

Contour Bra

A contour bra has seamless, molded cups with lining that help define your bust shape and hold the breasts in position. The bra cups hold their shape even when you are not wearing them. Thus, this bra can help your bell-shaped boobs look perkier and more lifted.

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Bell-shaped breasts are wider and fuller at the bottom compared to the top, which is narrower. Women with a big bust usually have this shape, which is often confused with sagginess. If you have a bell-shaped bust, you need bras that are more contouring, lifting, and supportive for a perkier silhouette.


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