How Big Is a 36A Bra?

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Finding the best-fitting 36A bra can be a more difficult than some might think. There are indeed many A-cup bra options available. In contrast, not all women are the same size or shape. It can be challenging to select small bras that fit properly. The following article defines how big is a 36A bra and what that means. 

How Big Is a 36A Bra?

A 36A bra size provides you with a relatively large band and a relatively small cup size. Women with a 36″ underbust and a 37″ bust should wear a 36A bra.

Graphic image of a woman wearing a blue tank top and black shorts that has a text explanation that a 36A bra size has a bust range of 36-37 inches and a band size of 35-36 inches

If you find that a 36A is close but not a perfect fit, you might want to try sister sizing. Choosing a sister size is an option if a 36A bra isn’t right. A 36A is also equivalent to a 30D bra size, 32C cup size, and 34B bra size

Best Bra Styles for 36A

For women with average sized frames with with really small breasts, like a 36A, I recommend having an awesome push up bra. Here’s one with serious lift – the FallSweet Add Two Cups Bras Brassiere. You’ll get some serious cleavage for a night out on the town (no joke).

How Should a 36A Bra Fit?

How will you recognize the ideal fit when you see it? Test a bra using these seven criteria to ensure that it is the right size:

A red push-up underwired bra with a lace floral design placed on a white mannequin
  • In a waist-bending motion, hook your bra. The cups should completely enclose your breasts.
  • Change the band’s size. Make sure the bra’s front and back are levels.
  • Verify that it isn’t too loose. One finger should be the only thing that can be slid under the band.
  • Correct straps that are falling. For a better fit, shorten the straps and tighten the band.
  • Face a mirror sideways. Between your shoulders and elbows, your breasts should be in the middle.
  • An accommodating fit. Go up one band size if you need to down a cup size, and vice versa.
  • Select the outermost hook’s ideal fit. You can tighten and fix the hook when the bra starts to sag over time.

What Are the Typical Bra Fit Issues?

Not all bras are made the same. There are a few obvious indicators that you might not be wearing the proper bra size, such as cup wrinkles or a bra that rises when you lift your arms. Here are some helpful hints for avoiding the uncomfortable, poorly fitting bra:

A light pink full-coverage wireless bra with a tag placed on a blue background
  • The bra band is too tight. While still allowing you to breathe comfortably, your bra band should fit snugly around your body.
  • The straps dig in. You should be able to adjust your straps so that they are not too tight.
  • The straps are disintegrating. Tighten your straps if necessary, so that your bra fits better.
  • The bra strap extends. If your bra band is a little wide, secure your hooks in the tightest area.
  • The bra band causes bulges. It must not be too tiny.
  • They are too flimsy. Your bust should be completely covered, with no gaps.
  • Too tight are the cups. The cups shouldn’t leak or break at all.

Related Questions

Is 36B Bigger Than 36A?

A 36B bra size is larger than a 36A cup size. The similarity in both cases is the measurement of the rib cage just below the bust is 36 inches. If the difference between the bust and rib cage is one inch, you are a 36A. If it is around 2 inches, it you are a 36B.

How Often Should Bra Size Be Measured?

As a general rule, aim for an in-store bra fitting or measuring your bust at home every six months. You can do this more frequently if you’ve lost or gained weight or your bras have become uncomfortable. 

You should also wash your bras regularly. How you clean your bras will affect how they fit in the long run, so use the right washing bags and tools and follow the care instructions carefully.

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There is no better feeling than knowing you look good. When you look good, you exude confidence, and your possibilities seem limitless. Not only will knowing your bra size before you go bra shopping save you time, it can also prevent you from buying the incorrect bra size.


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