Best Push Up Bra for Small Chests [2024 Review]

It can be difficult for women with smaller breasts to get a great push-up bra that’s comfortable and fits well. However, finding the best push-up bra for A cup is easy once you know what to look for.

Small Chest Push Up Bra Reviews

If you’ve got an A cup or AA cup, a push up bra can be your best friend. There are options that just give you small bust more shape, or you can opt for a bra that will add a cup or two of size. I have found the best options for you, depending on your preference.

Maidenform Women’s Love Lift Push Up Bra

Unlike the other bras featured in this review, the Maidenform Lift Push Up bra keeps you dry when you’re perspiring. Additionally, this super comfortable bra runs consistent with size to ensure the size you pick is what you’ll get.

The Maidenform push up bra also gives women an attractive cleavage and natural lift. 

It makes your boobs look attractive and has thicker lashes that distribute the weight over your chest uniformly. This Maidenform is an ideal push up bra for small chested women who find it difficult to get a good fitting bra.

Additionally, its super soft band makes it perfect for women with sensitive skin. This push up sports bra also remains intact so you don’t have to keep checking if your boobs are in place when you’re exercising.

Compared to other bras on this list, this push up bra has a small size. However, it’s comfortable and is designed to stay firm without constant adjustments. 


  • Designed with thicker lashes
  • Keeps boobs in place
  • Hook and eye closure
  • Super comfortable

Lily of France Women’s Tailored Bra

The Lily Of France Push Up Bra has full coverage cups that give off an appearance of fuller breasts. The cups are neither too low nor too high plus the smooth stretch band ensures you are comfortable, making it one of the elegant bras. Its shoulder straps are adjustable to allow you to pair them with several outfits. 

Similar to the OnGossamer bra, it’s lined with adequate cushioning to give the illusion of a big bust, while preventing any nip slips. It’s also very comfortable. Unlike other bras on this list, it offers the perfect balance of push up and support.

Additionally, it’s designed with more padding and has u-shaped ballet black for providing support without any chaffing or digging.


  • ​Demi cup style
  • ​32 – 38 band, A – D cup sizes
  • Customizable shoulder straps
  • Soft fabric for a smooth touch 

FallSweet Women’s Bra

Unlike the other bras I’ve reviewed, the FallSweet Add Two Cups Bra differs both in features and visual appearance. Its unlined demi-cups are contoured and offer the best support.

As opposed to the other bras recommended, this push up bra does not have an underwire, making it incredibly comfortable! 

You can also customize it to lift your bust. Unlike the other bras I’ve mentioned here, this is the only plunge cup bra on this list. Its shape, contoured cups, and adjustable ribbon gore can be utilized to give you the ultimate cleavage.

Its soft and smooth material makes you feel comfortable the whole day. The added spandex allows for some expansion to ensure you don’t feel too squeezed. The FallSweet bra is also great for ladies of any height as it has adjustable straps. 


  • ​Plunge cup bra
  • ​32 – 38 band, A – C cup sizes
  • ​Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Unlined cups with adjustable cleavage

OnGossamer Women’s Bump it Up Bra

The OnGossamer Bump It Up Bra is one of the top push up bra and features a demi cup style that’s great for wearing with low-neck outfits. This underwire push up bra boosts your breast for a natural, fuller chest. It’s also very comfortable and provides good cleavage that lifts up your breast.

Its lightweight, smooth material doesn’t feel heavy while wearing it, making it an excellent choice for all-day wear.  Additionally, you won’t feel squeezed when wearing it. Compared to other best push up bras I’ve reviewed, this bra offers the least amount of support.

However, its adjustable straps can be modified for a customized lift. The bra is also lifting and instantly makes your breasts look bigger. If you want undergarments that bring style to your everyday wear, invest in this bra.


  • ​Demi cup style
  • ​30 – 36 band sizes, A – DD cup sizes
  • ​​Adjustable shoulder straps
  • ​Hook and eye closure 

Victoria’s Secret Pink Everywhere Bra

For great cleavage and lift of your breast, I recommend Victoria’s Secret Push-Up Bra! The padded cups provide good coverage to avoid nip slips while making your breasts appear attractive. The shoulder straps are adjustable for a customized lift suited to your liking. 

Compared to the OnGossamer bra, this one’s cut makes it more applicable to pair with low neck outfits, while giving your breasts a natural, fuller look. The Victoria’s Secret Push-up bra also adds 2 cup sizes for making your chest look fuller.

Additionally, this bra is easy to wash, dries quickly, and is comfortable to wear for most women. There’s also a good selection of colors such as red, black and white.

The Pink Everywhere is the best Victoria’s Secret bra for small chests. I wear mine weekly.


  • ​​32 – 36 band, A – DD cup sizes
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • ​Smooth cups for a fuller look
  • Hook and eye closure 

Warner’s Full-Coverage Underwire Bra

If you’re looking for a comfortable bra that covers your assets fully and makes your cleavage look great, consider getting the Warner’s Full-Coverage Underwire Bra. It has a seamless design making it one of the most comfortable bras. 

The Warner’s bra is also popular among women because of its smoothness and softness. Apart from giving your breasts a pleasant shape, it has light cushioning that offers support to ensure you remain comfortable while wearing it. 

This push up bra has super-soft pads that are designed with spandex and nylon and offer brushed cup lining to give you day-long comfort.


  • ​Available sizes: 32D-42DDD
  • Hook and eye closure
  • Adjustable front straps
  • Cushioned underwire 

MITALOO Strapless Push Up Bra for Small Chest

The MITALOO Strapless Push Up Bra is a good looking strapless and revealing bra. It’s easy to clean and can be worn with any dress. Additionally, this backless bra stays firm if you choose not to use straps.

This push up bra is also invisible under a dress and is quick drying, breathable and lightweight, making it the best bra for travel. Similar to Warne’s full coverage bra, you’ll love the natural lift you get when wearing this bra.

However, bear in mind that this strapless push up bra can’t be worn when you’re working out or performing activities that make you sweat because the adhesive is what holds this bra up. It also provides the ultimate natural lift and has padded push-up cups

While it’s easy to wash this bra, it is wise to hand wash them to get durable results. Women feel attracted to this bra as it adds a unique style to its design. 


  • Perfect for low-cut outfits 
  • Increases cleavage
  • Pull-on closure
  • Easy to clean

Wingslove Push Up Bra

The Wingslove Push Up Bra is comfortable and soft when worn. It’s also one of the best push up bras as it has a smooth, breathable texture. This lightly padded plunge bra also gives a natural look after dressing up.

Its padding ranges from 6mm to 3mm to give the right support required for any breast and provides comfort without pinching breasts. Additionally, women love its extra padding with a hook and eye closure, as well as its soft cups. 

This plunge bra can be your perfect choice for both special occasions and daily wear. Unlike the MITALOO push up bra, it has a seamless stretch band for added comfort. 


  • Smooth, breathable texture
  • Lightly padded push up bra
  • Adjustable removable straps
  • Seamless stretch band

Calvin Klein Strapless Push Up Bra

The Calvin Klein strapless push up bra has a tender texture with 33% spandex and 67% nylon. It’s felted underwire straps keep your breast firm if you decide to go strapless.

This Calvin Klein women’s push up bra also has a cushioned back closure, making it one of the most comfortable strapless push up bras. Additionally, the Calvin Klein push up bra prevents your boobs from sagging or slipping.

Like the MITALOO push up bras, you can wear it with or without straps. It also provides firm support and comes in four colors. It’s available in A-DDD cup sizes and 32-38 band sizes. The bra is available in different color options to suit various types of outfits. 


  • Strapless bra with sweetheart cut
  • Adjustable and removable straps
  • 32-38 band, A-DDD cup sizes
  • Hand wash only

Curvy Couture T-Shirt Bra

The Curvy Couture T-Shirt bra is ideal for women with large bursts. It’s available in C-H cup sizes and 34-44 band sizes. The bra also has soft push up pads and the balconette shape for a natural lift. It pushes up for enhanced cleavage and twists in the middle for extra lift

This T-Shirt bra has a firm band that provides good support while the dangling jewel and the lace detail adds sparkle to make it more attractive. Its straps help you get more support without drooping and is available in 30 different colors to suit your preferences. 


  • Full cup t-shirt bra
  • Gives a natural lift
  • Soft push up pads
  • 34-46 band, DD-G size

Qualities to Look for in a Push up Bra for A Cup

Features you need to check as you look for the top push up bra for flat chests include:

A cup push bras have contoured-shaped cups with built-in padding and supportive straps

Comparing Push Up Bra for Small Chests Features

Push Up Bra Padding Structure Cups
Maidenform Wonderbra Light paddingWiredDemi
Lily of France Tailored Moderate paddingWiredDemi
FallSweet Brassier Moderate paddingWirelessPlunge
OnGossamer Bump It Up Moderate paddingWiredDemi
Victoria’s Secret Pink Everywhere Heavy paddingWiredFull-coverage
Warner’s This is Not a Bra Light paddingWiredFull-coverage
Mitaloo Sticky Light paddingWirelessDemi
WingsLove Everyday Basic Light paddingWiredPlunge
Calvin Klein Naked Glamour Light paddingWiredBalconette
Curvy Couture Tulip Moderate paddingWiredFull-coverage

Bra Straps

Oftentimes, straps of push up bras that don’t fit well keep falling down and don’t offer the right support. You may also have a low-quality or the wrong size bra if the straps fall down your shoulder after adjusting severally. Ensure your straps offer good support and stability.

Contoured Shape

A contouring bra contours itself to your body and stays where it is once it’s used to your shape. luckily, lots of strapless bras have contouring push-up features attached to them.

Push Up Lift

The push up lift amount differs on each bra. For smaller-breasted women, a two cup raise can be done naturally and comfortably, once they find a bra that fits. These push up bras have extra padding.

Ensure the padding looks natural and doesn’t make your assets seem unnaturally enhanced. If you’d rather avoid the push up features, you’ll want to choose one of the best bras for small busts. These will give you padded options without the push up feature.

A woman in a black push-up bra and black leggings is seated on a bed with a white bedsheet


Too much padding on small boobs can seem unnatural. Therefore, go for padding that accentuates your breasts. This padding is focused underneath the boobs where it lifts your breasts up. Women with smaller boobs can opt for push up bras with removable pads to help with their comfort level.

There are also push up bras for A cup ladies that have a little extra padding than normal. They up your boobs by one or two sizes. If you’re looking for a modest bra, stay away from excessive padding.

Seamless Structure

I recommend looking for a seamless bra, as it can be worn with any outfit without showing up underneath your shirt. For those with smaller breasts, it can seem impossible to find one. 

However, if you use a bra that’s slightly bigger than your normal size, you’ll be able to see this underneath your shirt, regardless of whether the bra is seamless or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to Wear Padded Bras every day?

It’s not okay to wear padded bras every day because they apply constant pressure to the delicate breast tissue as they’re designed to alter the shape of your breasts unnaturally. In turn, this constricts and compresses the lymphatic vessels and eventually blocks them.

This leads to an excess in toxins which can cause the development of breast cancer.

How Can I Make My Small Boobs Appear Fuller?

You can make your small boobs appear fuller by wearing a push up bra. It comes with extra padding and boosts the way your boobs look. You can also use bra-strap clips that transform a bra into a racerback. They hold up your bust and prevent the straps from showing. 

How Can I Measure My Bra Size at Home?

Measuring your bra size at home is easy. First, measure under your bust using a tape measure and write down the measurements in inches. If the figure is an odd number, round it up to the closest even number to get your band size.

Next, measure the fullest area of your chest and write down the measurements in inches. Lastly, minus your band size from your bust size to get your size.

​Related Questions

Is It OK to Wear Padded Bras Daily?

It’s not okay to wear padded bras daily because they apply constant pressure to the delicate breast tissue as they’re designed to alter the shape of your breasts unnaturally. In turn, this constricts and compresses the lymphatic vessels and eventually blocks them.

How Can I Make My Small Boobs Appear Fuller?

You can make your small boobs appear fuller by wearing a push up bra. It comes with extra padding and boosts the way your boobs look. You can also use bra-strap clips that transform a bra into a racerback to hold up your bust and prevent the straps from showing.

How Can I Measure My Bra Size at Home?

To measure your bra size at home, measure under your bust using a tape measure and write down the measurements in inches. Next, measure the fullest area of your chest and write down the measurements in inches. Lastly, subtract your band size from your bust size to get your size.

What Is a Push-Up Bra? (Yes, You Should Try One)

Final Thoughts

Small breasted women can experience challenges when looking for their bra​ size. However, if you consider the features I’ve highlighted above, you can find a comfortable push-up bra.


Allena is the Founder and Editor of The Better Fit, a platform dedicated to empowering women with practical advice on bras and fitness, inspired by her own revelation of the widespread issue of incorrect bra sizing. Her expertise and tips have been recognized by major publications such as Cosmopolitan, Better Homes & Gardens, Insider, and NBC, making her a trusted voice in women's wellness and lifestyle.