Best Bra Wash Bag [2024 Review]

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Do bra cups distort or become twisted after being washed with other clothing? You might wish to try machine washing if you don’t have enough time to hand wash delicates. You can maintain the cleanliness and condition of your bras with the help of the best bra wash bag.

My Top Bra Wash Bag Reviews

I rate the Palterwear Mesh Drawstring Bag as the best bra wash bag after besting other laundry bags in terms of functionality, quality, and capacity. It is a useful cleaning bag for both home and travel because of its huge capacity, durable material, and multifunctional design.

Wash bags can keep bras from getting wrinkled or damaged in the wash. With several sizes and types available on the market, I’m giving more options to suit different demands when cleaning undergarments.

Best Bra Wash Bag Overall: Palterwear Mesh Drawstring Bag

Do you prefer handwashing for undergarments and then want to use a delicate cycle for delicates the next moment? Either way, the Palterwear Mesh Drawstring Bag will protect your elastic bras from being stretched out and prevent the hook-and-eye closures from snagging fabrics.

Bacteria from perspiration and body oils can break down the fabric, which may also encourage a foul odor. With its polyester material, the soft and porous mesh enables the water and detergent to pass completely, cleaning every part of the bra.

It measures 10×15 inches, which means it has a smaller capacity than the other bags. However, this is enough for one to two full-coverage bras to prevent the cups from smashing against each other.

Because of its doubly reinforced seams, the bag keeps its structure to stop the bras from tumbling inside. Even if you put the bag in a washing machine, it can contain the cups and removable pads in place.

Unlike the other bags, the Palterwear Mesh Bag has useful clips along the drawstring line. You can separate a wet bikini top or a soiled trekking bra in this bag, then clip it outside your backpack so it won’t mess with your things.


  • Soft, pliable, and a lightweight mesh bag for thorough cleaning.
  • Capacity can clean one to two bras.


  • The clip can get caught in some garments.
  • The drawstring doesn’t seal entirely and may accidentally open.

Best Extra Large Bra Wash Bag: Henbula Zippered Delicates Washing Bag

If you prefer a bigger and more structured bag than drawstrings, the Henbula Zippered Delicates Washing Bag is another excellent option. Your bras won’t get ripped or tangled up during the wash cycle, thanks to their small body and zipper closure.

The set comes with two extra large bags measuring 20×24 inches and two large bags measuring 16×20 inches. This size can fit small coats and blankets, so it’s incredibly spacious for bras.

While it has a zipper closure like the other Henbula bag, this one has a flatter and more compact structure. Additionally, it features auto-lock and anti-rust zippers for added security, keeping bras from falling out.

Even after several washes, the zipper won’t become brittle. This saves you from the unfortunate risk of the bag opening inside the washing machine. Whether you have a bustier or a strappy bra, the bag will prevent delicate garments from losing shape or getting deformed.

However, the bag has a thinner material than the Palterwear drawstring, so the bag’s fibers may snag at some point. Although this is the case, the honeycomb mesh facilitates a sufficient flow of water and suds to ensure thorough cleaning and rinsing.


  • Breathable mesh fabric is washer and dryer safe, saving you from handwashing.
  • The large capacity is spacious for more than four bras per load.


  • The zippers tend to get stuck when you use the bags in the dryer.
  • Thinner fabric than the others.

Best Structured Bra Wash Bag: Henbula Zippered Laundry Bag

It might take a lot of time to hand wash a week’s worth of laundry, and bras frequently lose shape when washed in the washing machine. You can throw your dirty bras in the laundry with the Henbula Zippered Laundry Bag without worrying about damaging the band, straps, or cup.

Compared to the others, this bag has a cylindrical design because it’s mainly for washing shoes. This cage-like structure protects whatever is inside, extending the life of your favorite bras, mainly if they have foam padding.

The size has a bigger load capacity than iBasingo, enabling you to spread around two to three bras inside the bag. Its thick polyester mesh prevents hooks from poking through or catching on to other clothing.

Despite its thickness, water and detergent can easily permeate the bag, thoroughly washing and cleansing your bras. In effect, it will only take a few minutes to remove deodorant marks and other stains.

However, it doesn’t have a zipper head protector, which means the zipper may scratch the tub. Still, this isn’t much of a dealbreaker as the bag does a great job of keeping delicate clothing from coming out tangled.


  • The thick polyester mesh keeps the structure intact even after several washes.
  • It can fit up to three bras without overstuffing the bag.


  • The zipper may become undone due to the lack of a zipper head protector.
  • It takes longer to dry because of the fabric’s thickness.

Best Tear-Resistant Bra Wash Bag: iBasingo Nylon Mesh Bag

Don’t like your bras getting squished in big laundry baskets? With the iBasingo Nylon Mesh Bag, you can wait until you fill it with two bras, then put it straight into the washing machine for cleaning.

It has a drawstring like the Palterwear Mesh Bag, safely sealing one to two large-cup bras. The drawstring design makes hanging on doorknobs, bed frames, or cabinet hooks convenient when you have a small space.

This wash bag is the only one that uses premium-grade nylon. The material allows the bag to have high tensile strength. Even if you toss it in regular wash cycles, the bag can recover its shape and won’t have loose fibers.

More than that, the iBasingo Mesh Bag has a four-layered fabric sewn at the binding. This makes it a great laundry bag after hiking or swimming. The double-stitching at the drawstring makes the bag tear-resistant while preventing wet bras from falling out.

However, its long string tie tends to get caught in washer filters. Although the cord stopper does a great job of containing the bras inside and ensuring lacy bras won’t get shredded.


  • It uses high-quality nylon mesh to let water and soap pass through quickly.
  • Cord-lock design keeps up to two bras sealed inside.


  • The string tie may get caught in the washer filter.
  • Nylon is not ideal for use in dryers.

Features to Consider for a Bra Wash Bag

There are many ways to clean a bra, particularly when you use a washing machine with multiple delicate or handwash settings. Wash bags for bras require more than netting. There are different features that can ensure your bras don’t get misshapen, whether you machine wash or hand wash them.

Wash BagMaterialClosureBras Per Load
Palterwear Mesh BagPolyesterDrawstring1-2
Henbula Delicates Washing BagPolyesterZipper4 and up
Henbula Laundry BagPolyesterZipper2-3
iBasingo Mesh BagNylonDrawstring1-2

Size and Capacity

Size is a crucial factor when choosing laundry bras because this ensures the bras won’t spill out or become too compressed inside. However, if you only clean one to two bras and use a large bag, the bag may get tangled with the other clothes.

The Palterwear Mesh Drawstring Bag balances capacity and functionality by cleaning up to two bras in one load. Meanwhile, the Henbula Zippered Delicates Washing Bag has the biggest capacity, allowing you to put at least four full-coverage bras in there without compressing them.

The iBasingo Bag is another good option for traveling because of its size and ability to be easily folded. Regardless, the size of the bags will ensure you won’t lose another padding or removable strap in the mysterious washer-dryer that seems to like eating up small garments.

An image of a mesh bag


Mesh bags should ideally consist of water-resistant materials to prevent easy damage from frequent washing. Due to their short drying times, these materials help prevent the accumulation of dirt and moisture.

You need a lightweight yet sturdy bag to ensure the bras remain inside while water can easily pass through the mesh. These fabrics are also standard among bras because they are tear-resistant for rough use and longevity, protecting bras from zippered pants or dress hooks.

  • Polyester: Palterwear and Henbula use polyester to create a thicker lining, letting them carry the additional weight of damp bras. When camping, swimming, or preferring to use a clothesline, you can easily airdry the bags because polyester has greater UV protection.
  • Nylon: Despite nylon’s high tensile strength, this allows the iBasingo bag to remain softer and lighter. It also has better odor resistance, so the bags won’t keep the odor from stinky bras.

Mesh Holes

Mesh fabric creates the lightweight and permeable texture of laundry bags. The mesh perforations provide a barrier against outside elements while regulating the flow of water and soap suds. In addition, this can make the bags elastic, water-resistant, wrinkle-free, and easy to maintain.

You also have to consider whether the holes are big or small enough for bra hooks to get caught in them. A finer net can prevent the bag from getting caught on anything.

  • Large holes: The Palterwear and Henbula Extra Large Zippered Bags have bigger holes that enable water to saturate the bras faster. Additionally, these aid in the bags drying rapidly, even if you have to hang them outside to dry while keeping the bras inside.
  • Small holes: The iBasingo and the other Henbula Zippered Bags feature smaller mesh holes. This denser design improves the structure of the bags, retaining their shape despite constant tumbling inside washing machines.


Zippers and drawstrings are the two most common types of closures used on mesh laundry bras. You can opt for the Henbula bags if you prefer the security of zippers, especially for machine washing. These bags use rust-proof zippers to withstand chemical reactions from detergent, hot water, and frequent washing.

An image of a person using mesh bag

On the other hand, the drawstring design of the Palterwear and iBasingo bags is perfect if you want a bag you can hang, wash, and use as storage.

Either way, the closures will stop bras from disappearing in your mountain of clothes, saving you time hunting for the cups or straps.

Straps and Hooks

Straps are only ideal if you’ll be carrying the bags at a distance. For example, you’re staying in a place with a common laundry room, or you bring your clothes to a nearby laundry and dry cleaning service.

The straps of the Palterwear and iBasingo bags are also useful when you want something that doubles up as a storage or travel bag. These can serve as water-resistant storage for wet bralettes after swimming or soiled sports bras after hiking or hitting the gym.

Meanwhile, the Palterwear bag comes with a carabiner clip that you can quickly attach to belt loops or your luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wash My Bra With?

The best way to wash bras is to use a mild detergent or regular liquid laundry soap. Avoid using fabric softener on bras, as this can reduce elasticity. Make sure the soap is gentle on delicate fabrics, particularly silk bras or lace bralettes.

How Do You Wash a Bra in a Laundry Bag?

To wash bras in a laundry bag, fasten the hooks and closures first, then simply put them inside the bag. Avoid placing the bag and bras in the dryer since the heat could melt the bag’s zipper or the underwire.

How Often Should I Wash My Bras?

A good rule of thumb is to wash a bra after wearing it twice or thrice. However, it’s best to clean it right away if it’s clad in dirt or soaked in sweat.


A freshly-cleaned bra can make it more comfortable to wear. Laundry bags can prolong the quality and lifespan of your bras by keeping delicate items safe in the wash. Whichever bag you choose from my recommendations, it can prevent damage to bras with molded cups, wired bands, or multi-way straps.


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