Best Balconette Bra [2024 Review]

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Finding a bra that feels comfortable and sexy seems challenging. That’s where a balconette bra shines, as it allows you to expose enough cleavage while leveling up outfits. This is why I’m giving you the top balconette bra options, along with some considerations to help you make a well-informed choice.

My Top Balconette Bra Recommendations

With its sturdy straps, stylish design, and half-coverage yet supportive cups, the Fantasie Belle Floral Lace Balcony Bra snags the top spot as the top balconette bra, especially for everyday wear. Since I know some of you may have other preferences, I have other options with varying designs, and functionality.

Fantasie Women’s Belle Floral Lace Balcony Bra with Underwire

Drawing the line between full and half coverage, the Fantasie Belle Lace Balcony Bra guarantees a supportive style, functionality, and appeal. With its lace-adorned cups, the bra also looks exceptionally lovely with square and low necklines.

It features three-piece balcony cups to sculpt the breasts and create a naturally rounded shape without risking top spillage for full-figured women. Additionally, a mesh band, which lies flat between the cups, reinforces the cups by supporting the rib cage and torso.

Meanwhile, the gore fits close to the breastbone, eliminating shelf or uni-breasts. While the cups won’t give a push-up effect, the lightly elasticated straps get to pull the cups forward and up-front. As a result, you would still receive a cleavage boost.

Since the straps are just under an inch in width, it isn’t wide enough to dig into the skin and leave bra lines. Note that the bra has wide-set straps, so the wide-set straps edge toward the shoulder, which may be a bit challenging for those with narrow shoulders.

The Fantasy Belle Lace Balcony Bra is a good pick for everyday wear if you love retro-style undergarments. Whether you want to try a pantsuit-and-bra combo, or you’re looking for an inner layer for your sheer tops, the aesthetics of this balconette bra can level up your outfits.


  • Half-coverage cups with sheer top lining
  • Comfortable enough for everyday wear
  • Provides a lift without squeezing the breast tissue too much
  • Adjustable straps and mesh band for a cleavage boost


  • Cups are a bit pointy at the tips
  • Straps are not ideal for narrow shoulders

Panache Women’s Envy Balconette Bra

One of the advantages of a balconette bra is its cleavage-enhancing abilities, and that’s what you would get when you wear the Panache Envy Balconette Bra. If you want an extra lift, the bra’s balconette shape offers natural lifting, even without too much padding.

Aside from the underwire, the four-sectioned cups subtly shape the breasts. If you have sagging breasts, the balconette cups can give your bosom a more rounded and stable look. There’s also an underband that offers additional side support for ladies with bigger cup sizes.

Besides, the bra includes Powermesh wings to keep side bulges at bay. Even if you have a fuller top, the adjustable shoulder straps give the cups side support and a firm press against the chest without spillage. 

Similar to the Fantasie Balcony Bra, the Panache Envy Balconette Bra features delicate floral laces to make the bra look more luxurious. However, it’s more of a semi-sheer stretch lace bra due to the lack of foam lining.

Furthermore, the lack of a stiff upper cup means the bra won’t gape on shallower breasts nor dig into fuller breasts. Instead, it would flex into your body without impacting support or shape.

Even if the upper cup has more lace, the bottom cup contains a double-lined material for nipple concealment. Although not much of a dealbreaker, you may have to wash the bra a few times before the sheer stiffness goes away. 


  • Four-sectioned cups and broad underband for a supportive style
  • Ideal for ladies with firmer breasts and broad shoulders who need more side support
  • Fabric doesn’t feel itchy


  • More delicate sheer than other lace bras
  • Noticeable seams

Panache Women’s Tango Underwired Balconette Bra

The Panache Tango Balconette Bra is a great alternative for ladies who want premium undergarments with a modest inexpensive tag. Despite the bra’s value, it provides a natural, rounded shaping to create a beautiful cleavage that would look good on clothes with low-cut necklines.

Although it has fuller lightly padded cups than the Fantasie Belle and Panache Envy balconette bras, the structure is much more suitable for women with larger busts. In this way, you can achieve a natural lift instead of volumizing the cleavage.

This bra features wide-set straps, more comprehensive than the other Panache bra, which help minimize shoulder pressure. However, the adjustable straps tend to flare out a bit, which could pose a problem for narrow-shouldered ladies.

Those with symmetric, firmer, and rounded-shaped breasts would benefit from the mesh wings for a flattering silhouette. The band, which holds the wings, flats against the chest and is high enough to ensure the back won’t ride up.

All of these work together to provide an excellent amount of lift. If you have a fuller top, the broad-coverage smooth cups might push the boobs up too much. However, the cups may cause gaping if your breasts have a fuller bottom.

A little note: Chai is just the name, though the color is very much similar to nude. Nevertheless, the Panache Tango Balconette Bra’s texture and lack of lace offer a more modest coverage.


  • Nicely rounded smooth cups for a cleavage boost
  • Broader coverage for top-heavy women


  • Embroidery might show through thin t-shirts
  • Straps can flare out

Freya Women’s Daisy Lace Underwire Balcony Bra

If you prefer something like a push-up bra, the Freya Daisy Lace Balcony Bra can create cleavage and provide lift for low-cut dresses and t-shirts. It focuses on supporting the underside to create a more filling effect without losing out on good support.

Structure-wise, the full coverage resembles that of the Panache Tango Balconette Bra. The same goes for the higher than usual neckline, although it can still expose much of the upper half of your breasts. The underwire goes far under the arms, providing a lot of support for the side breasts.

Meanwhile, the underband helps push the weight of your breasts to encourage the formation of cleavage. There’s also a low-center gore that creates a plunge for an open neckline. Moreover, the bra consists of a three-panel cup of geometric lace, including stretch lacing for the top panel.

Despite the lace, the cups provide a rounded natural shape and seamless fit. This kind of bra style is much better if you want a firmer grip on your breast tissue, as the low-cut cups and full coverage add volume to the bosom.

Even if you lack breast volume, you won’t have to worry about the cups creating a gap because there are fully adjustable straps that prevent slippage. This is also ideal for ladies with sloping shoulders. 


  • Full coverage with a tad of cleavage
  • Stretch lacing for a firmer yet adjustable fit
  • Suitable for ladies with point and saggy breasts


  • Seams tend to fall apart from frequent washing
  • Underwire slips a little

Features to Consider in The Best Balconette Bras

The best balconette bras come in various sizes, styles, and colors, yet there are still ways to help you find the right bra. As long as balconette style bras have these shared features, you can radiate confidence while wearing the best balconette bra.

Comparing The Best Balconette Bras Features

Bra Balconette Style Structure Straps
Fantasie Belle Floral ClassicWiredWide-set, adjustable
Panache Envy Molded CupsWiredThin, adjustable
Panache Tango PaddedWiredWide, adjustable
Freya Daisy Lace Push-upWiredWide, adjustable

Balcony Cup

The term balconette comes from the word ‘balcony’ because of the bra’s horizontally-cut neckline that resembles a balcony. This creates half or three-quarter cups for concealment while lifting the top half of the bosom. As a result, this bra style forms a nice, rounded cleavage without fully covering the chest.

The style dates back to the 1940s when iconic movie star Marilyn Monroe popularized balconettes. With low-cut cups, a sexy neckline, and wide straps, the best balconette bras enhanced Monroe’s natural shape while ensuring support.

While a balconette bra is undeniably attractive, this style has varying effects depending on the body. Hence, make sure to consider these points when choosing a balconette bra.

  • The style is suitable for ladies who need a bit of a push. 
  • The best balconette bras are usually unlined, although you may want to consider light padding if you prefer full coverage.
  • It highlights your chest assets, so this won’t be the ideal style if you want modest coverage.
  • It leaves the top swell of the breasts exposed for a sexier look.
  • The cup looks quite similar to demi-cup bras, although the best balconette bras have a sweetheart shape, unlike the straight neckline of a demi-cup bra.
  • If you have a fuller top and don’t need to add volume, balconettes may push the breasts too much, risking spillage.
  • On the other hand, some large breasts need lifting, and a balconette bra can do that without the extensity of push-up bras.
  • Ladies with slender bodies and or drooping breasts can attain a slightly fuller top.
  • If you lack breast volume, a balconette bra can lift the bottom part of your breasts, although the top portion may not look as round as you would like.
  • The cups may not provide the best kind of support for high-impact activities, like exercising.

Balconette Style

Balconette is already a bra style, although some brands create hybrid styles to enhance a bra’s functionality. Choose from any of these styles that would best suit your outfits.

Graphic image with four blue bras that represents the different types of balconette bras
  • Classic: The classic balconette bra is the most common style, which somehow resembles demi-bras. It has wide sides with straps near above the underarms. A classic balconette like the Fantasie Belle Bra also includes a band and molded cups structure that follow the body’s natural curves.
  • Push-Up: Like the Freya Daisy Lace Bra, a balconette push-up is more appropriate if you lack top volume yet need a lift. In this way, you can still have three-fourth covered cups while keeping the top part of your breasts a bit rounder. 
  • Molded: This balconette style contains soft cups that allow the bra to mold according to your breasts. As evident in the Panache Envy Balconette Bra, this is ideal if your breasts can’t fill the cups and you want to avoid gaps.
  • Padded: If you don’t want to push the breasts further or non molded cups, yet you still want maximum support to pull them together, padded balconette bras can give you that lift without the push up effect. Featuring lightly padded cups, the Panache Tango Bra can enhance cleavage for deep neck tops.

Material, Print, and Color

One of the great things about the best balconette bras is that they come in alluring colors and materials for layering. Whether you want the bra to peek out of your neckline or show through your tops, you can enjoy wearing a balconette bra with different kinds of clothes.

  • Nude Palette: A nude palette balconette bra is a good option for everyday wear if you love wearing thin fabric and light-colored palettes. The Panache Tango Balconette Bra is an excellent example of this.
  • Lacing: Even with half or three-fourth coverage cups, some balconette-style bras include lacing in the upper layer to cover the rest of your breasts. Additionally, there’s a broad sheer lacing that covers the cups for a more sensual effect. The Fantasie Belle and Freya Daisy Lace balconette bras follow this style.
  • Print: Whether you’ll be hiding the bra under dark-colored tops or you want to show it under wide-armhole clothes, you can go for balconette style bras with animal print, textures, or loud colors. Like in the Panache Envy, the balconette bra comes with various decorative textures and colors.


While it’s common for the best balconette bras to have narrow bands, the band must sit high on your chest. Aside from that, it must have reinforced side panels that provide maximum support to keep the breasts in place.

Furthermore, the band mustn’t ride up. If this happens, you’re most likely wearing the wrong bra size. On the other hand, the bra may be too small if the band and hook closures dig into the skin.


In general, balconette bras have wide-set straps. Wide straps won’t be much of a problem if you have broad shoulders. Although this may be somehow challenging when you have narrow or sloping shoulders, risking strap slippage.

Make sure that you can adjust the length and tightness of the straps so that you can better fit the bra against your shoulders and chest.

Underwire and Gore

A balconette bra may also contain a hidden underwire underwire, a thin, semi-circular strip of metal or plastic sewn inside the bra’s fabric. It goes along under each cup to help the cups support, lift, and shape the breasts. 

This is why the balconette bras from this list all contain underwires to help the cups contour the natural shape of the breasts. In effect, they can better create a rounder shape at the top parts of your breasts.

Meanwhile, the gore is at the center of the cups, where you would see the hidden underwire forming a little bridge. How the gore rests in the chest indicates how well the bra fits. A well-fitting bra should have a short gore that touches the torso.

Related Questions

What Is the Difference Between a Balconette and a Demi Bra?

A balconette bra has a more sweetheart neckline in contrast to a demi bra’s straight neckline. Balconette bras simply lift the breasts, whereas a demi bra can create a slight inward tilt.

Are Balconette Bras Supportive?

Yes, balconette bras are supportive, providing excellent lift. Make sure to choose the correct band and cup size to support your breast size.

Who Are Balconette Bras Best For?

Balconette bras are suitable for various breast shapes that need to create fullness on the top of the bust while lifting the bottom breast tissue. This means balconette bras are perfect for ladies with small, round, teardrop, or athletic breasts.

What Is a Balconette Bra (Or Is It a Shelf Bra? Balcony Bra?)


The balconette is among the stylish yet functional bra styles. With the options above, I hope we can help clear your hesitations in using this bra type. Once you find the balconette bra that suits your size and taste, you can enjoy wearing this glamorous bra with confidence.


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