The 50 Top Fashion & Beauty Bloggers in 2024

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When it comes to the fashion and beauty industry, new trends are constantly evolving and being seen on and off the runway. It can be hard to keep up with all of the hottest clothing styles and makeup advice.

And this year is predicted to have some pretty wild trends! So, having some go-to beauty bloggers to follow for inspiration can be helpful!

Top Fashion & Beauty Bloggers to Follow

I scoured the internet to find the top fashion bloggers and beauty gurus that you need to be following this year. From influential women inspiring those in their 40s to bloggers.

They share the fashion trends of Australia and Dubai. I’ve gathered 50 of the best blogs for women you’ll want to bookmark so you can come back throughout the year.

Best Fashion and Beauty Bloggers to Follow in 2022

Blogger NameFollow For
Gabi FreshFashion advice for women sizes 14 and up
LoveBrownSugarSelf-empowering fashion and lifestyle
QueenHorsfallWestern and Eastern travel and fashion
Talking With TamiFashion and Hollywood events
Wendy’s LookbookEditorial-inspired fashion tips and art
Doesmybumlook40Nostalgia and fashion for women in their 40s
Accidental IconFashion advice for women over 60 years old
Over 50 Feeling 40Fashion and lifestyle for women over 50
NYC BambiNYC street fashion
Where Did U Get ThatBoutique and vintage fashion
That’s ChicInteractive fashion and lifestyle
The Blonde AbroadTravel and confidence in fashion
Hello HannahGirl-next-door and ethereal fashion
SebinaahFashion and lifestyle using hijab
​Retro FlameEccentric outfits and New York living
Margaret ZhangUnconventional styling and photography
​​Bisous NatashaRelatable glamorous outfits and interiors
We Wore WhatNYC fashion
She Does HimAndrogynous outfits
The Fashion AdvocateEthical fashion
Andy HeartMinimalist fashion
Thirteen ThoughtsSelf-development, beauty, skincare, fashion
Treasures and TravelsDIY, travel, lifestyle, food, and fashion
Pumps and IronMeal prep, workout, and fashion
The Fashion FruitEveryday outfits
Hannah GaleMotherhood, fashion, and motivation
Wide Eyed LeglessModern, minimalist fashion
Dallas WardrobeNot-so-popular fashion choices
Crystalin MarieFashion, city life, and motherhood
Chiara NastiLuxury and high fashion
Coco’s Tea PartyFashion and British life
A Piece of ToastMinimalist interior and fashion
Fashion and CookiesFashion, makeup, and food
Atlantic-PacificEast-Coast-Meets-West-Coast style aesthetic
A Girl in ProgressBeauty, fashion, mental health, finances
Lifestyle of a ProfessionalFashion, beauty, travel, and career
Blushing BlackFashion, interior, and motherhood
I Love Green InspirationNature-loving aesthetic
Flight of SpiceFashion, beauty, lifestyle, and health
Kryzayda RodriguezFashion, fitness, and faith
The DaileighTrendy outfits using closet essentials
Om and The CityFashion and wellness
The Ugly Truth of VFashion and travel
Social and StyleSouth Asian style
Lust for LifeFashion and culture
Valerie HusemannFashion, beauty, career, and health
Amalia LovesFashion, beauty, and culture
Desert MannequinMiddle Eastern fashion and lifestyle
Egg CanvasCity fashion, beauty, travel, and photography
Sunbeams JessExpression through clothes, tattoos, and piercings
Lucy MoonEast London fashion and lifestyle
Kailee MckenzieEthical shopping and fashion
Fashion blogger essentials flat lay


A self-proclaimed OG fat girl, Gabi Gregg took it upon her hands to fill a gap that women like her needed in the online space. Her blog, Gabifresh, is a fashion resource for young women who are size 14 or higher​, both full figured and curvy.

That’s how it started at least. And, that’s still what her blog and the rest of her social platforms stand for but nowadays, her reach and efforts are double.

She’s since launched her brand, Premme, which operates on the ethos of “style without compromise.”

​Why I Recommend

She leads by example. She encourages women to be confident about their bodies in bikinis by modeling her own plus sized lingerie for and swimsuit collection, which she also designed and produced herself.

She’s pulling up the confidence of young women of her similar size but also of her same color. She holds pride in being one of the many black fashion bloggers in the world.

Her collective work now precedes her blogger reputation. She was a blogger with a purpose – still is – but with more to expect from now.


Like Gabi, Christina Brown is another female blogger whose focus is empowering women through her work, whether that’s about her blog or other endeavors.

In her own words, she describes her blog as being “about style through the lens of self-empowerment.”

​Why I Recommend

Christina believes in the power of style when it comes to making you feel good about yourself. That’s what she wants to inspire in others by exemplifying the same confidence in herself.

From being consumed by her 9 to 5, this mompreneur now juggles her online community, BrownGirlsLove, being a content creator and a digital media strategist.

She makes brands and similar women who want to take hold of their own life. There’s something good to take away from this lady boss.


Not only is Diana Horsfall a co-founder of International Fashion Bloggers in Korea Seoul, but she’s also a world traveler who has made 5 countries her home.

Korea, specifically Seoul, is close to becoming one of the fashion capitals of the world next to other big cities like New York and Paris. who travels around the world.

​Why I Recommend

Diana, through all her social platforms, directly contributes to opening up the world to the once overly-conservative city fashion-wise, and vice versa.

She also frequents the most prominent fashion shows on the Western side of the globe. As a result, her style and life are balanced and influenced by Western and Eastern trends and aesthetics.

She blends the two seamlessly so that you won’t need to look for different bloggers coming from different continents for an honest representation of both in one person.


Back in 2005, Tami Reed, armed with her Bachelor’s degree in business management and television production, became the executive producer of her talk show, “Talking with Tami.” Viewers got a chance to look into the entrepreneurial ventures of her guests.

Not quite satisfied with leaving it at that, her strong interest in entrepreneurship brought her the success of her blog with the same eponymous name.

Why I Recommend

She’s been the host of major shows, mostly pageants and fashion shows, and a lifestyle editor for at least one publication. With all these experiences, her stories are ever-flowing and never dry.

She’s considered a red carpet correspondent. If you’re looking for the news about celebrity looks ​from the latest Hollywood events, as well as some tricks to make your body look great with contour,​ she reports on them diligently.

If you’re also inspired by life journeys like hers, she teaches newcomers and veteran bloggers who like to achieve greater success in their blogging endeavors.

I hear it’s in demand with hundreds on the waiting list. If that says anything, it’s that she is highly credible and there’s a lot to learn from this expert.

wendy's lookbook
​Wendy’s Lookbook ​


Wendy Nguyen is a pretty sound name. You’ve probably already heard about her or at least her very popular blog, Wendy’s Lookbook.

From the name itself, you can gauge what to expect – an abundance of outfits and a collection of everything from undergarments to coats that don’t fail to offer a wow factor.

​Why I Recommend

First off, her website reads like a magazine. From the professionally natural photos arranged like an editorial collage to the mix of script and serif fonts for the text, the entire layout is something to gawk at when you first come to her page.

It gives an immediate picture of what to expect which doesn’t fall short of being stylish. Her stylized outfits are a given.

The accompanying personalized essays, whether in posts or her About section, reveal a lot about herself. This makes every post and every outfit memorable and unique to her, which can be rare in the vast pool of bloggers on the web.

However, she’s not like the usual LA fashion bloggers who live in a cloud of their world and circles. Not only are Wendy’s outfits great, but she also works for a cause too.


Kat Farmer is easily a standout and so is her blog, doesmybumlook40. There are so many factors that render her a rare gem.

Among them are the fact that she’s a 40-something blogger in a sea of 20- and 30-somethings and her unique approach to life as only a woman of over 40 could live out. 

​Why I Recommend

Her blog’s name can make someone instantly curious. It gives you a hint but at the same time leaves you wondering what to expect.

To Kat, it’s simply about taking people along as she is “journeying into her 40s, perfecting a style that doesn’t scream mutton or frump.”

Her Blogspot URL also gives me all the nostalgic feelings from a time in Internet and blogging history when people approached it with pure fun and didn’t think about it as work or as a professional endeavor at all.

But even when others would consider this unprofessional now, this woman is killing it.

She has over a hundred thousand followers on her Instagram and a style that could compete with that of younger bloggers as she combines ​her timeless cozy fashion with some pieces from the ​present generation.


They say as you grow older, you can start to feel invisible. That’s not the case for Lyn Slater, dubbed as an accidental and influential fashion icon at 64 years old.

Even at her age, there seems to be more of her that continues to unfold, reminding and inspiring me that life doesn’t end at 60. There’s so much knowledge and insights I can gain from strong women such as Lyn, which is evident by the fact that her followers span all ages.

​Why I Recommend

Her blog, Accidental Icon, is for any confident women who live “interesting but ordinary lives” in the city. Lyn herself is an urbanite woman who is interested in modern intellectual aesthetics.

That’s exactly what she brings through her photos and outfits that are as bomb as those of her fellow bloggers.

Lyn is very comfortable with who she is. It might be from the number of years she’s lived to come into her own and figure out who she is at her core. That’s something not all bloggers, especially those in their 20s or 30s, can say for themselves.

This accidental icon is a prime example of being comfortable with one’s own and being fully unapologetic in expressing that. That could be your new year’s attitude.


Pamela Lutrell is in the same boat as the last two bloggers. She’s considered a senior in the youth-dominated blogging sphere. Like the other two, youthfulness is not obsolete in this rejuvenated spirit who’s keen on continuously improving herself. 

​Why I Recommend

Her blog is a “culmination of all [she] experienced and learned from living through a personal reinvention at age 50.” She explores this new persona through fashion, beauty and health, and lifestyle, which are also the categories her blog is divided into.

Her blog is mainly for women over 50 who, like her, may be looking for the motivation and reassurance of the possibility of a renewed self as they enter a new chapter in their lives.

If you typically spend most of your time focused on other people and commitments and very little time on yourself, then this blog is one to bookmark.

Pamela provides many insights on how to shift your mindset so you can start prioritizing time for yourself in some ways.

Honestly, I could all do more of that this year, no matter your age or life phase. With her experience, Pamela is someone to hear out.


Christie Tyler is a self-professed NYC girl with the vibe and je ne sais quoi of a French woman. In such a busy and fast-paced city, her laid-back style is quite refreshing.

She can make a slip dress look so chic even with the backdrop of classic and edgy New York City streets.

​Why I Recommend

Like many of the original bloggers, she started on Tumblr until her photos got unprecedented attention. She then turned into a blogger with more than a couple hundred thousand followers.

It’s no surprise, this girl can be likened to a model because she knows how to work a camera. Her DIY photo shoots, even those just in her apartment, look like they took a whole crew to achieve.

Speaking of her apartment, her interior design skills are high-level, considering she just goes by what she likes. Christie Tyler is someone whose lifestyle can be admired.

She sees beauty in the ordinary, and her blog is where you can see New York through her eyes. If you want to get a feel of the Big Apple even just through a screen, hers is one of the best NYC blogs you can follow this year.

where did u get that
​Where Did U Get That ​


As a newcomer in New York, Karen Blanchard started Where Did U Get That out of the innocent desire to discover places where the local girls shopped in her new home.

She wasn’t after the big names and brands. She wanted the fashion equivalent of hole-in-the-wall restaurants that can become her usual spot when it comes to fashion shopping.

​Why I Recommend

In the process, what used to be just a place to document her discoveries, her blog became a huge resource for women who know better than to traverse New York shopping spots without a guide.

Whether they’re Brit girls in New York like her or locals who’ve lived in the city for longer, she has helped in expanding the range of women’s knowledge from bras to shoes all coming from indie brands.

She helps explore other options than the big names in the industry.

that's chic
​That’s Chic


That’s Chic is not just a blog, it’s an accurate online representation of Rachel Nguyen. Everything is so well-thought-out that probably one of your first thoughts about it is about how good it was coded and made.  

​Why I Recommend

Upon landing on her page, you’ll get a feel for what her vision and aesthetic are because it’s a literal interactive mood board.

You can move around images that she picked out or taken herself and make a collage of your own. Authenticity comes up a lot in descriptions of her personality.

Whatever she shares, whether that’s an extremely luxurious designer bag or the cheapest thrift store find, she presents it in a way that’s unique to her character.

She has mastered creativity at its core and practices it daily in how she lives her life. You can line her up among Los Angeles’ fashion bloggers and she’ll fit right in and stand out at the same time.

She just has a charm that’s unique to her. More than the styling and career advice you’ll find on her platforms, she’s generally good at being herself.

One look at her blog will encourage you to be you, even if you don’t know what that means yet. That’s a good emotion to start when applied to dressing up yourself.

the blonde abroad
​The Blonde Abroad


The Blonde Abroad is named one of the Top 10 Travel Influencers by Forbes. If that doesn’t make Kiersten Rich’s blog seem credible to you, her intensive travel tips will get you hooked on her content.

​Why I Recommend

Her blog is pretty easy to navigate with a “Start Here” button. It flashes out brief nuggets of information about common questions people might have about every facet of traveling, from packing to planning the trip to documenting the experience.

Her vivid photos of places she’s visited are already enticing you to get off your seat and go out there.

Her wisdom about traveling will help you feel secure about your destinations and itineraries. She shares her mission as “to help women find the confidence from within to travel the world.”

The Blonde Abroad is highly encouraging for women who want to travel. Even if you’re pretty content with where you are right now, going through this will give you a strong urge of wanderlust.

hello hannah
​Hello Hannah


Hello, Hannah would seem like another sweet girl-next-door type of blogger with her pastel layouts and ethereal-themed photos. But, she owns her aesthetic with such panache that can’t be found in just any blogger. 

​Why I Recommend

One thing about her that will keep coming up in her posts is her vegan lifestyle. There are some negative connotations to the word as some critics have pointed out the inconsistency of some bloggers when talking about this topic versus actually living out its principles.

However, Hannah Hagler isn’t what those critics are talking about. She’s a good resource for her home, fashion, and beauty products that are vegan and animal-friendly.

Being a huge animal lover herself, that’s one of the main things she stands for in the blogging community, whatever topic she might cover. Just the sound of that is already very promising.


Sebina Hussain sets an example of what “taking a leap” means. She switched out her law degree for a career where she dresses and films herself for a living.

By using her university books as a tripod, she’s come a long way to grow her audience in the last four years of blogging.

​Why I Recommend

In Sebinaah, she offers candid and witty documentation of motherhood. She’s also someone to follow if you’re struggling with incorporating your sense of style while wearing the hijab.

She owns it with every outfit and makeup look. She doesn’t seem to let anything get in the way of pursuing her interest in fashion, so she’s a good choice for a role model.


​Everything about Retro Flame is sleek, from the blog layout to Erika Fox’s photos. It’s been included in several top fashion blog lists and for good reason. It’s not just Erika’s outfit posts that show her expertise in fashion.

It’s her vast experience in fashion PR with several media and personalities in the industry like Refinery29, Olivia Palermo, and Whitney Port that make her advice highly credible for anyone who wants to go on the same path.

​Why I Recommend

​Erika is also another New York girl and they always say you see the most eccentric outfits in that city. For people who’ve never been or that don’t see it often, this blog will give you a glimpse into a woman of the New York fashion set.


It seems like there’s nothing Margaret Zhang can’t do in the realm of creative media. Her skill set varies in a lot of aspects.

In no particular order or ranking, she’s a photographer, stylist, writer, director, and consultant for major brands, whether in the fashion or beauty industry.

Additionally, she’s no stranger to being in front of the camera.

​Why I Recommend

Having such a wide range of abilities, she’s done almost every part of the production process and therefore can tell what needs to be accomplished and how to do things seamlessly.

This is why her blog seems like a perfectly curated space that’s full of visuals that speak of her entire aesthetic, thoughts, and visions.

She has an unconventional style that even the highest fashion garment transforms on her.

bisous natasha
​​Bisous Natasha ​


Natasha is a model and photographer from London with a penchant for blogging. In Bisous Natasha she shares her style and more interestingly, her experience and work within the industry.

With her insider knowledge, hers is one of the fashion and beauty blogs of substance that can show you what it’s like from the inside of both industries.

​Why I Recommend

She’s been featured in big magazines like British Vogue and Vanity Fair, and in campaigns with the likes of Jimmy Choo, ASOS, and Topshop. However, this blog offers a less made-up version of her.

This is a blog that looks and feels good to read because the professional photos are juxtaposed with personal writing about her life and style. It’s always a treat when you see behind the scenes of a model’s life.

It seems so glamorous all the time, and it may look like that on her blog, but she also makes it relatable​ when you read that she also goes through the same struggles with clothing as I do.

we wore what
​We Wore What


At We Wore What, Danielle Bernstein focuses on style, fashion, and styling more than anything else.

You’ll see it in how she poses for her full angle photos – rarely with her face taking all the attention and with the outfits, whether long-sleeved or strapless is always at the forefront. 

​Why I Recommend

Everything else takes a step back, and yet even the details of her New York backdrop match her overall vibe.

Apart from the usual feminine style you see in almost every fashion blog, Danielle also covers interior design and menswear which can be alternative sources of inspiration.

She doesn’t claim to know all the tricks in the aspect of beauty, but you should put her first on your list of top fashion influencers because she’s got it down when it comes to fashion.


Allison Graham is a “Jamaican native adopted to the Brooklyn streets menswear fashion” and She Does Him is where she unapologetically shares all of her androgynies.

She couldn’t care less about gender norms because she breaks all of them one post at a time.

​Why I Recommend

Her blog offers a break from the usual I often see. Sometimes blogs and bloggers all morph into one aesthetic but hers won’t fit with the others because she does her own thing; “she does him.”

Though it’s not the main point of her blog or her identity, sharing her fashion perspectives as a Jamaican-born lesbian blogger is expanding the blogging community and rendering it more inclusive for everyone.

Even if you don’t specifically resonate with her style or her situation, there’s a shared emotion in her experiences that you can feel drawn to.

the fashion advocate
​The Fashion Advocate ​


Claire Goldsworthy is exactly what her blog name says she is – The Fashion Advocate. She encourages everyone who stumbles upon her content to look at fashion from an ethical perspective and think of it in conjunction with my consumption habits.

​Why I Recommend

Her blog slogan says it’s “all about good people doing good things.” It’s her way of raising awareness about conscious consumption and being considerate of all aspects of nature when it comes to purchasing things, especially in fashion.

It’s no secret nowadays how detrimental it is to change my destructive habits. This blog will get you there if you don’t know where to start.


A sleek low neck outfit doesn’t necessarily make you fashionable. If it’s not in your nature to dress up, it’s even more obvious how staged it is when you do.

Ann Kim is one of those people who’ve exemplified being fashionable while also being a minimalist and her blog Andy Heart is one of those everyday fashion blogs you bookmark and check for daily inspiration.

​Why I Recommend

She knows the value of a good pair of trousers, classic white sneakers, a chunky knit sweater, black pair of boots, and every other basic piece. Her wardrobe is probably filled with those as her outfit posts suggest.

However, you’ll never see her looking repetitive because she carries the clothes well and styles them differently each time.

Following her blog, Andy Heart will give you new ammunition to work on your basic pieces and transform them into mind-blowing outfits and pieces that are also comfortable.


Thirteen Thoughts might be a random name to you, but it’s a timely and relevant one for Paula as it was an outlet for her as she struggled with depression.

Picking up a photography habit was the thing that kept her busy from spiraling down the negative loop of her thoughts. Now, it’s a big platform where she can inspire others, and maybe you in the next year.

​Why I Recommend

There’s a widened span of topics that comes out. Every time she posts it targets a different area of interest she has.

These could be self-development, beauty, skincare, wellness, photography, blogging, or fashion. There’s something to find here especially if you’re on your journey to be better.

treasures and travels
​Treasures and Travels ​


The fashion industry loves twins, but sisters do well in the biz too. Tegan and Lindsay are two sisters who have made a name for themselves as partners in the fashion blogging community.

Treasures and Travels is a lifestyle blog where they document life from their studio in Vancouver, share their favorites in life, beauty, and fashion, and impart their wisdom so far to other girls.

​Why I Recommend

They have DIY tutorials and life update posts that are so relatable to the average girl who’s trying to figure out this life. It’s almost a comfort knowing their sisters doing it together, and reading their blog will feel like you’re having an older sister give you advice.

pumps and iron
​Pumps and Iron ​


Nicole Pearce is a group fitness instructor whose content is an extension of her practice in real life.

She’s active on a bunch of social media channels. Her Instagram alone is full of photos and videos of meal prep outputs and workouts you can easily insert into your routine.

​Why I Recommend

Pumps and Iron is where you’ll see a more expansive view of those as she shares on the site recipes, workouts you can follow from her videos, and answered questions, among other things that will get you ahead on your fitness journey.

fashion fruit
​The Fashion Fruit


The Fashion Fruit is the brainchild of Veronica Ferraro and Giorgio Merlino. Starting in 2010, it’s become one of the biggest fashion blogs in one of the biggest fashion cities in Europe.

This one’s for the girls with a certain taste in clothes but a universal type of style.

​Why I Recommend

This blog gives such an expansive inspiration for everyday outfits that can be Instagrammable whether you’re traversing your home city or traveling in a new one.

Aside from prepping your looks from the outside, it also gives fresh fitness tips to make you feel and look good from the inside.


Very few topics are off-limits to Hannah Gale. Her blog is a professional place for motivational posts and fashion inspirations, including discount codes.

But, it’s also her online diary where she gets raw and unfiltered about her life experiences.

​Why I Recommend

Some examples would be her life as a mom, experiences with breastfeeding, and just daily mundane struggles that seem bigger at the moment.

She goes through all in style and is very articulate in expounding on things she talks about. You can expect nothing from this digital journalist but real-life happenings told in a great storytelling fashion.

wide eyed legless
​Wide Eyed Legless ​


From the name itself, Wide Eyed Legless is already a unique blog that you wouldn’t be sure what to expect. Madelynn Furlong is an eccentric person herself, but it’s presented in such a minimalist way as her style and blog do.

​Why I Recommend

In her words, “WEL is a place to discover, create and inspire. It is as she creates the most compelling photos, captioned with bold serif titles that make you feel like you’re reading through a professional online magazine.

Madelynn has mastered monochrome outfits that incorporate one or two of the same color shades, which is such a fashionable technique of dressing nowadays.

As time goes next year, I’m almost sure you’ll find something to be inspired by her outfits and blog.


There are already so many blogs from girls in the biggest, most prominent cities, but almost none in places I know almost nothing about.

Blogger Amy Havins fills that lack when it comes to blogging about her home base Dallas in her blog Dallas Wardrobe.

​Why I Recommend

She’s not much different than other bloggers with a job as a style consultant aside from being a fashion blogger.

However, she shows me what girls from a not-so-popular (at least to the fashion set) place want in terms of clothes, how they dress, and how different their style is compared to other girls in big cities.

crystalin marie
​Crystalin Marie


San Francisco is home to many bloggers and is a very popular destination. Crystalin Marie is someone who started her blog to document her life in this city.

​Why I Recommend

Having just moved there when she began the blog, she has recorded the evolution of her style and the place’s influence on girls’ fashion sense.

It’s now a husband-and-wife business but it stays true to its initial aim which is to connect with other girls through posts about fashion, lifestyle, and motherhood.


Chiara Nasti is someone who’s truly dedicated to her work. You might have already seen her from her various collaborations with luxury and high fashion brands, but her blog gives a more candid look at her life, work, style, and everything in between.

​Why I Recommend

It’s like a diary of her life musings and reflections side by side with fashionable and beautiful photos of her outfits or makeup of the day.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in boss women who are slaying their careers but also have got that work-life balance in check.

Chiara shows me how that works and it’s inspiring to see how someone with the life that she has can stay grounded in her day-to-day.

coco's tea party
​Coco’s Tea Party


For many of the original bloggers that started in the ‘00s, it’s probably fashion magazines that built up their interest in fashion in them.

At least to 16-year-old Ella Gregory then, that was the case until she created Coco’s Tea Party.

​Why I Recommend

She’s showing no sign of slowing down. From the name itself, the blog is as British as she is.

I imagine it to be very therapeutic to read her blog, her book recommendations, and fashion tips, with tea, biscuits, moody music playing in the background, and a lit scented candle in the room.

a piece of toast
​A Piece of Toast ttp://


Sally and Molly are two sister bloggers who also come from Dallas. A Piece of Toast is a collaborative project between the two.

Upon seeing their page, it fulfills one thing that’s satisfying to see when it comes to blogs. It’s very organized. It has a minimalistic design with an easy to navigate pages.

​Why I Recommend

One of the two is a teacher and the other works full-time on the blog, and I have to say it works pretty well for them. Their content is carefully written and researched.

There are no filler posts that will bore you from the first sentence. Once this new year comes, you’ll have time to go through their posts and learn new things about interiors and fashion.


There are two things we can instantly relate to about Valentina. She’s a foodie and a fashion and makeup junkie. Fashion and cookies give a clue to what she likes, considering she named her blog after two of her favorite things. 

​Why I Recommend

However, what’s more, interesting about her blog is how raw and open it is. It gives me a feeling as if I’m reading a blog from the early days of the Internet.

With two University degrees in Economics and Political Administration, a position at Glamour Italy as a beauty reporter, and a raging interest in various things about fashion, Valentina is more than equipped to share many credible things way beyond just fashion and beauty.


Atlantic-Pacific can be your go-to blog if you want to always be in style. The creator, Blair Eadie, has seen the fashion industry grow as she’s been an insider for about 11 years now.

Beginning in 2007 as a merchandiser for Gap Inc., her blog is her way of expanding the conversation about the fashion industry, bringing things about it to light from the inside out.

​Why I Recommend

​She knows the ins and outs of fashion and has been blogging for at least 6 years, she’s well-versed in how the two communities work side by side together.

With so many big brand partners, you will see how her style continues to grow. This year is the perfect opportunity to see your style evolve as hers did and still does.

a girl in progress
​A Girl in Progress ​


A Girl in Progress pretty much explains what this blog is about just by its name. It’s a lifestyle blog for “girls who are working on themselves for themselves.”

It’s very timely at this time as I’m approaching a new year and it’s the best time for most people to start thinking up new habits to form, new attitudes to develop, and new goals to work towards.

​Why I Recommend

The blog has plenty of resources for young girls to continue pursuing. That could be for a better version of themselves or a better situation in life, whether that’s in the financial aspect, health and wellness, beauty and fashion, mental health, and many more.

lifestyle of a professional
​Lifestyle of a Professional ​


Just like A Girl in Progress, Lifestyle of a Professional is a blog about self-development, only it’s more focused on careers. It shows the ins and outs of a professional working mom but has a well-rounded range of topics that are almost always relevant to the right target readers.

​Why I Recommend

This is where Ankita Bhatia Dhawan opens up about parenting but also recommends beauty and self-care products, and shares travel and life tips and short stories.

She’s a natural storyteller and her writings are always engaging. She has content that gets you hooked no matter how mundane things seem to be in the day-to-day life of a working person or mom like her​.


LaTisha is a self-confessed “complete geek about branding & marketing, great interior design, and french fries.” Maybe the first two are a little bit specific to her but I can all relate about the french fries. Anyway, those two are what make her a bit more unique to others.

From that expertise, she’s created a coherent blog called Blushing Black that’s focused on giving women the space to feel like they belong or that they’re not weird for the way they dress, act, or handle life stuff​and the like.

​Why I Recommend

​LaTisha juggles a lot of things including motherhood, which is a full-time job in itself, but she manages to do it with such finesse. Maybe that’s what you can take from her this year.

i love green inspiration
​I Love Green Inspiration ​


I Love Green Inspiration is like a magazine in the form of a blog. It’s rich with news, industry events updates in Italy, outfit posts, and trend reports that are up to par with the caliber of Glamour or Vanity Fair.

However, Marinella describes it simply as an “incubator of trends and prêt-à-porter tips.”

​Why I Recommend

What sets her blog apart from all the rest is that it looks at style and fashion from a nature-loving and aesthetic point of view. Completely understandable as she’s an architect with a penchant for greeneries and everything that has to do with nature.

Those two things incorporated into fashion are something to see as a fresh perspective in the new year.

flight of spicce
​Flight of Spice ​


Flight of Spice is kind of a random and nonsensical name for a blog, but once knowing Di and her risky attitude toward facing life, it starts to make a lot more sense and can even be motivational.

This blog is her special platform to encourage women to consider taking the riskier option when it comes to big life decisions.

From the first year that she started her blog, she’s already started working with brands and she hasn’t stopped since. It’s given her some pretty wild experiences and an adequate number of following.

​Why I Recommend

In turn, she now uses that platform to continue sharing her life and interests in travel, fashion, beauty, and health. She also speaks about things you wouldn’t normally read in a fashion blog, like the rise of slow fashion and the evolution of such things.

​Kryzayda Rodriguez ​


Kyrzayda is the eponymous blog of a devoted Christian and fashion and fitness enthusiast. That’s what she uses this blog for – to spread her love for Jesus, but mostly for fashion and fitness.

It shows her true love for the last two, with little nuggets of wisdom from her faith.

​Why I Recommend

It’s a refreshing blog to read in a world where some people might feel the need to hide this fact about themselves. It’s understandable as people don’t receive this well.

However, Kyrzayda is shameless both in speaking out about her faith and dressing the way she wants to.


Running The Daileigh is like a mission for Ashleigh Hutchinson. It’s not anything like the usual fashion blogs you see around the web. It’s because her blog contains so much information about building your closet.

That’s her aim for every reader that comes across her blog. She wants them to figure out how to compose a closet that only houses clothes they would wear regularly with every other piece on the rack.

After all, one of the smartest hacks when it comes to storing clothes and lingerie is to start by only keeping items you wear.

​Why I Recommend

Her how-to posts cater to everyone including women beyond 40, those who I’d thought wouldn’t care much about the clothes they wear. To her, it’s just as important to still represent yourself through clothes at that age.

If you’re keen on improving your style in the next year, make it a point to go through her eBooks, articles, and courses.


A little break from the fashion and beauty genre of blogs that dominates this list, Om and the City is a lifestyle blog that focuses on mindfulness.

It contains everything that has to do with wellness, especially yoga, food, self-love, positivity, self-empowerment, and inspiration. However, some posts about beauty and travel and also thrown into the mix every once in a while.

​Why I Recommend

The blog is a pleasant sight. It’s mainly white with clean accents of black and green. It truly makes you feel the vibe that you get in nature, which can be instantly calming.

It tackles a wide range of topics that all help with issues, especially internal ones, that almost all women can resonate with. With this blog by your side, one of the top blogs for women I would say, it’s easy to get started on your wellness journey.

the ugly truth of v
​The Ugly Truth of V ​


Like how little ballerinas start their journey through dance very early in their lives, Virginia’s love of fashion started at the tender age of 3.

Little girls always get their first exposure to girly things like makeup, clothes, and shoes through their mom’s stuff, but with Virginia, the sight of her mom’s high heels ignited a different kind of passion that’s not common for girls at that age.

​Why I Recommend

It’s what would bring her to create The Ugly Truth of V and be one of the top Italian fashion bloggers today. Her love for fashion and travel has surely collected a bunch of stories and outfits to blog about.

social and style
​Social and Style ​


If you don’t live on the Eastern side of the world, it’s hard to get acquainted with the fashion and lifestyle trends that exist there.

It can get pretty redundant as with other blogs but Kamana’s Social and Style is one of the few that is dedicated to showcasing South Asian style because of her genuine interest and love for it.

​Why I Recommend

There’s so much you can transform your style into by immersing yourself in the trends and fashion of other places. Get ready to be inspired by this blog to explore other types of styling you can do with clothes that are common on both sides of the planet.


Even before Lana del Rey’s hit single and album, Olivia Lopez has already made her mark in the online world through the phrase Lust for Life.

Since starting in 2006, she’s made “a design destination for the culturally curious and epicurious” out of her blog. This sets up the type of people who would want to read her.

​Why I Recommend

She’s one of the many petite fashion bloggers who are highly involved in the blogger circles of LA and other big cities. But, she’s not one to morph into the typical fashion blogger aesthetic.

She may be small but her visions are huge and it shows in how she dresses and handles herself. She’s been featured in high-end magazines like Vogue and wears luxury names.

Her playful persona always shines and draws you towards her content.


Mindfulness is another trend that is getting as much traction as fashion and beauty. Valerie Husemann is one of the many women shining light upon this movement that deserves to be more known and understood by people.

​Why I Recommend

Aside from the inspiring pep talks, career advice, and healthy living tips, there are also a lot of lifestyle and travel reports that will motivate you to get out there and be a citizen of the world.

Maybe you’ll be encouraged to just get off your seat and do something more productive and more consciously beneficial to you.

To Valerie, the “aim is to inspire young women to live an active, healthy and mindful life and enjoy every single moment of it.”


If you don’t follow fashion trends from Australia, it’s time to start! Sydney itself is home to a lot of fashion bloggers who have many different perspectives on clothing, and Amalia is one you’ll want to bookmark.

​Why I Recommend

Amalia Loves is Amalia Karaeva’s contribution to the diverse set of online inspirations you can find in Sydney, and is just one among the many Australian fashion bloggers there are.

Despite the chill and casual reputation of the city, Amalia dresses with class, and it’s evident in her outfit photos. With a beautiful backdrop like Sydney, you probably won’t be able to resist dressing up, even when you’re simply out for a jog.

desert mannequin
​Desert Mannequin ​


From the southern hemisphere to the Middle East, Anum Bashir is a cult favorite blogger who gives the most updated insights on the state of fashion in Dubai.

That’s why she and her blog are called the Desert Mannequin. It’s not every day that you’ll discover a fashion lifestyle blog that’s based in the desert.

​Why I Recommend

Despite having such an unfamiliar Homebase, Anum also frequents fashion shows in almost all the major cities, and I can’t stress enough how vast her experience and immersion are in the world of fashion through the industry and the blogging community.

If you want something fresh for your eyes and mind, her point of view is something to get into in the new year.


Egg Canvas is a visual diary that feeds your soul with the most beautiful pictures of the most beautiful places in the world.

Erica Choi, a design director, and photographer touches on fashion, beauty, and travel, giving me a peek at the lavish lifestyle that exists in different parts of the world, but mostly in New York.

​Why I Recommend

NYC is breathtaking on its own, but through her lenses, it’s given a different life and color. The same goes for every city she visits. Of course, her fashion sense is never lagging.

She puts together chic outfits that match her backdrop and it leaves you longing for the same eye for detail and style as she does.

If you look at her blog often enough, you might just adapt to the same level of meticulousness when it comes to dressing up with a specific place in mind.


Australia is such a lovely country but I hear so little about the Land Down Under. It’s a shame because they have a kind of fashion momentum of their own.

Sydney itself is home to a lot of fashion bloggers who have many different perspectives on dressing themselves.

​Why I Recommend

Her aesthetic and overall vibe as a person is very British – calm and nonchalant. However, she’s not lacking when it comes to expressing herself. That’s because it’s through her clothes, tattoos, piercings, thoughts, or makeup looks.

Everything is connected to her personality. Though she’s spent the majority of her time in the last couple of years in Edinburgh, her roots are in London.

She’s back in the city and she’s one of the UK fashion bloggers you should follow.


I don’t know how many bloggers you follow but no matter if it’s 10 or 50, you might not see anyone like Lucy. To some bloggers, their blogs are an outlet or platform.

To her, Lucy Moon is more of a collection of bits and pieces of herself manifested in the things she likes, her thoughts and opinions on things, and the values that she follows.

​Why I Recommend

This blog, though mainly about lifestyle, beauty, and fashion, is more than just about those things.

Lucy makes sure there’s something to take away from her words, photos, and videos. It’s a very relevant blog that provides perspective for a millennial and Gen Z audience.


If you are a shopping junkie, Kailee McKenzie should be bookmarked next to your favorite online clothing shops.

Once a student of fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and now co-founder of an indie ethical brand Staatsballet, she’s well-equipped with anything that has to do with high fashion.

​Why I Recommend

Her taste is individualistic and she takes it wherever she goes, even in her more conservative hometown. Her blog has all the latest news about “It” runway looks as well as discounts for some luxury pieces.

She also knows the struggle of being a “broke college student” so she has options for those on a tighter budget.

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A fashion and lifestyle blogger is a person who writes articles about fashion and styling. That person can combine articles, photos, and videos of related content into a blog.

What Are the Skills of the Top Fashion Bloggers?

The finest fashion bloggers have a variety of capabilities, including excellent communication abilities, a distinctive sense of style, and exceptional originality. Bloggers are also skilled in presentation, commercial ethics, and the art of selling.

How Do Fashion Bloggers Start Their Fashion Blogs?

Fashion bloggers launch their blogs by deciding on a niche, setting up a WordPress blog, and planning out a regular schedule of blog posts. They also understand how to work with sponsors, engage the audience, and promote their blogs.

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These blogs and bloggers are well-versed in the realm of lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. Bookmark some (or all) of these links and treat yourself to self-development in this new year – whether in fashion sense or life in general!


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