Conical Breasts Overview: What to Know

Woman wearing a black demi bra with underwire and a ribbon at the center

You may have noticed that your bra size fluctuates when you buy bras from different brands. The reason behind this change is your breast shape, which also influences your breast size. This article is about the conical breasts, their appearance, …

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Bell Shape Breasts Overview: What to Know

Woman in a pink push-up bra with underwire and wearing blue denim jeans standing near a white wall

When we talk about breasts, the first thing that comes to mind is their size. However, breast shape is another factor to consider while shopping for bras. Did you know that there are around ten different breast shapes, one of …

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How to Use a Nursing Bra

A nursing bra brown in color with front clips placed on a white mannequin

Have you ever been curious about how to use a nursing bra? A nursing bra is a type of brassiere that provides extra support to lactating women and allows for comfortable breastfeeding without the need to remove the bra. It …

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What Not to Wear if You Have a Big Bust

A woman in a black v-neck blouse on top of a blue bralette wearing denim shorts is seated on the stairs

The shape of your breasts greatly influences your entire look, and one mistake might give the impression that you are fat. So you may wonder what not to wear if you have a big bust. There are several types of …

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Athletic Breasts Overview: What to Know

A woman wearing a green lined underwired bra with a floral lace design leaning on a white wall

There are many different breast shapes, categorized by their orientation, placement, and nipple position. Hence, every woman has a unique body shape making it impossible to define an ideal bust shape or size. The shape in focus in this article …

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What Is a Soft Cup Bra in a Swimsuit?

Navy blue two-piece swimsuit placed on a pink background

A good bra enhances your natural breast shape while offering ample and suitable support. So the obvious question is, which bra type should we choose to best fit our bodies? The soft cup bra is the most prevalent form of …

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What Is Considered Busty?

An image of a woman having a busty body

You may come across certain traits that best represent you as you try to determine your body shape. If you have large breasts, you may think, what is considered busty? We’re helping you understand if you are in this category, …

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4 Methods for How to Make a Bra Strapless

A woman wearing a pink bralette and pink shorts reads a book while seated on a gray couch

Do you need a strap-free bra and wonder if you even own one? Below we discuss four ways women can convert everyday bras into functional strapless bras. ​How to Make a Bra Strapless To transform a bra into strapless, use …

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Can You Wear a Bra During an MRI?

A white full-coverage wireless bra is worn by a woman standing near a staircase

MRI aids medical professionals in looking for conditions involving swelling, infections, inflammation, and organ damage. As your doctor orders an MRI scan during your evaluation, you may be thinking, can you wear a bra during an MRI? We’re giving you …

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Is It Bad to Sleep With a Sports Bra On?

An image of woman lying

As a young girl approaching adolescence, you may recall hearing from your grandmother or other elderly ladies that sleeping with a bra on can cause breast cancer, cause them to stop growing, or cause them to sag or perk. Is …

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Can You Wear a Bra During Surgery?

An image of a doctor and patient

You must get your body ready for surgery once your doctor determines the best surgical plan for your medical condition. This leads you to the question, can you wear a bra during surgery? We’re going to answer questions about clothing …

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Teardrop Breasts Overview: What to Know

A woman in a pink bra with white stars design wearing jogging pants seated on a black table

The human body is remarkable; we are all unique, from our hair color to the size of our feet. When it comes to form and size, our breasts are no different. Every woman’s breasts are different. A body can have …

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