What Bra to Wear With a Cami Top

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Camisoles are versatile pieces of clothing you can style with other garments. However, you may wonder about what bra to wear with a cami? We’re listing the different kinds of bras you can wear under camisoles, whether you want to show straps or not.

What Bra to Wear With a Cami?

If you want to hide straps under a cami, wear strapless, convertible, triangle, and bandeau bras. Another option is to use adhesives like nipple covers or boob tape. To add details to your camisoles, you can use bralettes or bodysuits, as well as demi, balconette, sports, t-shirt, spacer, and plunge bras.

Woman wearing a blue plaid jacket and a white cami inside

It’s vital to choose the right bra according to your size and desired features. However, you also need to consider if it would suit your camisoles.

Bras to Wear Under a Camisole Top

Bra Best Features Best For
Strapless Lack of straps, mostly full-coverage cups Avoiding peeking straps
Triangle Thin spaghetti straps Light coverage and support
Bralette Can have strappy, longline, or a bandeau-like design Adding texture and details
Balconette Molded, quarter-coverage cups Creating fullness of the bust
Demi Structured, half-coverage cups Boosting cleavage and lift
Plunge Low center gore Creating cleavage
Sports Full-coverage cups and supportive band High-impact support
T-shirt Seamless cups and bands Smoother silhouette
Spacer Lightweight cups Breathable coverage
Bodysuit Form-fitting material Shaping the bust and waist
Stick-on Strapless and cupless Avoiding peeking straps

Strapless Bra

With the thin straps of a camisole, your first instinct is that you won’t want bra straps to mix with the cami’s straps. In that case, a strapless bra is the best option to wear with a camisole top to avoid peeking straps.

Graphic image of a nude colored bra that explains that the best strapless bras are made with comfortable cups and detachable straps
  • From A cup to plus size, strapless bras provide optimum coverage and support while maintaining a flawless silhouette underneath thin camisoles.
  • A bandeau or a tube top bra is a strip of stretch fabric covering the breast. You simply have to pull it over the head and adjust it to fit. For this reason, this bandeau bra is another excellent option when wearing camis since there are no twisty straps.
  • If your camisole has a low armhole, the bandeau may peek through. However, if you’re looking to spice up your outfits, some bandeaus come with laces and stylish designs worth showing off.
  • You can also use a convertible bra and turn it into a strapless one.

Triangle Bra

Triangle bras can cover the breasts and accentuate the cleavage, especially when worn under camisoles. They usually come with thin spaghetti straps that complement cami straps. What’s more, the band of this bikini-style bra sits lower at the back, making it a more discreet bra.


There are many reasons why you should wear a bralette, including its subtle way of adding texture and details to an otherwise plain cami. Despite looking like a crop top, a bralette’s long-line design and molded cups provide the same coverage as a regular bra. 

  • Different bralette styles, including strappy ones, are perfect for adding embellishments to camisoles.
  • You can show off some details from a bralette if you want a pop of color without wearing a full-coverage bra.
  • If your cami has halter straps, then you can wear halter bralettes. You can choose one with a nude shade if you want it to be less distracting.
  • Racerback bralettes would look good on camisoles with low-back designs or sheer fabrics. This type of bralette is also common for women with a D cup or larger for better support.
  • If you’re wearing a camisole to layer with a jacket or blazer, using a bralette for your work outfits will give you a more airy feeling.

Balconette Bra

There are a number of reasons why you should wear a balconette bra, including its ability to boost the breasts and give a balcony look to your cleavage.

Balconette bras generally have wide-set straps suitable for ladies with broad shoulders. While showing bra straps may trigger some unwanted reactions, it’s now becoming more acceptable to reveal straps as part of an outfit.


Demi Bra

Also known as a shelf bra, a demi bra has a partial-cup style that only covers half to three-quarters of the breast. This makes it an ideal bra for a cami because it can create cleavage and lift.

You can choose demi bras with lace details, accents, solid colors, and even thicker fabrics if you pair them with thinner or sheer camisoles. 

Plunge Bra

A plunge bra is another option if your camisole has a deep-V neckline. In this way, you won’t have annoying cups peeking out over the cami. Some plunge bras are strapless or have multiway straps, so it would be easy to hide the straps.

Sports Bra

A sports bra may be the last thing on your mind to wear with a cami because of its broad straps and thick bands. 

With designs becoming more athleisure nowadays, you can find a functional yet decorative sports bra that would match your camisoles. A sports bra bridges the gap between fashion and high-quality designs.

  • Use sports bras if you like wearing a cami and shorts while exercising. This ensures you get proper coverage for the breasts as you stretch or bend. If you have large breasts, choose a sports bra for running or working out for optimum support.
  • You can add a splash of color by wearing tie-dyed sports bras if you have sheer or light-colored camisoles.
  • Some women with saggy breasts may not feel comfortable wearing tight-fitting camisoles. You can wear sports bras for saggy breasts to control the bust and wear camisoles confidently.

T-Shirt Bra

T-shirt bras often come with thin straps, making them another suitable bra to wear with a cami top.

  • T-shirt bras are good alternatives if you feel concerned about the molds of balconette and plunge bras looking too obvious through the cami’s silhouette. They usually come seam-free to give camisoles a smoother shape.
  • A shirt bra may also have light paddings, making it a suitable padded bra for a flat chest.
  • If you can’t find a strapless or convertible bra to your liking, you can opt for a shirt bra with clear straps instead. 
Different kind of bras

Spacer Bra

If you want a middle ground between a t-shirt bra and a full-coverage bra, you may choose to wear a spacer bra with a camisole. This type of bra uses dual-layer foam fabric instead of paddings like in a regular bra.

This makes it a more breathable alternative, particularly when wearing exceptionally tight camisoles. More than that, a spacer bra’s foams provide subtle shaping to encourage a flawlessly rounded bust.


Bodysuits evolved from stretchy leotards for performers into 21st-century athleisure garments. They are form-fitting undergarments covering the torso and the crotch, sometimes even the thighs and legs.

Its versatility attracts celebrities like Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, and Tina Fey in partnering bodysuits with other clothing. Since most bodysuits come with thin straps, they also make great bras to wear under camisoles.

Suppose you feel conscious wearing a tight-fitting camisole because it may cause discomfort or make your stomach more pronounced. You can use shapewear for the lower belly pooch with front panels to slim the belly without the uncomfortable squeezing.

Stick-On Bras

To avoid both straps and band, a stick-on bra offers the same support as a regular bra while virtually becoming invisible under camisoles.

  • Nipple cover: These small silicone circles provide just the right amount of coverage for the nipples and areolas. It conforms to the breast shape, so there are no wrinkles under a cami.
  • Boob tape: Learning how to use boob tape enables you to hold and lift the breasts in your desired position. With boob tapes, you’ll have a flawless silhouette under tight-fitting camisoles, whether the cami has a low back or plunge neckline.
  • Chicken cutlet bra: A cutlet bra uses silicone cups to ensure a seamless design. This means no straps, bands, and unnecessary bulges when wearing camisoles.
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Related Questions

Do You Need to Wear a Bra Under a Cami?

You generally need to wear a bra under a camisole, especially when going out. You may consider any of the bra options mentioned above.

Can I Show Bra Straps Under a Camisole Top?

Yes, you can show bra straps when wearing a cami, although this should depend on the occasion or dress code. Showing off your bra straps won’t be a big deal if you’re hanging out with friends, going to the beach, or staying home.

How to Style a Cami Top?

Aside from wearing a well-fitting bra, you can style a camisole top by layering it with a blouse, shirt, or blazer. Choose complementary colors for a more seamless appearance.


There are many types of bras you can wear with a cami, including strapless and stick-on bras. You can also opt for bras with straps, especially if the design can spice up your outfits. What’s important is that you have a comfortable fit and supportive lift while looking gorgeous in camisoles.


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