What Bra Size Is Tana Mongeau?

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Tana Mongeau is a YouTube star and social media influencer who has been making waves in the last couple of years. Her videos are mostly about her life and make-up tutorials.

Her followers know her as the girl with the big boobs. I’m going to discuss Tana Mongeau’s bra size and how it is influencing her way of life.

What Bra Size Is Tana Mongeau?

Tana Mongeau has a bra size of 34C. Her bust measures around 36 to 37 inches. She needs to wear a bra with C cups and a band ranging from 30 to 32 inches.

Graphic image of Tana Mongeau with 34C bra size wearing a bra and pants while holding a black bag

Her 34C breasts are common among ladies with hourglass and lollipop-shaped bodies. For instance, American actress Angelina Jolie has a 34C bra size, narrow hips, and broad shoulders. In contrast, Mongeau’s slender hips and curvy buttocks make her breasts look perkier.

While Tana Mongeau admits her breasts make her feel weighed down, she’s still three cups smaller than broadcaster and writer Wendy Williams, who wears a 34FF bra. Despite that, she can consider 32D and 36B as sister sizes.

Benefits of C Cup Boobs

Have Numerous Bra Options

Some bras are unavailable in A to B cups as they can’t fill the bra. On the flip side, women with D cups or larger can struggle to find their size in various bra styles. C cups are incredibly common, so you will likely be able to find your size in any style bra.

Can Keep Backless Bras in Position

Average-sized breasts give stick-on adhesive bras enough breast tissue to stick onto without getting weighed down. Some women with smaller chests find backless bras difficult to keep up, because they don’t have enough breast tissue. Meanwhile, the absence of a back band may be too unsupportive for women with larger breasts.

Bandeau Bras Stay In Place

Some bandeaus can make small breasts look flatter, while wearing one with large breasts may cause you to pull up the band constantly. You don’t need to worry about the absence of straps, because C cup boobs are big enough to keep a bandeau bra in place.

Drawbacks of C Cup Boobs

May Need to Push Breasts Together

Average-sized breasts frequently have splayed or wide-set breasts. Your boobs may point outward or be far apart from one another, making your chest look wider than it really is. To combat this, find a bra with side panels, supportive underwire, and seamed cups to help your breast tissue move toward the center.

Possibility of Underarm Fat

Weight gain, genetics, and an ill-fitting bra can cause underarm fat. As your breasts get bigger, there’s also the possibility of forming side fat. This typically becomes more noticeable when your cup size is a C or bigger. When this happens, you might find yourself searching for bras that help reduce visible underarm fat.

Can’t Go Braless

C cups have prominent nipples and more breast tissue than A or B cups, so going braless may not be the best option. Some bottom-heavy breasts may also sag. Along with this, not having any support for your boobs might become painful if you are braless for long periods of time.

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Tana Mongeau has a 34C bra size. Her breasts are fuller at the top and bottom, so wearing plunge and push-up bras accentuates her cleavage. If fitted properly, she can still use boob tape or strapless bras.


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