What Bra Size Is Valerie Bertinelli?

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Valerie Bertinelli is an American actress and host. She is best known for her work on One Day at a Time, Touched by an Angel, Hot in Cleveland, and Valerie’s Home Cooking.

She had her share of body image issues due to weight changes and aging. The size of Valerie Bertinelli’s bra and how her age affected her appearance will be the main topics of this article.

What Bra Size Is Valerie Bertinelli?

Valerie Bertinelli has a bra size of 34C. She is a C cup since her band measures between 30 and 32 inches, while her bust ranges from 36 to 37 inches.

Graphic image of Valerie Bartenelli with 34C bra size wearing a long sleeves blouse and pants

Her curvy body makes her breasts slightly smaller. In contrast, fellow actress Hunter King also has a 34C bra size, although her boobs appear perkier due to her slim physique.

Valerie Bertinelli has experienced weight fluctuations as she has aged. She can switch to 32D and 36B as bra options during such a period. Bertinelli can use padded bras for an extra cleavage boost, although it won’t make her bust as big as Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj, who wears a 34F bra.

Benefits of C Cup Breasts

Can Easily Wear Strapless Bras

Do you need a strapless bra for a party dress, yet you feel worried about the bra slipping off? The advantage of having average-sized cups is that your breasts have enough tissue to give you a rounder look, yet they are not heavy enough to keep a strapless bra up.

Ideal for Taping Breasts

Do you require some coverage and support, yet you’re wearing an outfit that won’t work with a normal bra or a sports bra? The right boob tape can hold C sized boobs firmly in any position you like. This allows you to wear tricky tops without worrying about bra straps falling off the shoulders or cups showing through the neckline.

Have Numerous Bra Options

Some bras are unavailable in A to B cups as they can’t fill the bra. On the flip side, women with D cups or larger can struggle to find their size in various bra styles. C cups are incredibly common, so you will likely be able to find your size in any style bra.

Drawbacks of C Cup Breasts

Can Make Your Stomach Appear Larger

C cups can appear smaller on some bodies. This is common if your body tends to become easily bloated after eating. Your bra band might then dig into your skin and exaggerate the fact that your stomach protrudes significantly more than your breasts.

Can’t Go Braless

C cups have prominent nipples and more breast tissue than A or B cups, so going braless may not be the best option. Some bottom-heavy breasts may also sag. Along with this, not having any support for your boobs might become painful if you are braless for long periods of time.

Might Attract Unwanted Attention

While C cups are average-sized, they are still pretty noticeable if you have a large band size or are shorter in height. This can make you feel slightly self-conscious as people take notice of your bust size and styling choices, especially if you are wearing tight clothing.

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Valerie Bertinelli has a 34C bra size. Her breasts are moderately sized, although aging caused her skin to lose elasticity. Bras with wired bands and plunge bra cups can help lift the breast tissue.


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