What Bra Size Is Dixie D’Amelio?

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Dixie D’Amelio is an American singer and social media celebrity. Before releasing her debut album in June 2022, she first gained over 57 million fans on her TikTok account because of her dance videos.

With a pretty face, a charming personality, and a growing fanbase, people continue to get curious about anything about her. This is why I’m focusing on Dixie D’Amelio’s bra size and how her measurements contribute to her physique.

What Bra Size Is Dixie D’Amelio?

Dixie D’Amelio’s bra size is 32C. Since she has a bust that measures 34 to 35 inches, she needs to wear bras with C cups and bands ranging from 28 to 30 inches.

Graphic image of Dixie D'Amelio with 32C bra size wearing a high neck long sleeve bodycon mini dress

Fellow singer Miley Cyrus wears a 32C bra. They both have slim bodies, long limbs, and little muscle across their abdomens. Due to their small band size, their 32C breasts still appear small on the chest.

Dixie D’Amelio can wear 30D and 34B as sister sizes. This means she shares nearly the same bust proportions as YouTuber Jess Greenberg, who has a 34B bra size.

Benefits of a C Cup Bust

Bandeau Bras Stay In Place

A bandeau bra can make your breasts look flatter, while wearing one with large breasts may cause you to pull up the band constantly. You don’t need to worry about the absence of straps, because C cup boobs are big enough to keep bandeaus in place.

Have Numerous Bra Options

Some bras are unavailable in A to B cups as they can’t fill the bra. On the flip side, women with D cups or larger can struggle to find their size in various bra styles. C cups are incredibly common, so you will likely be able to find your size in any style bra.

Can Wear Tank Tops With a Built-in Bra

Due to the average size of C cups, a tank top that has a built-in bra is frequently available in this size. These types of tops also look best when you are a C cup, since you fully fill the shirt.

Drawbacks of a C Cup Bust

Can Make Your Stomach Appear Larger

C cups can appear smaller on some bodies. This is common if your body tends to become easily bloated after eating. Your bra band might then dig into your skin and exaggerate the fact that your stomach protrudes significantly more than your breasts.

May Look Smaller on Women With Bigger Hips

Women with bigger hips or pear shaped figure might feel that their C cup chest is too small. Even though they have mid-sized boobs, their chest can be overshadowed by having wider hips. However, you can solve this by wearing a padded bra or a push-up bra to draw more attention to the top half of your body.

Lack of Breast Separation

Some bras don’t offer breast separation. While this isn’t an issue when you have small boobs, women with C cups or bigger might not like these bras, because it can look like you only have one boob. This typically happens in attempts to make your breasts smaller or when wearing an unstructured bra.

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The bra size of Dixie D’Amelio is 32C. This is a fairly small breast size because of the short band size. You can conveniently go braless without being noticed or wear unstructured bras if you have this size.


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