What Bra Size Is Taylor Swift?

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Taylor Swift is one of the most talked about celebrities in the world. She is a singer and songwriter who has been in the music industry for over 10 years.

Along with seeing the music that she creates, fans have also been interested in knowing more about her body measurements. I’m taking a look at Taylor Swift’s bra size, along with some of the benefits and drawbacks of having that breast size.

What Bra Size is Taylor Swift?

My deduction is that Taylor Swift’s bra size is 32B. This means that she has a band size of 31-32 inches and a bust size of 33-34 inches, making her a B cup.

Taylor Swift wears a black mini dress with clear beads while seated on a chair in a well-lit studio

This American singer-songwriter has the same bra size as other singers in the US as well. For example, well-known singer Carrie Underwood’s bra size is also 32B.

Even though Taylor Swift most commonly wears a 32B, there are bra sister sizes that she could also wear, such as 30C or 34A. American meteorologist Maria Molina wears a 30C bra size, meaning that she and Swift wear sister sizes in bras.

Now, other experts think that Swift’s bra size is different. One online expert thinks that her bra size is a 28F. This is a much smaller band and a much larger cup but overall a similar size when you use the sister sizing technique. A 28F sister size’s with a 34C, so only slightly bigger in overall size.

Taylor Swift Measurements

Taylor Swift is very tall, measuring in at 5 feet 11 inches (5′ 11″). It’s estimated that her body measurements are 36-25-35 inches, which translates to a bust size of 36″, a waist size of 25″, and a hip size of 35″. She weighs roughly 128 pounds.

Breast Augmentation Speculation

People have speculated that Swift has had breast augmentation, or a boob job, but there is no proof of this.

  • New York-based surgeon Dr Norman Rowe said: “She had a breast augmentation. This is the only explanation.” SOURCE
  • Board-certified plastic surgeon Jonathan A. Schwitzer, M.D says that her breasts do look larger than previous but that could be due to a variety of factors, and not necessarily surgery. SOURCE

Benefits of Small Breasts

Don’t Have Back Pain

Ladies blessed with small breasts can avoid the dreaded back pain. Breast weight can cause your shoulders to move forward, which forces the muscles in your back and shoulder blades to adjust. Having less weight in front means your torso can easily carry your breasts, and the weight doesn’t need to be redistributed.

Can Wear Unlined Bras

Contrary to padded bras, bras with no padding just like unlined bras simply have one piece of fabric across them. Unlined bras are different from lined bras, as they typically do not provide much support, so they are perfect for A-B cups. If padded bras bother you, especially on humid days, wearing unlined bras will help your breasts cool off quickly.

Don’t Have Side Boobs

If you love wearing tank tops with built-in bras, bikini tops, and sleeveless dresses, side boobs can get in the way of having a flawless silhouette. When your breasts are small, there’s less of a chance you have to worry about the dreaded side boob. You can wear anything without thinking it will cause side boobs or bulges.

Drawbacks of Small Breasts

Might Experience Breast Asymmetry

As you develop breasts, it’s normal for you to experience breast asymmetry. However, this can continue even as you reach adulthood, where the volume of one breast can be smaller than the other. There’s also the possibility that cleavage may veer toward the sides. When you are small chested, every ounce of boobage counts, so having asymmetrical breasts can be frustrating.

Don’t Always Fill Out Clothing

Despite its several benefits, among the most notable disadvantages of having small breasts is the chance that you won’t fill out bra cups or clothing. Particularly when the breast tissue is leaning toward the bottom, the shallow bustline can cause gaping cups.

Breasts Stay Small as You Gain Weight

If your breasts are dense with tissue, they won’t grow in size even as you gain weight. In turn, they may look significantly smaller as you gain more fat in other parts of your body. However, if you lose weight, the fat in your breasts may also reduce, causing your boobs to become even smaller.

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As a 32B, singer Taylor Swift has a small chest size. This makes it easy for her to wear a wide variety of tops that I see her in on social media (or even go braless without drawing attention!).


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