Best Tank Top with Built in Bra [2024 Review]

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Many ladies would agree that there’s no feeling more satisfying than taking off your bra at the end of a long hard day. While I do need the support provided by these undergarments, they can be so uncomfortable that I just feel like ditching them altogether.

Top 4 Tank Tops with Built-in Bra Reviews

Tank tops, as well as camisoles, have evolved to include built-in bras, so you can simply slip it on and run your errands, workout, or just chill at home without low-key suffocating to death!

Today, I’ll be helping you get your hands on the best tank top with a built-in bra among all the different brands, materials, and claims. With a detailed buying guide and my list of the top 4 bra camis available on the market, you’ll definitely find your calling!


DISBEST High-Performance Top

The DISBEST High-Performance Shelf Top makes the top of my list with its stretchy, stylish, and comfortable design. The fabric on this tank top is truly something else made with a scientific combination of 94.8% Polyamide plus 5.2% Spandex. 

It delivers outstanding flexibility to accommodate high-performance levels, never becoming too baggy or losing its shape. The design is sort of a middle ground between an avid athlete and a practical adventurer.

The embedded padded bra gives your goodies sufficient protection and support when you’re exercising or performing any outdoor sport. On the inner side of the front, you can see an elastic under-bust strap.

The purpose of this addition is to better secure your chest and prevent it from expanding outwards, creating beautiful and healthy body lines.

As for the back design, I seriously love the anti-slipping wide straps. They serve as great protection for your shoulders, without forcing you to pull them up again every 2 seconds. The racerback look is pretty cool, but the touch of mesh is what really makes it breezy.

The DISBEST Shelf Tank Top bears extra length to ensure you encounter no ride up during hard yoga poses, or you know, casual jogging. The seamless stitching is done to maximize comfort, while the moisture-wicking quality keeps your skin as dry as possible.

There are 8 colors for you to pick from, admittedly, they can add a few more exciting ones. Finding a good fit should be fairly easy, however, I wish they had an X-Small option as well as sizes exceeding X-Large.


  • Breathable mesh layer
  • Wide anti-slipping straps
  • Elastic under-bust strap
  • Chest pads are easy to remove


  • Pads need to be adjusted frequently
  • Could use more colors

icyzone Activewear Tank

Following up with one of the most popular tank tops over the past few years, this unique tank top with a built-in sports bra has won over hundreds of women with its attractive design and impressive support.

Established in 1993, icyzone has built quite the reputation when it comes to sportswear. Inspired by the idea of a healthy and fashion-forward lifestyle, their stand really shows in this particular tank top out of the Activewear line.

The icyzone tank top is built to keep you cool and fresh during all sorts of outdoor activities from hot work-out sessions all the way to hiking and climbing. The main fabric used here is Polyester, making up 90% of the construction material to allow for an almost weightless feel. 

The remaining 10% is Spandex which adds a certain stretch to improve flexibility and facilitate your movement while wearing the tank top. You’ll also find an internal mesh lining, added to make this top more breathable.

Another great thing about this fabric is the quick-dry quality which saves you from the pain of staying drenched in your own sweat as you get on with your day away from the beloved shower. To make it even better, icyzone applies moisture-wicking technology aiming to keep you extra cool and dry.

On top of everything mentioned, I, along with many others, seriously appreciate the whole backside structure of this top. First of all, the draped open back allows for major aeration, which is coupled with low-cut armholes to give you enough freedom to move as you please. 

Additionally, the open back gives a wide view of the sexy strappy criss-cross bra underneath. The 2 side seams use flatlock stitches keeping friction to a minimum. This stretchy tank top does a good job retaining its shape after many times of washing.

You can even transform it into a regular tank top, courtesy of the removable feature of the padded sports bra. The icyzone Activewear tank top comes in a huge variety of over 15 different colors and patterns, so you’re bound to find one that catches your eye.

As for sizes, they go from Small to XX-Large. If you’re on the hunt for a stylish bra tank top with amazing finishing and lots of cool features, icyzone has got you covered.


  • Unique open-back design
  • Quick-dry fabric
  • Attractive strappy criss-cross bra
  • Lots of colors


  • Can be too long for some buyers

Pact Shelf Bra Tank Top

Next on my list is a high-quality tank top that leaves you confident and cozy while not completely breaking your bank. So when I stumbled upon Pact’s Organic Cotton Shelf Bra Camisole Tank Top, I knew it was exactly what I had in mind.

Right off the bat, you’ll experience great comfort thanks to the super-soft 95% organic cotton material which is rather gentle on the skin.

Made of naturally breathable fabric, this camisole features a scoop neckline design with very thin straps that you can easily and discreetly adjust, as well as a built-in wireless shelf bra to give you the much-needed lifting action.

The slim fit allows the tank top to hug your body for a sleek look. Moreover, you can easily maintain the condition of your camisole no matter how many times you wash it as the fabric is shrink resistant. If you’re not doing it by hand, set your machine to wash cold and tumble dry low.

This shelf bra tank top comes in a selection of 4 colors which are black, almond, heather gray, and white. The pact also offers a good range of sizes starting from X-Small to X-Large, along with a clear size chart so that finding a suitable fit shouldn’t be a problem.

Another thing you’ll be pleased with when you buy this tank top is the ethical sourcing of its materials. Organic cotton doesn’t contain any traces of fertilizers, pesticides, or bleaches. It’s also made without any help from sweatshops.

Pact handles its products under a Fair Trade Certification to ensure that farmers are paid a fair amount for their cotton. Furthermore, Pact’s entire chain of supply is inspected by a third-party auditor to monitor its adherence to GOTS.

So if you’re concerned about the origin of your clothes, it’s safe to say you’ve nothing to be bothered by. If you’re in the market for a light, breathable, and stretchy tank top with a modern fit of legitimate organic cotton, Pact’s camisole is undoubtedly a solid option.


  • 95% organic cotton
  • Amazing quality
  • Basic look great for layering
  • GOTS certified


  • Sizing can be a bit tricky

Self Expressions Wirefree Camisole

If you’re looking for a camisole with a more classy outtake on the design aspect, you should definitely consider this elegant yet practical Wirefree Camisole from Self Expressions.

The first thing you’ll notice is the cut which has a sweetheart neckline kind of situation going on. Such a shape adds a sexy chic vibe without being too flashy or overdoing it with patterns and strings.

The straps on this Wirefree camisole are well built. They’re sturdy despite being on the thinner side since they extend from the top portion of the camisole fabric rather than being attached to it through a hook.

The straps are also adjustable, giving you some room to customize how the bra part fits. However, as there are no hooks, you can’t switch straps into, say, a criss-cross style.

The body of the Self Expressions camisole is made of 69% nylon and 31% elastane. This mix allows for form-fitting, smooth wear while providing comfort and flexibility.

The camisole is moderately padded with foam cups, to give you just enough support with natural toning as possible. You’ll want to pay extra attention when sizing to avoid the “too big” issue consumers reported.

Self Expressions offer 3 color options for their camisole: black, latte lift, and white, as well as sizes ranging from Small to X-Large.



  • Sizing needs close attention 
  • Could be longer

What to Look for in a Tank Top with Built-in Bra

When shopping for the best camisole with built in bra, going in blind is the last thing you want to do.

Comparing Tank Tops With Built-in Bra Features

Bra Material Cups Style
Disbest Yoga Tank Top Polyamide, SpandexRemovable and stretchable cupsHigh neckline and racerback strap
icyzone Yoga Top Polyester, SpandexRemovable paddingHigh neckline and strappy racerback
Pact Organic Camisole Cotton, elastaneWireless shelf braSquare neckline with adjustable straps
Self Expressions Camisole Nylon, elastaneWireless shelf braDipped neckline with adjustable straps
It is made from cotton fabric, has removable padding, and offers adequate support are the things you look for in tank tops with built in bra


Alternatively, consider the following points before making a decision to make sure you’re choosing the most suitable tank top for your needs:

The materials used in manufacturing a tank top should be on top of your priorities list. Why? Well, the fabric of the camisole will be in direct contact with your skin for long periods during which you’ll most probably be sweating.

I know what you’re thinking, cotton is the MVP here, and you’re actually right! However, other options out there such as polyester and nylon, provide an incredibly smooth feel as well as a dry comfortable experience.

This means you want your tank top fabric to be soft, flexible, and preferably moisture-wicking.


A tank top with a built-in bra wouldn’t really make sense without adequate support for your bosoms, after all, that’s the whole point! Let’s get real though, you can’t expect such camisoles to perform how a full-on bra would.

It should, however, support you through light to medium-impact workout sessions. Tank tops with wider straps generally offer more support than thinner string types. The ‘lift’ your goods better and won’t easily slip off your shoulders.

Also, cups with thicker padding and under bust bands tend to firmly hold everything in place, as opposed to lightly-padded camisoles that are loosely bound.


Of course, you want your time spent wearing the best bra top cami to be as comfortable as ever. While a big part of comfort depends on the used fabric, there’s actually more to it. For example, what strap type do you like more, spaghetti or wide? Does it offer efficient breathability?

How about the length? Will it stay intact or keep riding up? You need to make sure the answers match your preferences. This will help you narrow down your options until you arrive at the best camisole with built in bra.

A white tank top with a built-in bra holds by a woman wearing a blue blouse and blue jeans near a blue couch


I can’t begin to stress how important a good fit is when it comes to tops with built-in bras. It can literally make or break your experience. The key to finding a perfect fit isn’t knowing if you’re a Medium or Large, actually, it’s all about the size chart.

By comparing your measurements you can get a more accurate idea of your correct size, which typically varies from one brand to another. Be sure to double-check your Bust and Under Bust measurements against the size chart, since they’re crucial to landing a perfect fit.


Who said a tank top with a built-in bra can’t be fun and fashionable? There’s no right or wrong this time, it just comes down to what you think looks better and gives you more confidence. Tank tops nowadays offer a variety of options.

You can find sexy, attractive designs such as low back cuts, dipped necklines, and criss-cross straps. You can also see classic, basic designs that you’d typically layer under clothes. These include tank tops with traditional square or scoop necklines.

Additionally, many brands now offer vibrant and daring color options, besides the neutral beige, black, and white scheme. The list I formulated has tank tops of all colors, designs, and patterns, so feel free to knock yourself out! 

If you don’t want to go with any of my recommendations, take a look at my best bra for tank top review!

Related Questions

What Bra Should I Wear With a Tank Top?

In general, it’s ideal to wear a bandeau or strapless bra. However, if you want to avoid layering, it would be better to wear a tank top with a built-in bra or cups.

Can I Wear a Tank Top Without a Bra?

You can indeed dress in a tank top without a bra. If you have huge, sagging, or wide-set breasts, wearing a bra with full coverage cups and a supportive band is preferable.

How to Hide Bra Straps From Showing?

Wearing a camisole with integrated bras is the best technique to prevent bra straps from being visible. Bra strap configuration is also possible with bra clips.


When searching for the best tank top with built in bra, it all boils down to the material used and the support provided.


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