What Bra Size Is Amber Rose?

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Amber Rose is an American model, actress, and social activist. She’s known for her bold style and revealing sense of fashion.

She has made herself an outspoken advocate for women and feminism through sexual liberation, and she’s not one to shy away from the topic of intimate apparel. This is why I’m going to talk about Amber Rose’s bra size.

What Bra Size Is Amber Rose?

Amber Rose’s bra size is 36H. Her band measures 30.4 to 32.3 inches, while her bust ranges from 44.2 to 45.1 inches. Having H cups equates to an eight-inch difference between her bust and band, with 34HH and 38GG as the sister sizes.

Graphic image of Amber Rose with 36H bra size wearing a white long-sleeve bodycon dress

Her 36H bra is among the largest cup sizes. However, it’s still visually bigger and heavier than the 30H cup size of American actress Lindsey Pelas.

Despite having the same band circumference as American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton, who dons 36E bras, Amber Rose’s bra size is three cups larger.

Amber Rose Measurements

Amber Rose is average in height, measuring in at 5 feet 8 inches (5′ 8”). It’s estimated that her body measurements are 42-27-41 inches, which translates to a bust size of 42″, a waist size of 27″, and a hip size of 41”. She weighs roughly 159 pounds.

Benefits of Large Boobs

Help Conceal a Larger Figure

If your stomach is a little larger than you’d like it to be (or maybe you had a bit too much to eat that day), larger boobs can do wonders in concealing the size of your belly. Bigger stomachs are less noticeable when you have breasts that are at least a D cup, because your boobs are already sticking out at least 4 inches.

Your big cups give the appearance of balancing your torso by emphasizing your bustline more than your stomach, waist, and hips.

Flattering Bust in Corsets

Enjoy wearing a corset without a bra, if you want to accentuate your assets while narrowing the waist. It’s a shapewear that can flatten love handles and cinch in your stomach. Most corsets are designed to create a prominent overbust, so having large boobs is beneficial. A big chest can quickly fill the corset for a voluminous silhouette.

Have Effortless Cleavage

The ability to get amazing cleavage without even trying is maybe one of the most notable benefits of having huge breasts. You won’t have to stuff your bra or wear a push-up bra for large breasts. Low-cut and V-neck tops can help to further emphasize your cleavage and work great for date nights!

Drawbacks of Large Boobs

Breasts Get Very Large During Pregnancy

Most women will experience breast enlargement during pregnancy. When you already have a large chest prior to pregnancy, the months of being pregnant and breastfeeding can feel unbearable at times. Back pain can increase, and there’s more breast tissue that will feel tender, and they will need special bras for their sore breasts.

Prone to Chafing and Rashes

The bra band’s constant rubbing and friction could lead to perspiration, chafing, and breast inflammation. This could cause scars, rashes, and deep grooves around your breasts. Moisture buildup in the folds of your skin around your breasts can worsen the condition if you have an allergy to certain textiles.

Have Puffy Areolas and Large Nipples

The areola is the pigmented round area on the breasts, whereas the nipples show the actual projection of the areolas. Bigger breasts also come with larger and more sensitive nipples. Weather and garment fabric can sometimes cause the nipples to protrude more, so you usually have to wear thickly-lined bras or attach sweat-proof bra liners to ease your worries.

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Amber Rose has a large bra size of 36H. This makes her breasts weigh around 2.4 to 5.6 pounds. Hence, it’s essential for women like her to wear full-coverage bras with highly supportive bands, side panels, and wires.


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