How Long Do Bra Marks Last?

You finally get to take off your bra after a long day and see some marks. How long do bra marks last, and is this normal? For this quick guide, I’m discussing how long it takes for bra spots to …

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Plunge Bra vs Demi Bra: Key Differences

A black plunge bra with a floral lace design and an underwire placed on a white surface

Do you desire a flawlessly fitting bra that shapes the breasts and improves lift? Plunge and demi bras are two of the most effective styles for producing these results. I’ve put together a comparison of plunge vs demi bra so …

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What Is a Training Bra?

A gray v-neck spaghetti strap sports bra placed on a pink background

What is a training bra? You may think about this whether you’re a young girl or someone who wants to help another person choose the right starter bra. In this article, you’ll learn what a trainer bra is, along with …

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Why Do Bras Have Cups?

A green push-up bra with underwire and adjustable straps placed on a white surface

Why do bras have cups? Despite being a prominent feature in bras, some tend to overlook the importance of a bra cup. This is why I’m going to explain the purpose of cups in bras and how different styles can …

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Push Up Bra vs Normal Bra Reviews (with Pictures)

A large busted lady in a black push up bra

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the differing bra choices there are and what the actual comparisons are between each of them? Let’s dive into the differences and similarities between these types of bras so you will know best …

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5 Foolproof Methods for How to Stuff a Bra

Woman hand pull out bra pad from brassiere

Raise of hands here, ladies. Who isn’t into stuffing? No, not the kind associated with turkey, cranberry sauce, and heaps of deliciously whipped potatoes. While that kind of stuffing is an absolute must for Thanksgiving, let’s instead focus on the …

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What is a Longline Bra (And Why Do You Need One)?

An image of a girl wearing a white longline bra

Lingerie, like most lines of clothing under the bigger fashion umbrella, has a long history of past fads, current trends, and forward-looking forecasts. From girdles to padded push up bras, I’ve seen several pieces come, go, and then return again …

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How to Cover Nipples Without Wearing a Bra

One pair of silicone nipple cover bra tape and two pairs of silicone breasts pads tape

Deciding whether or not to wear bras with the worldwide lockdown isn’t high on my priority list right now. As the weather grows hotter this summer, one can no longer be bothered with bra straps sinking into the deepest parts …

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Can Underwire Bras Cause Pain?

Black underwired bra with a front clasp and denim jeans are worn by a woman leaning on a table

As a teenager, you might have been told there are two main types of bras to pick from: an underwire bra or a wireless bra. The classic choice of underwire in bras never really goes out of style and has …

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What is a Bralette Bra? [Why You Need to Wear One]

Meet the bralette, the undergarment that it seems like almost every girl (and their mom, literally!) is wearing these days. You may have seen these garments on celebrities like Emma Roberts, Dakota Fanning, or on several of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. …

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