How Many Jeans Should I Own?

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Denim jeans are durable, and a pair of high-quality jeans can last you for years. Unlike other attires, jeans are versatile, and you can wear them casually at home or formally at your workplace. With this in mind, how many jeans should I own?

How Many Jeans Should I Own?

If you wear jeans when going to work, you should own around 7 pairs if you are a woman and around 6 pairs if you are a man. However, if you wear jeans as casual attire at home or when going out, you should own around 4 to 5 pairs.

Graphic image of four kinds of jeans that explains that you should at least own 7 pairs of jeans

Keep in mind that the number of jeans will still vary with your personality. For instance, you might not like repeating the same jeans when meeting friends or running errands in the city. Some of the lifestyle, job type, and fashion style factors that might determine how many jeans to own include:

Job Type

Keeping in mind that many official and nonofficial jobs prohibit wearing jeans in the workplace, the main factor determining how many jeans you should own is whether your workplace allows jeans or not. For instance, you might find some hospitals, health centers, financial institutions, or security firms restricting their employees from wearing jeans.

Since you will be spending more time in the workplace than when running your errands or going for outings, it means you will have less time to wear jeans. It’s therefore advisable to go for only 4 to 5 high-quality and stylish jeans that you will wear when going for outings or meeting friends.

On the other hand, if your work allows you to wear jeans, you can go for around 7 pairs if you are a woman or 6 pairs if you are a man. Typically, many pairs allow you to change styles on different days and still have enough pairs of jeans to change throughout the week even when you have no time for laundry.

Laundry Time

If your work is demanding, you might not have enough time for laundry, and you might end up washing clothes once per week.

Keeping in mind that you can wear jeans several times without washing, you might prefer to have more jeans to reduce the laundry hassles. This gives you flexibility as you can wash your collection of jeans once a week.

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Closet Size

Denim doesn’t compact like other fabrics, making a pair of denim jeans take up considerable closet space. Additionally, closets vary in size, and some are bigger than others. Keeping in mind that you won’t be keeping jeans only in your closet, you should consider how much room you have for new jeans.

This is more important when you are not wearing jeans at work, as you will need more closet space for formal attire than casual ones. The best way to maximize your closet space is to purchase new, high-quality jeans and do away with the old jeans you rarely wear.

Personal Fashion Style

Different people have different fashion tastes and preferences. For instance, some people might stick with old-fashioned jeans, while others will want to buy the latest in fashion. Depending on your environment, climate and lifestyle, you can go with the following jeans recommendation:

  • One or two pairs of high-quality dressy jeans that you can wear at work: The jeans should be comfortable and look professional
  • A pair of casual jeans: The best are the classic blue jeans that you can wear when running errands or over the weekend
  • One pair of loose, messy, and comfortable jeans: These are jeans you can wear at home for anything like painting or gardening
  • A pair of black jeans: This pair helps to add versatility when dressing up to work or running errands
  • A pair of white jeans: Again, this pair adds versatility and can help break the monotony when meeting friends or if you wear jeans at work.
Denim jeans in different colors and styles placed on a blue background

Related Questions

How Long Can a Pair of Jeans Last?

On average, a pair of jeans should serve you for 2 to 3 years. However, the lifespan of a pair of jeans can vary greatly depending on the quality of the fabric, how often you wear it and how often you wash it. For instance, a photographer’s jeans can outlive that of a plumber.

When Should I Dispose of My Pair of Jeans?

You can know it’s time to dispose of your pair of jeans if it develops holes, frays, fades, or develops conspicuous stains. You can also dispose of old-fashioned jeans that you don’t wear, especially if you want to create some closet space for newer ones.

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Final Thoughts

Denim jeans are versatile, and you can wear them in both casual and formal settings. In most cases, the pairs of jeans to own will depend on your closet space and whether you will be wearing them at the workplace.


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