Are Jeans Warmer Than Sweatpants?

A blue denim tattered jeans placed on a blue background

When the cold season hits, comfort and warmth are the biggest priority. Warm pants such as sweatpants and jeans come in handy if you spend most of the time running errands outdoors or meeting friends and colleagues. So, are jeans …

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What Is Considered Busty?

An image of a woman having a busty body

You may come across certain traits that best represent you as you try to determine your body shape. If you have large breasts, you may think, what is considered busty? I’m helping you understand if you are in this category, …

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Can You Wear a Bra During an MRI?

A white full-coverage wireless bra is worn by a woman standing near a staircase

MRI aids medical professionals in looking for conditions involving swelling, infections, inflammation, and organ damage. As your doctor orders an MRI scan during your evaluation, you may be thinking, can you wear a bra during an MRI? I’m giving you …

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Is It Bad to Sleep With a Sports Bra On?

An image of woman lying

As a young girl approaching adolescence, you may recall hearing from your grandmother or other elderly ladies that sleeping with a bra on can cause breast cancer, cause them to stop growing, or cause them to sag or perk. Is …

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Torsolette vs Corset vs Brasselette [Lingerie Guide]

A white torsolette with an underwire and a tag placed on a pink background

Traditional shapewear can make you radiate an elegant, feminine aura while shaping the body. With several types of shapewear available, knowing which style is best for you can be quite confusing. I’ve prepared a comparison guide between torsolette vs corset …

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Can You Wear a Bra During Surgery?

An image of a doctor and patient

You must get your body ready for surgery once your doctor determines the best surgical plan for your medical condition. This leads you to the question, can you wear a bra during surgery? I’m going to answer questions about clothing …

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Teardrop Breasts Overview: What to Know

A woman in a pink bra with white stars design wearing jogging pants seated on a black table

The human body is remarkable; I am all unique, from my hair color to the size of my feet. When it comes to form and size, my breasts are no different. Every woman’s breasts are different. A body can have …

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Can You Go Braless After Breast Augmentation?

A woman with blond curly hair wearing a v-neck gray shirt seated on ceramic tiles

Breast augmentation is a risky procedure, yet it can yield the most stunning results when carried out by a competent doctor. Whether you have recently gotten your breasts augmented or are considering going under the knife, I answer the following …

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How Long Do Silicone Bras Last?

In many circumstances, bras can be uncomfortable. They can irritate you as well since their straps and extensions leave horrible, uninteresting lines over your shoulders. Have you ever been curious as to what a silicone bra is? A silicone bra …

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How Many Jeans Should I Own?

Three different colors of tattered denim jeans are placed on a blue background

Denim jeans are durable, and a pair of high-quality jeans can last you for years. Unlike other attires, jeans are versatile, and you can wear them casually at home or formally at your workplace. With this in mind, how many …

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Can You Wear a Regular Bra When Working Out?

A woman in a dark blue racerback sports bra wearing gray leggings

I seem to be hesitant when buying sports bras. Sports bras are the most underrated gym accessory, yet the most important. Still, a big question asked by gym-going women is, can you wear a normal bra when working out? Can …

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How Long Do Bra Marks Last?

You finally get to take off your bra after a long day and see some marks. How long do bra marks last, and is this normal? For this quick guide, I’m discussing how long it takes for bra spots to …

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