Can You Wear a Bra During an MRI?

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MRI aids medical professionals in looking for conditions involving swelling, infections, inflammation, and organ damage. As your doctor orders an MRI scan during your evaluation, you may be thinking, can you wear a bra during an MRI? I’m giving you the answers along with clothing reminders for an MRI test.

Can You Wear a Bra During an MRI?

While you can wear a bra during an MRI scan, most hospitals will ask you to take it off since the metal parts might interfere with the equipment’s magnetic field. A nurse typically provides a hospital gown and could ask you to remove clothing with metal zippers, underwire, buttons, or buckles.

Graphic image of a patient being briefed by doctors while lying on an MRI with a text that states that it is better if you don't wear a bra to avoid interference with its magnetic field

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive method for doctors to examine the body. It must generate detailed scans of your bones, tissues, and organs. Some garments, such as bras, can affect the quality of the images, which is why removing them before the procedure is advisable.

Reasons Why You Should Remove a Bra in an MRI

Most hospitals require you to remove clothing before the MRI exam, including bras. Wearing a bra during the test risks burns, discomfort, and blurring of the MRI scans.

Avoid Risk of Burns

Keeping your clothes in the machine depends on the fabric. Athleisure brands weave metal fibers like silver into the fabric of sports bras or leggings. According to research published in the American Journal of Neuroradiology, metallic microfibers caused MRI-related burns in some patients.

Manufacturers use metallic microfibers to repel odor and prevent shrinkage of clothes during washing. However, the magnetic field from the machine considers the microfibers as magnets, causing the fibers to heat up and lead to thermal burns.

It can be difficult to tell if your clothes contain metallic microfibers. Thus, it would be safer to change into MRI-compatible clothing and take off your bra.

Ensure Body Steadiness

In contrast to having an anesthetic during surgeries, you will be awake during the MRI scan. An MRI exam can last between 15 and 90 minutes, depending on the size of the area the staff needs to scan.

They would require you to keep still to prevent the images from getting blurred. If the underwire is poking at your skin or the lace cups are causing some itchiness, you may move and blur the scans.

A nude wireless bra and denim shorts are worn by a woman wearing a smartwatch

Prevent Unclear Images

You must remove any metal-containing clothes, especially wired bras, before undergoing an MRI since the machine produces powerful magnetic fields.

A sports bra’s broad elastic band or multiple hook-and-eye closures may obstruct the imaging details, making it difficult for specialists to diagnose your issue accurately. In the end, you might have to rerun the scan and incur additional charges.

Bra Styles You Can Wear for Medical Appointments

A majority of hospitals set scrub and gown rules for MRI scans, with 100% cotton being safe and preferred. Some routine examinations may involve the chest, and it would be easier for the medical staff to finish the tests when there’s no clothing hampering their equipment.

You can wear these bra styles for comfort while making it easy to remove them if necessary.

  • Bralettes: A bralette is a thinly-lined, lightweight bra that you can wear under a hospital gown for tests. It normally doesn’t have hooks, so it’s relatively safe to use for an MRI.
  • Wireless bra: If you feel like a bralette isn’t supportive enough for your large breasts, you can still use full-coverage cups as long as they are wireless.
  • Front closure bra: In case a doctor needs to examine the breasts for changes in shape, color, and symmetry, you can quickly unhook the front claps or zipper without removing the whole bra. However, the MRI staff may not allow this kind of bra.
A white full-coverage wireless bra is worn by a woman standing near a staircase

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You can get an MRI if you have breast implants, especially those made from titanium. Some doctors might also recommend an MRI scan for women with silicone gel implants at least three years after the procedure. Tell your doctor about any implants you may have before the test.

What Should I Not Wear During an MRI Exam?

Aside from removing a bra, you must take off jewelry and other clothing items with metal zippers, buttons, or fasteners. You also need to remove watches, piercings, dentures, and wigs that contain traces of metal.

Can I Use Underwear in an MRI Machine?

You can generally keep your underwear on in an MRI unless it has metal parts. Some hospitals provide disposable panties to wear underneath the gown. However, it’s best to ask the staff as the rules may vary.

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While you can wear a bra during an MRI, it’s still better to take it off to ensure no other metal elements or thick clothing can affect the scan’s quality. In such cases, it’s best to use a bra that you can easily unhook or remove.


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