What Bra Size Is Lindsey Pelas?

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Lindsey Pelas is an American actress, social media celebrity, podcast host, businesswoman, and model. She has been featured in several publications, including Playboy, Maxim, GQ, and Glamour.

I’m going to discuss the bra size of Lindsey Pelas and how this influences her work as an influencer and model.

What Bra Size Is Lindsey Pelas?

Lindsey Pelas has a bra size of 30H. This means she wears bras with H cups and bands ranging from 26 to 28 inches to support her 37 to 38-inch bust.

Graphic image of Lindsey Pelas with 30H bra size wearing a spaghetti strap v-neck dress with a high slit

As a lingerie and bikini model, her bra size allows her to wear 28I and 32G bras as well. Her breasts appear perky and large, suiting her voluptuous body. In contrast, Lindsey Pelas is two cups larger than actress Christina Hendricks, who wears a 36F bra.

Despite being six bands smaller than model Amber Rose, who has a 36H bra size, they both have an hourglass figure that shows a well-proportioned bust and a small waist.

Lindsey Pelas Measurements

Lindsey Pelas is shorter in height, measuring in at 5 feet 3 inches (5′ 3”). It’s estimated that her body measurements are 38-24-35 inches, which translates to a bust size of 38″, a waist size of 24″, and a hip size of 35″. She weighs roughly 115 pounds.

Benefits of Large Boobs

Get More Body Warmth

Adipose tissue (AKA body fat) provides the fat that promotes breast development and maturation. To keep the body’s temperature stable, it also stores extra energy and calories that can generate heat. So, what does all this mean in simplified terms? Larger cups contain more body heat, which is advantageous on chilly days!

Have a More Womanly Figure

Even though having small breasts is perfectly fine, societal expectations still view breasts as indicative of a more womanly physique. Some believe that having huge breasts makes them more attractive. However, your culture and upbringing might play a role in this.

Look Good in Strappy Bras

Do you want to wear a provocative cage bra or bralette for bigger busts for a boudoir shoot or as lingerie? These styles can have several straps along the shoulders, back, and neckline. The extra chest volume ensures the straps rest flat against the body without looking awkward.

Drawbacks of Large Boobs

Prone to Chafing and Rashes

The bra band’s constant rubbing and friction could lead to perspiration, chafing, and breast inflammation. This could cause scars, rashes, and deep grooves around your breasts. Moisture buildup in the folds of your skin around your breasts can worsen the condition if you have an allergy to certain textiles.

Can be Difficult to Sleep on Your Stomach

Forget about sleeping on your stomach or lying face down to sunbathe. Attempting to do so will only smash your breasts and make you uncomfortable if you do this for a long period of time. Unless you put a pillow on your hips, sleeping in this position will only apply unnecessary pressure to the chest.

Get Bra Strap Indentions

Keeping bra cups in place can cause stress and pressure on the straps. Because of this, the straps may dig into your shoulders, pressing the skin and leaving marks. It will be harder if you’re wearing a pullover or a racerback bra for large breasts since you won’t be able to adjust the strap length and tightness.

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The bra size of Lindsey Pelas is 30H. Finding a well-fitting bra for the breasts can occasionally be challenging because this is one of the largest cup sizes. To ensure support and lift if you have this size, it is advisable to wear a racerback, full-coverage, or a sports bra for running with large breasts.


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