What Bra Size Is Iggy Azalea?

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Iggy Azalea is an Australian rapper and songwriter. She became the first non-American female rapper to reach the top spot on Billboard.

She has since spoken about her body image issues following her breast surgery. In this context, I’m going to talk about Iggy Azalea’s bra size and its effects on her as a performer.

What Bra Size Is Iggy Azalea?

The bra size of Iggy Azalea is 32B. She needs a bra with B cups and a band ranging from 28 and 30 inches wide to support her bust, which is between 33 and 34 inches wide.

Graphic image of Iggy Azalea with 32B bra size wearing a crop top with a blazer

Her 32B breasts are common among ladies with apple or pear-shaped bodies. Colombian singer Shakira also wears a 32B bra to complement her natural busts, slim waist, and big round hips. This size allows entertainers like them to wear tight-fitting bras with ease.

Since Iggy Azalea’s shallow-top breasts are prone to cup gaping, she can try 30C and 34A bras as sister sizes. This means actress Nina Dobrev, who has a 30C bra size, can sister size with Azalea.

Benefits of Small Breasts

Can Wear Unlined Bras

Compared to padded bras, bras with no padding like unlined bras simply have one piece of fabric across them. Unlike lined bras, unlined bras typically do not provide much support, so they are perfect for A-B cups. If padded bras bother you, especially on humid days, wearing unlined bras will help your breasts cool off quickly.

Easier to Buy Clothing

Whether you’re shopping online or in stores for clothing, tops and dresses are often initially designed for women with smaller boobs. This gives you more options, and it also means that you won’t need to worry about getting custom-tailored clothing most of the time.

Button-Down Shirts Fit

Let’s face it – button-down shirts are not made for women with large breasts unless you plan on sizing up 1-2 shirt sizes. Women with A-B cups don’t have to experience this struggle, since their boobs are not busting out of these shirts. You can easily wear your normal shirt size without it feeling too tight on your chest.

Drawbacks of Small Breasts

Might Feel Less Feminine

As you go through puberty and enter womanhood, one key thing that happens is your breasts grow (or, they are supposed to!). So, when you end up with boobs that are A or B cups, you might feel like your figure looks less feminine than you want it to.

Might Feel Self Conscious

It’s normal to feel self-conscious about having small breasts, particularly if you truly want to have large boobs. This can sometimes make you focus on looking for bras that can volumize your breasts regardless of the fit. However, small breasts can be as sexy as other breast sizes.

Don’t Have Much Cleavage

A to B cup sizes don’t have prominent cleavage like larger breast sizes, even when wearing a plunging V-neck dress. In order to make it look like you have cleavage, you need to wear padded or push-up bras to make your bust look bigger.

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Iggy Azalea has a bra size of 32B. This is a small size compared to others. However, she carries it well using torsolettes and corsets.


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