How to Fix Bra Cup Curling

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There are a number of different factors that can lead to the cups of your bra curling and many of them are related to the design of the bra. Some bras have underwires which can cause them to curl up at the front when they are not full because this part of the bra is being pulled upwards by gravity.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your bra cups from curling. I discuss these methods in the article below.

How to Fix Bra Cup Curling 

When the cups of your bra curl outwards from your chest, the outline can be seen through your clothing. Fixing cup curling is essential in restoring the bra to its initial state, and keeping your silhouette smooth.

Graphic image with a series of drawings that shows how to fix a bra cup from curling

Best practice is to take preventive measures to keep your bra cups from curling immediately after purchase. Once the bra cup starts curling, your options to fix it are limited. You can also purchase a bra with an elastic firm edge to help prevent your bra cups from curling.

Bra cup curling can be fixed using the following technique:   

Woman looking at her reflection in the mirror while wearing a black bra

The Pinching Technique                                       

  1. Use your fingers to slowly pinch your curled bra cup while paying close attention to the bra’s lining.
  2. Draw the lining a little backward until the curl starts straightening out.  
  3. To make sure you have the perfect fit, line up your bra lining with the fabric around the top of the cup. This will leave a small crease and ensure nothing shows through when wearing the bra under your clothing.
  4. Use a needle and a thread to fix your cup in place. Make sure you don’t sew it too tight, or else the edge might curl inward.
  5. You can also use fabric glue to keep the bra fold in place, and then sew over it for better hold.

Ways to Fix a Curling Bra Cup

Step 1Pinch the curled bra cup
Step 2Draw the lining backward
Step 3Position the bra lining with the top cup’s fabric
Step 4Sew to fix the cup in place
Step 5Use fabric glue to keep the hold in place

Why Do Bra Cups Curl?

Worn-out or older bras may start curling out at the top of the cups due to frequent hand or machine washing. Poor stitching may also start to stretch, making the bra lose its shape. Bras should be stored upright, and washed every couple of uses to prolong their life.

Woman checking if her green bra is curling up

Invest in Quality

Invest in a quality bra instead of going for poor-quality ones that won’t last long. Well-made bras support your breasts better, and keep their shape longer. Low-quality bras, on the other hand, have a short shelf life which ends up costing you as the consumer..

Bras from your local stores may miss the mark on quality. Don’t pay too much attention to the bra’s brand name, just focus on getting a good quality bra for your breasts.

Before buying from an online retailer, make sure you first see their reviews from past customers. Make sure you also pay keen attention to their bra band and how the bra fits.

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Check the Condition  

Ensure you check the bra’s condition before purchasing it. Some customers have a habit of trying on bras over their clothing. This deteriorates the bra since multiple people have stretched out or adjusted the bra band and cups.

In online stores, damage may be caused by shipping. If the bra is not protected by the packaging, this could cause the bra cup to curl.

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Use a clothes steamer to straighten bra padding for the best results. Push the wrinkles outward and lay the bra in a position that will retain your desired padding shape.

Why Is My Bra Curling After Washing?

Warm water and heat from the dryer can shrink the fabric, causing bras to shrink after washing. This is why you should only use a delicate cycle when cleaning bras in washing machines.

Why Does the Back of My Bra Curl Up?

The back of your bra may curl up if it’s too big for you or has stretched over time. You may need to sister size or find a new bra with the appropriate band size.

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Be extra attentive to a bra’s design when making your purchase. Cross-check the band to ensure it is wide enough on the sides. Make sure the bra band is supported by thick seams in the underarm area and edges. Edging is particularly important since it helps keep the bra’s shape in perfect condition even when being stretched out.


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