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How to Fix Bra Cup Curling

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Have you ever had the experience of wearing a bra and noticing, after an hour or two, your cups are curling outwards? This is common among women who wear bras with underwires. Fortunately, there are ways on how to fix a bra cup curling and to prevent this from happening! 

How to Fix Bra Cup Curling 

Bra cup curling is when the cup of a bra curls outwards. The outline can be seen through any clothing with the thin material you put on. Fixing a cup curling is essential in restoring the bra back to its initial state. 

It is best to take preventive measures in stopping your bra cup from curling immediately after purchase. Once the cup starts curling, there is very little you can do to revert it. 

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Woman looking at her reflection in the mirror while wearing a black bra

If you realize the curling before wearing it, then return the bra and try something with a firming edge just to be safe. However, you can fix a bra cup curling using these two techniques even if it has already happened.                                                          

The Pinching Technique

  1. Use your fingers to slowly pinch your curled bra cup paying close attention to the bra’s lining.
  2. Draw the lining a little backward until the curl starts shaping up or straightening out.  
  3. To make sure you have the perfect fit, line up your bra lining with fabric around the top of the cup. This will leave a small crease and ensure nothing shows through when wearing it under clothing!
  4. You can use a needle and a thread to fix your cup. Make sure you don’t sew it too tight, or else the edge might curl inwardly!

When the bra fold is small, and it keeps slipping, use hair glue or fashion glue to bind back both sides. You can sew over this for a smooth finish without curling inwards like before!

The Removing Buildup Technique

Feeling an itchy sensation when wearing your bra? This is commonly seen in old bras and can be caused by fluff buildup on the cups from oil, sweat, multiple washing, the fabric’s frequent exposure to heat, and even make-up. 

To remove the buildup, scrape off this accumulation with caution so you don’t further irritate yourself! Using a single edge razor, carefully glide over each surface for best results (avoid using too much pressure).

You’ll be shocked at how much time you can save with a simple trim. Regularly trimming your bras after a couple of months will cut down on any buildup, ensure it’s the best fit for all occasions, and have a smooth surface. You can do this with removable pads like bralettes

Why Do Bra Cups Curl?

Worn out or old bras may start curling out at the top of the cups due to frequent hand or machine wash. Poor stitching may also start to stretch, making the bra shapeless. Bras should be stored in an upright position meaning that putting it any other way in jeopardy.

Woman checking if her green bra is curling up

Secondly, a person might have skin rolls under their arms, making the bra cup curl. The cup can also curl in cases where a bra is a size smaller since the waist makes the band stretch. Let us delve into solutions to these bra-cup curling problems. 

Invest in Quality

Invest in a quality bra, even if it’s expensive, instead of going for poor-quality ones that won’t last long. Good quality bras reduce health risks and incompatibility issues. Low-quality bras, on the other hand, have a short shelf life which ends up costing you as the consumer.

Bras from your local supermarket may miss the mark on quality. Clothing stores, however, prioritize bras offering a wide range of selections. Don’t pay too much attention to the brand’s name, focus on getting a good quality bra for your breasts.

Before buying from an online retailer, make sure you first see their reviews from past customers on the quality. Also, pay keen attention to their bra band, twisting, and fit. 

Consider Wider Strap

As a person ages, she might put on a few pounds leading to a bra curling or folding due to weight gain and excess skin. This will cause the band to curl regardless of its band size. 

In case a bra doesn’t correctly fit, especially under your arms, you will likely see the bra’s band curling on either side, in the underarm area, cups, and back strap.

Wide straps prevent curling, especially for high-quality bras. You should also ensure you get a perfect fit as it also helps stop the bra from curling. Next time you are going out shopping for a bra, select the ones with wider straps.

Woman sitting on the bed and fixing her bra strings

Check the Condition  

It is essential to ensure you check the bra condition before purchasing it. Most customers have a habit of fitting bras over their clothes or even repeatedly touching the bras on the shelves.  

This deteriorates the product since several people continuously keep stretching and adjusting the bands and cups. 

In the situation of online stores, the damage might be caused by shipping since the process can sometimes be rigorous and involve many parties. If not well packaged, it may cause the bra cup to curl. Report and return the faulty bra to avoid future problems.

Restrain From Constant Touching 

Sometimes a bra starts curling after wearing it multiple times due to poor handling or constantly touching and adjusting the bra band that goes with every wear. Most underwears end up taking a different shape and form over time, depending on how well or poorly you handle the items. 

You can find new ways of putting on your bras to ensure they serve you longer and prevent this problem from ever happening again. 


Be extra attentive to a bra’s design when making a purchase. Cross-check the band to ensure it is wide enough on the sides and is supported by thick seams in the underarm area and edging. Edging is particularly important since it keeps bras in perfect condition even when mishandled. 


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