Can Underwire Bras Cause Pain?

An image of a woman wearing underwire bra

As a teenager, you might have been told there are two main types of bras to pick from: an underwire bra or a wireless bra. The classic choice of underwire in bras never really goes out of style and has …

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How to Keep Your Pesky Strapless Bra up and On

Strapless bra with rubber lining

Strapless bras can be the perfect undergarment for so many cute clothes (especially during the summer season!). They can also be the ultimate annoyance, due to the constant readjusting they seem to require. If you’re tired of running off to …

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What is a Bralette Bra? [Why You Need to Wear One]

Meet the bralette, the undergarment that it seems like almost every girl (and their mom, literally!) is wearing these days. You may have seen these garments on celebrities like Emma Roberts, Dakota Fanning, or on several of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. …

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What Is a Plunge Bra (And Why Do You Need One)?

Woman wearing a green plaid shirt with a black plunge bra

It’s date night. There’s a dress you really want to wear, but you’ve been avoiding it because it’s low cut and you’re worried about a possible wardrobe malfunction. Plus, all the strapless bras and tape you own don’t do a …

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Can You Wear a Sports Bra as a Top?

A close-up image of a woman wearing sports bra

Fashion is constantly evolving and changing, especially since the pandemic. With more people working from home and not having to look completely put-together every day, wearing athlesire clothing on a daily basis has become somewhat normal. Because of this, you …

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What Is a Sister Size in a Bra?

An image of a woman measuring her cup size

Young girls then undergo puberty and become grown adults. Even as grown women, we still do encounter some difficulties with choosing the correct bra size or fit that is best suited for our bodies. This leads us to the question, …

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What Is a T Shirt Bra?

A close-up image of a person wearing t-shirt bra

There are various types of bras, each designed to cater to a specific need or create a particular silhouette. Among the many types of bras is the t-shirt bra. This article tells you exactly what is a t-shirt bra and …

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What Is a Seamless Bra?

An image of a woman showing what is a seamless bra

The perfect bra sculpts your frame and supports your breast tissues. Therefore, the regular bra is a wardrobe staple for almost every woman. That being said, there are certain situations where the common seamed bra will not work. Then, you …

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What to Wear Under a Tight Fitting Dress

An image of a tight fitting dress

Tight-fitting dresses are incredibly chic and sultry. They hug you in all the right places and flatter your silhouette. However, the wrong undergarments can ruin the look of a figure-hugging dress with the dreaded visible seams and panty lines. So, …

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What to Wear Under a Bodycon Dress

A person showing off her black bodycon dress

With the summer months upon us, the bodycon dress is set to make a resounding comeback. As glamorous as it looks, the tight-fitting garment leaves no room for the conventional undergarments as the seams will peek through the material. This …

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How to Get Deodorant Out of Bras

A woman putting deodorant

So you finally prepared the perfect bra and sleeveless outfit for a party or gym session, only to see dreaded deodorant streaks on your bra. We’re listing different ways how to get deodorant out of bras so you can prolong …

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